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Sealy Cemetery
Haven of Rest Mausoleum

There is only one Sealy Cemetery. The address for this cemetery is 768 4th Street; Sealy, Texas. The Haven of Rest Mausoleum is a building on the cemetery property.

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Last First/Maiden DOB DOD NOTES
Albert Bennett Eddy (Ben) 05 Nov 1895 9-Mar-1960 WWI USAflag
Ashorn Mary Bertha Hermine Muench 05 Sep 1893 30-Sep-1965 w/o Willie G.
Ashorn Willie Gustav 27 Nov 1892 18-Feb-1984 h/o Mary B.
Billig Edward Claude 08 Sep 1876 18-Sep-1971 h/o Henrietta B.
Billig Henrietta Bertha Auguste Stuessel 12 May 1889 21-Aug-1966 w/o Edward C.
Blaschke Agnes Annie 07 Feb 1878 2-Aug-1972 .
Bock Maude Lee Oldham 31 Aug 1898 18-Mar-1993 w/o Otto F.
Bock Otto Frank, D.D.S. 09 Mar 1892 9-Mar-1973 h/o Maude L.
Bozeman James Sidney 25 May 1890 10-Oct-1968 WWI USAflag h/o M. Annie
Bozeman Mary Annie Bozeman 05 May 1888 15-Nov-1956 w/o J. Sidney
Brosig Alma Swearingen 02 Nov 1883 21-Jul-1981 w/o Anton (dc dod 17 Feb 1981)
Brosig Anton 23 Sep 1896 10-Apr-1979 WWI USAflag h/o Alma S.
Brune Dee Edward 20-Sep-1915 29-Aug-1994 h/o Jane H.
Brune Ella Keding 14 Sep 1884 1-Jan-1983 w/o Julius
Brune Emilie Michaelis 29 Jan 1882 17-Oct-1971 w/o Paul
Brune Jane Hicks 12-Dec-1925 14-Jan-2004 w/o Dee E.
Brune Julius 92 Sep 1886 25-Mar-1960 h/o Ella K.
Brune Paul 30 Apr 1882 21-Sep-1976 h/o Emilie M.
Brune Thomas Henry "Tommy" 12-Dec-1932 7-Jun-2017 .
Bryant Allen Elvin 2-Feb-1921 22-May-1999 WWII USAflag h/o Katie M.
Bryant Juanita Frances Butler 25-Mar-1925 16-Apr-2002 .
Bryant Katie Maie Loehr 4-Aug-1925 5-Dec-2015 w/o Allen E.
Bubak Wanell Davis 20-Feb-1936 29-May-2012 .
Bushwall Maude May 10 Sep 1877 1964 .
Campbell Earl Leo 17-May-1919 15-Sep-1999 WWII USAflag h/o F. Loucille
Campbell Faith Loucille Beyer 6-Dec-1920 24-Feb-2004 w/o Earl L.
Eber Martha Louise Klopsteck 03 May 1877 23-Nov-1971 w/o Otto
Eber Otto 01 Apr 1872 20-Mar-1963 h/o Martha L.
Edwards Lillian Ruth Morehead Hartman 17 Aug 1896 13-Jul-1979 .
Elliott Celestine Herum Jeschke 09 Sep 1888 15-Jan-1978 w/o James W.
Elliott Henry Clay 02 Jun 1889 12-Mar-1968 h/o L. Arvilla
Elliott James Walter 08 Mar 1891 28-Aug-1976 WWI USAflagh/o Celestine J.
Elliott Lily Arvilla Koy 29 Nov 1897 25-Jul-1968 w/o H. Clay
Engelke Louise Emma Baumert 10-Feb-1901 5-Apr-1982 w/o Paul H.
Engelke Paul Herman 10-Jul-1900 4-Jun-1956 h/o Louise E.
Flynn (Nannie) Ellen McCoole 26-Oct-1911 5-Apr-2000 .
Foehner Eugene Leon 7-Mar-1924 9-Aug-2008 WWII USAflag
Frank Elsie Hartman 12-May-1904 13-May-1992 w/o Richard, Jr.
Frank Richard, Jr. 24-Oct-1902 14-Nov-1987 h/o Elsie H.
Frazer Dora May Moore 03 Sep 1886 28-Apr-1965 .
Froelich Elda Ernstine Hahn 28-Dec-1913 4-Aug-2003 .
Glasco George Edward 15-Mar-1914 26-Jan-1972 WWII USAflag h/o Gertrude E.
Glasco Gertrude Elizabeth Hughes 8-Jan-1913 3-Mar-1995 w/o G. Edward
Gordon Josephine (Josie) Mae Miller 14 Feb 1889 27-Apr-1974 w/o Dr. Virgil F.
Gordon Virgil F., M.D. 15 Oct 1889 13-Jan-1978 WWI USAflag h/o Josephine M.
Habermacher Clintie May 03 Oct 1886 2-Oct-1969 .
Habermacher Emily Laura von Rosenberg 22 Nov 1898 30-Dec-1993 w/o Herman G.
Habermacher Harold Gale 5-Dec-1936 25-Apr-1951 .
Habermacher Herman Gale 11 Aug 1894 27-Mar-1974 h/o Emily L.
Hackbarth Freda C. 21-Sep-1916 15-Apr-1994 .
Hackbarth Juanita Hauser 17 Jul 1897 22-Sep-1987 w/o Robert H.
Hackbarth Robert Earle 21-Sep-1917 14-Jul-1969 .
Hackbarth Robert Henry 30 Nov 1887 10-Jul-1975 h/o Juanita H.
Hahn Emilie Marie Minna Buenger 12 Sep 1886 26-Oct-1957 w/o Otto M.
Hahn Otto Max 04 Dec 1885 23-Nov-1900 h/o Emilie M.
Hambrick Joyce Elaine Bryant 14-Sep-1946 26-Jun-1993 .
Hartman Otto Emil 28 Aug 1887 16-Mar-1961 WWI USAflag
Henneke Albert Henry 07 Oct 1889 15-Apr-1970 h/o Ellie L.
Henneke Ellie Louise Ashorn 03 May 1891 4-Nov-1970 w/o Albert H.
Hess John Henry 21 Aug 1899 22-Dec-1960 h/o Mary K.
Hess Mary Kathryn Broome Hackbarth 17-Oct-1901 30-Jul-1983 w/o Fred A. Hackbarth & J. Henry
Hill Beatrice Ransom 20 Dec 1893 17-Mar-1985 w/o Justus W.
Hill Justus Walter 08 Sep 1899 22-Nov-1988 h/o Beatrice R.
Hillboldt Charles Henry 27 Oct 1884 8-Jan-1957 h/o Mary S.
Hillboldt Debora Brune 28 Mar 1882 14-May-1967 w/o William
Hillboldt Lola Belle Hassler 25-Feb-1912 27-Nov-2003 w/o William C.
Hillboldt Mary Strauss 21 Apr 1882 6-Sep-1959 w/o Charles H.
Hillboldt William 16 Mar 1890 11-Dec-1972 h/o Debora B.
Hillboldt William Charles 9-Sep-1909 13-Jun-1988 h/o Lola B.
Hillebrand Henry Louis 15 Jul 1874 14-Mar-1960 h/o Ida D.
Hillebrand Ida Dora Brune 09 May 1875 21-Jan-1960 w/o Henry L.
Hinze Edwin Max 2-Jun-1902 2-May-1993 h/o Ruby P.
Hinze Emilie Zahradnick 17 Sep 1881 20-Sep-1956 w/o William
Hinze Ruby Pomikahl 31-Jul-1916 15-Oct-1988 w/o Edwin M.
Hinze William 22 Mar 1875 17-Sep-1958 h/o Emilie Z.
Hluchan Edward Albert 10-Jul-1909 19-Aug-1986 WWII USAflag
Hoffman Alvin Alfred 26-Feb-1914 7-Dec-2004 h/o Ruby C.
Hoffman Ruby Clara Hillboldt 23-Oct-1912 21-Dec-2009 w/o Alvin A.
Jeschke Mary Lillie Rainey 08 Mar 1890 18-May-1976 .
Johnston Amye Emmie Georgie Berner 05 Sep 1895 8-Apr-1966 .
Jones Wilma Ruth Gowin 30-Nov-1910 8-Aug-1990 .
Kaechele Charles 10 Apr 1878 22-Dec-1963 h/o Clara H.
Kaechele Clara Henrietta Stern 28 Feb 1878 25-Mar-1965 w/o Charles
Kaechele Edna Lenora 24-Feb-1901 7-Nov-1988 .
King Jesse Jay 4-May-1945 4-Aug-2001 .
Klatt Dennis Adelbert 5-Mar-1935 18-Jan-1970 .
Kollatschny Frank 08 Oct 1871 6-Feb-1963 h/o Henrietta A.
Kollatschny Henrietta Adelina Williamson 21 Nov 1883 24-Aug-1963 w/o Frank
Kunze Emily Florence Russ 14-Feb-1904 30-Jun-1991 .
Kveton Adolph 27 Oct 1879 16-Mar-1950 h/o Theresa K.
Kveton Herman 05 Nov 1896 4-Feb-1983 WWI; h/o Nora U.
Kveton Lee 11-Oct-1921 10-Dec-2004 WWII
Kveton Nora Uhlig 09 Nov 1892 17-Nov-1958 w/o Herman
Kveton Rubin 5-Nov-1923 2-Jun-2009 .
Kveton Theresa Kellner 06 Sep 1879 25-Jul-1978 w/o Adolph
Lay Albert Arlington 21 Oct 1869 11-Apr-1959 h/o Grace E.
Lay Claude Alexander 16 Dec 1898 7-May-1989 h/o Lillie L. & Georgie B.
Lay Frank George 27-Sep-1901 27-Mar-1985 h/o Matilda F.
Lay Georgie Boyd Habermacher 31-Jan-1921 6-May-2009 2nd w/o Claude A.
Lay Grace Ethel Love 16 Sep 1879 21-Jan-1963 w/o Albert A.
Lay Infant Son 19-Jan-1931 19-Jan-1931 s/o Frank & Tillie
Lay Matilda "Tillie" Feik 07 Nov 1896 5-Dec-1985 w/o Frank G.
Loehr Max Henry 31 Jan 1887 16-Jan-1961 h/o Tillie B.
Loehr Tillie Brosig 08 Feb 1884 17-Jan-1968 w/o Max H.
Lux Eddie Ray 28-Jul-1933 11-Nov-2012 h/o Eva Nell
Lux Edwin 15-Jan-1908 28-Aug-1997 h/o Elsie G.
Lux Elsie Goebel 4-Jun-1909 10-Aug-1994 w/o Edwin
Lux Eva Nell Garling 17-Aug-1940 2-Aug-2006 w/o Eddie Ray
Lux Leo Ferdinand 2-Jun-1909 15-Apr-2001 h/o Rosa L.
Lux Rosa Lee Wienecke 10-Dec-1915 27-Jun-1983 w/o L. Ferdinand
Machala Frank Charles 11-Jan-1911 27-Feb-1989 h/o Mollye M.
Machala Mollye Marie Vancik 18-Sep-1919 16-Aug-2009 w/o Frank C.
Maler Frances Anna Gaydosik 30 Dec 1898 22-Jan-1971 w/o Joseph J.
Maler Joseph Joe 23 Jun 1894 16-Feb-1971 WWI; h/o Frances A.
Martin Graciela Rodriguez 9-Nov-1911 30-Dec-2008 w/o Lorenzo F.
Martin Lorenzo Froilan, M.D. 10-Oct-1910 23-Dec-1998 h/o Graciela R.
McGrath Ruby Karolina Loehr 12-Mar-1918 8-Nov-1996 .
Meloneck Emil 15 Apr 1890 14-Jun-1977 WWI; h/o Norma A.
Meloneck Norma Augusta Beckmann 05 Jul 1895 9-Jun-1969 w/o Emil
Meyer Edwin Joseph 23 Oct 1889 22-May-1967 WWI; h/o Lillie G.
Meyer Frank Joseph 28 Feb 1892 3-Jan-1978 h/o Lillie F.
Meyer Lillie Fredericka Faist 07 Dec 1898 23-May-1992 w/o Frank J.
Meyer Lillie Georgianna Krause 18 Aug 1898 22-Aug-1980 w/o Edwin J.
Moore Jesse Henry 05 Aug 1895 6-Feb-1960 WWI
Odom Hattie Kveton Hillboldt 8-Sep-1905 24-Jul-1968 w/o Waco Hillbolt & Archie Odom
Park William Thomas 07 Jan 1881 26-Jan-1960 .
Pless Alfred 18 Mar 1896 18-Mar-1976 WWI; h/o Elizabeth D.
Pless Elizabeth Doernbrack 16 Oct 1899 7-Aug-1989 w/o Alfred
Pomikahl Emmett 13-Mar-1925 15-Jul-2007 WWII; h/o Mary K.
Pomikahl Johnnie 13 Aug 1890 30-Dec-1979 h/o Louise W.
Pomikahl Louise Wolchik 25 Jul 1890 13-Dec-1975 w/o Johnnie
Pomikahl Mary Katherine Boatright 10-Oct-1925 28-Sep-2015 w/o Emmett
Ramsey Charles Edward 23-Feb-1983 23-Feb-1983 .
Reichelt Frieda Annie Clara 27-Sep-1900 23-Aug-1995 .
Remmert Adolph Fritz 27 Mar 1887 27-May-1962 h/o Edna W.
Remmert Edna Wilhelmine Albert 13 Dec 1888 16-Apr-1977 w/o Adolph F.
Remmert Evelyn Joy Gerhart 11-Mar-1921 4-May-1990 1st w/o Werner F.
Remmert Mattie Kurtz 27 Jun 1894 27-Oct-1987 w/o Otto A.
Remmert Otto August 28 Aug 1888 12-Jun-1973 WWI
Renken Catherine Spoede 14 Feb 1890 1-Jul-1953 w/o Eddie C.
Renken Eddie Carl 03 Nov 1889 3-Dec-1975 h/o Catherine S.
Rodriguez Guillermina 2-May-1907 19-Oct-1986 .
Rudloff Edmund George 07 Feb 1893 18-Jul-1978 h/o Regina J.
Rudloff Regina Johanna Rath 09 Jan 1898 27-Dec-1989 w/o Edmund G.
Russ Frank, Jr. 4-Jul-1912 12-Sep-1982 WWII
Russ Vera Kuzell 15 Nov 1881 16-Mar-1956 .
Salomon Leona Hackbarth 19 Apr 1899 4-Apr-1996 w/o S. J.
Salomon Seymour Julius "King" 13 Aug 1896 1-Mar-1983 WWI; h/o Leona H.
Scherbig Marguerite Edwina Jeschke 29-Oct-1913 16-Jul-1985 w/o Otto W.
Scherbig Otto William 29-Oct-1910 29-Mar-1971 h/o Marguerite E.
Schiller Joseph H. 18 Aug 1885 23-Jan-1959 h/o Vlasta I.
Schiller Vlasta Isadore Janecek 13 Sep 1898 17-Dec-1978 w/o Joseph H.
Schley Mary Elizabeth Oldag 17 Sep 1894 21-Jun-1991 w/o William A.
Schley William Albert 10 Oct 1881 2-Apr-1959 h/o Mary E.
Schubert August, Jr. 28 Mar 1875 17-Jan-1965 .
Schubert Bella 03 Sep 1894 2-Sep-1961 .
Schubert Henry 04 Jan 1883 9-Feb-1959 .
Shivers Josette Florence Snyder 13 Sep 1890 17-Jun-1966 .
Shivers William Morgan, Jr. 19-Dec-1917 1-Apr-1963 .
Skeete Edna Dora Eber 06 Oct 1899 5-Nov-1974 w/o Leon H.
Skeete Leon Hines 10-Sep-1900 31-Jul-1976 Army Veteran; h/o Edna D.
Tatar Nicholas Robert 15-Mar-1924 8-May-1995 WWII
Thomsen Albert Friedrich 21 Nov 1872 27-May-1962 .
Thomsen Charles John 11 Aug 1876 26-Feb-1966 h/o Emma M.
Thomsen Emma Meier 16 Dec 1877 14-Sep-1961 w/o Charles J.
Thomsen Paul Carl 26 Nov 1881 15-Jun-1968 .
Titel Albert G. 06 May 1885 22-May-1964 h/o Alma M.
Titel Alma Margaret Krinkie 17 Apr 1896 5-Sep-1985 w/o Albert G.
Titel Elizabeth 10 Oct 1889 31-Dec-1960 .
Tolbirt Josephine Bohac 5-Jun-1903 29-Mar-1987 w/o Sam E., Sr.
Tolbirt Sam Elton, Sr. 20 Apr 1899 8-Mar-1962 h/o Josephine
Vancik Frank John 25-Feb-1929 28-Dec-1979 KW
Viereck Christie Sanders 11-Nov-1904 21-May-1956 w/o William F.
Viereck Millie Mae Hahn 31-Jan-1921 31-Jul-1993 .
Vinson Geraldine Wanda Bowling 14-May-1920 18-Aug-1998 w/o Wayne
Vinson Wayne 19-Nov-1922 4-Nov-1994 WWII; h/o Geraldine W.
Waldrop J. W. . 26-Jan-2001 .
Zurovec Donna Lynn 11-Sep-1963 24-Dec-1980 .
Zurovec Georgia Brandt 2-Sep-1933 1-Mar-2013 w/o Johnnie M.
Zurovec Johnnie Max 3-Jul-1933 1-Jun-2008 KW; h/o Georgia B.

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