Austin County, Texas

Military Veterans
of Austin County, Texas

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"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."
- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

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American Civil War Confederate Soldiers (CSA)

Civil War

The American Civil war was fought from 1861-1865 between the Union (USA) and the Confederate (CSA) states.

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Name GenFolks
Albert, SGT Carl (1836-1913)Details
Albert, Sgt. Heinrich Traugott "Henry" (1839-1884)Details
Albrecht, Wilhelm M. J. (1832-1919)Details
Allen, George T. (????-????)Details
Allen, PVT James William (1832-1871)Details
Amsler, PVT C. M. (1842-????)Details
Amsler, PVT John (1839-1877)Details
Amsler, PVT Louis Philip (1845-1891)Details
Amsler, S. Philip (1846-????)Details
Amsler, Samuel Houston "Sam" Sr. (1841-1934)Details
Amthor, Sgt. August "Aug" (1838-1890)Details
Amthor, Otto Paul (1845-1924)Details
Anderson, PVT Wayne J. (1839-1909)Details
Arldt, PVT Johann "John" (1842-1891)Details
Armstrong, James T. (????-????)Details
Atkinson, Elijah Anderson (????-????)Details
Atkinson, Solomon (-)Details
Aur, PVT John (1837-????)Details
Aurich, Otto (1835-1915)Details
Bade, PVT William (1834-????)Details
Bader, Gottlob Herman (1830-1893)Details
Bader, John (1857-1909)Details
Balke, PVT Christian (1840-1906)Details
Baring, PVT Louis (1838-1895)Details
Barrss, PVT Fred (1830-????)Details
Barzak, PVT Stephan (1828-1905)Details
Bastian, PVT A. (1841-????)Details
Bastian, PVT Jacob (1837-1863)Details
Bauer, PVT Johann "John" (1842-1927)Details
Baumann, PVT Christoph (1838-????)Details
Becker, Sgt. Heinrich Ernst "Henry" (1834-1908)Details
Behrens, PVT F. (1841-????)Details
Behrmann, 2LT Henry G. B. (????-Mar)Details
Bell, Capt. Andrew Jackson "Jack" (1818-1885)Details
Bell, Sgt. Joseph Athel (1841-1922)Details
Benton, PVT George W. (????-????)Details
Berner, Robert (-)Details
Bielefeld, Christian (1830-????)Details
Biggs, PVT Thomas Stevenson (1833-1917)Details
Boecker, PVT August Sr. (1833-1911)Details
Boecker, PVT Herman (????-????)Details
Boedeker, Sgt. Otto (1829-1910)Details
Boedeker, PVT Theodore (1840-1914)Details
Boederker, PVT F. (1840-????)Details
Boehn, PVT Rudolph (1834-????)Details
Boeshen, PVT H. (1830-????)Details
Bonney, Dr. Enos Thompson (1834-1869)Details
Bormann, A. (????-1863)Details
Bostick, James W. (1839-1897)Details
Boyd, Thomas White "TW" (1819-1887)Details
Bradford, PVT William Thomas (????-????)Details
Brandes, Cpl. Fredrick W. (1831-1927)Details
Brandt, 1SGT Henry C. (1838-????)Details
Brasfmann, PVT C. (?and H.) (1837-????)Details
Brassett, PVT H. C. (1838-????)Details
Briedel, PVT Anton (????-????)Details
Brill, Henry (1844-1914)Details
Brooks, Sgt. Wyatt Marion (1828-1913)Details
Brossman, Charles Henry (1836-1905)Details
Browder, W. B. (-)Details
Brune, PVT Heinrich "Henry" (1838-1912)Details
Brune, PVT William (1833-????)Details
Buechmann, PVT John (1841-1909)Details
Buller, PVT Jackson (1841-????)Details
Buller, Jackson. (-)Details
Buller, PVT Joachim "John" (1843-1906)Details
Bullock, PVT Alfred (????-????)Details
Bunge, PVT Wilhelm (1840-1915)Details
Burger, PVT S. (or F.) (1837-????)Details
Burns, PVT Felix Huston (????-????)Details
Burns, John Caesar (1843-1934)Details
Burns, PVT Thomas H. (1833-1896)Details
Bush, George Howard (1851-1905)Details
Bush, PVT Nathan W. (1812-1882)Details
Bushwall, Frank (1844-1931)Details
Campbell, Cyrus Maxwell (-)Details
Campbell, W. O. (-)Details
Carstens, PVT Anton (1830-????)Details
Ceptner, PVT Charles (????-????)Details
Chance, Joseph E. (-)Details
Cheek, PVT Benjamin (????-????)Details
Chesley, Alvah (1831-907)Details
Cloud, PVT Alexander (????-????)Details
Cochran, Nehemiah (1836-1899)Details
Cochran, Thomas (1812-1877)Details
Cochran, Thomas Milam (-)Details
Cocke, Dr. William Irby (1829-1873)Details
Cole, Austin Bryan (1834-1890)Details
Collins, PVT Japhet (1840-1914)Details
Cook, Norman Henry (1844-1912)Details
Crary, William H. (????-????)Details
Crowell, David Isaac (-)Details
Crowley, Patrick (????-????)Details
Crump, James Waddy Sr. (1845-1889)Details
Dahlgreen, Henry (-)Details
Daniel, Jasper Newton (-)Details
Daniels, PVT S. E. (1834-????)Details
Davidson, PVT George L. (????-????)Details
DeCaussey, PVT Marion, M. D. (1842-1898)Details
DeHarp, Matthias (-)Details
Dick, C. H. (-)Details
Diemer, Pvt William Tell (1823-1906)Details
Dittert, August Johann Heinrich Sr. (1841-1888)Details
Dittmar, August (-)Details
Douvery, A. (1827-????)Details
Duke, Samuel Leonard (1840-1916)Details
Duke, Samuel Leonard (1840-1916)Details
Eben, Pvt. Fritz (1832-1892)Details
Eben, Heinrich (1823-1911)Details
Eber, Gustav (-)Details
Eckermann, Ernst (-)Details
Eckermann, Cpl. Louis Wilhelm (1831-1913)Details
Edwards, Charles Victor (-)Details
Edwards, John T. (-)Details
Eidman, Cpl. L. P. (1834-1863)Details
Elshick, Pvt. John (1835-1915)Details
Emler, Gottfried (1827-????)Details
Engelking, PVT Fritz (????-????)Details
Engelking, Sigismund (1843-1905)Details
Enos, Allen A. (1826-1906)Details
Ernst, Johann Friedrich Meinhard "Fritz" (1820-1863)Details
Ernst, John Fredrich (-)Details
Ervin, Dock (-)Details
Estes, T. J. (-)Details
Etlinger, Peter (-)Details
Everhard, H. (-)Details
Eversberg, Pvt. Albert (1844-????)Details
Ewald, August (-)Details
Farrick, John (-)Details
Ferrell, PVT John P. (1819-1892)Details
Findeisen, August (-)Details
Findeisen, Pvt. Carl August Sr. (1836-1872)Details
Fisher, Gratus (1838-1909)Details
Pvt. Henry Fisk (????-????)Details
Fisseler, William (-)Details
Fitt, Cornelius (-)Details
Fochner, Lougin (1841-1864)Details
Fordtran, PVT Francis Lalliet (????-????)Details
Forster, August (-)Details
Fort, CAPT DeWitt Clinton (1830-1868)Details
Foster, George Washington (-)Details
Fowlkes, John A. (1843-????)Details
Franke, Pvt. Carl August Sr. (1844-1903)Details
Franke, Charles (1835-1922)Details
Franke, Pvt. Johann "John" (1839-????)Details
Franke, Pvt. Louis (1842-????)Details
Franke, Pvt. Rudolph Sr. (1834-1902)Details
Franks, Eli Anderson (-)Details
Frayard, Oliver J. (-)Details
Froebel, August (1860-1954)Details
Pvt, Carl Fuchs (1837-????)Details
Fuchs, Charles (-)Details
Fuchs, Pvt. Wilhelm (????-????)Details
Garlin, Friedrich K. J. (1826-1903)Details
Gehrels, F. (1841-????)Details
Gesaker, Frank (????-1864)Details
Gilmore, J. (1839-????)Details
G. Glamm (1837-????)Details
Glenn, CPL Bethel Hicks (1824-1907)Details
Glenn, CPL William Israel (1842-1927)Details
Gluck, Theodore (1842-1917)Details
Gollmer, Charles (-)Details
Graf, PVT Joachim (1831-1896)Details
Green, William (????-????)Details
Grimm, Fritz (-)Details
Grote, F. (1842-????)Details
Grote, Pvt. William (1839-1902)Details
Grothe, August (-)Details
Gumpel, Friedrich (1838-1862)Details
Guyler, Wiliam Henry (1823-1897)Details
Haedge, August (-)Details
Haedge, Charles (1837-1913)Details
William Hagemann (1843-????)Details
Hahn, Joachim (1822-1872)Details
Hammack, Julius Felix (1847-1901)Details
Hander, Sgt. Christian Wilhelm (1835-????)Details
Harde, Pvt. L. (1831-????)Details
Harde, Sgt. Theo (1821-????)Details
Hariegel, Pvt. F. (1828-1863)Details
Harigel, Wilhelm (1840-1895)Details
Harms, Friedrich "Fritz" (1833-1911)Details
Harms, Pvt. Heinrich "Henry" (1826-1890)Details
Harms, Pvt. John (1830-1864)Details
Harris, Lt. Benjamin T. (1830-1882)Details
Harris, PVT Charles A. (????-????)Details
Harrison, William B. (-)Details
Harting, Pvt. H. (1843-????)Details
Hartmann, Capt. August (1840-????)Details
Haskbarth, G. (1844-????)Details
Hasniegel, Pvt. W. (1842-1863)Details
Haverlah, Pvt. Wilhelm "William" (1885-1916)Details
Hayford, Samuel (-)Details
Haynes, Daniel (1828-1913)Details
Hegemeier, Friedrich (-)Details
Heine, Pvt. K. (1843-????)Details
Heisch, Bob (-)Details
Henderson, Pvt. Richard (????-????)Details
Henniger, Christian T. (1827-1896)Details
Henniger, Pvt. H. (1841-????)Details
Henrichson, Ernst Theodor (-)Details
Hildebrand, Pvt. Edmond (1844-????)Details
Hill, PVT George (????-????)Details
Hillpoldt, Pvt. W. (1828-????)Details
Hinkel, Pvt. H. (1837-????)Details
Hintz, Pvt. Joachim H. (1841-1920)Details
Hirsch, Bob (-)Details
Hohle, Pvt. Mathis (1830-1912)Details
Holland, COL Nehemiah (????-????)Details
Hollien, Hans (-)Details
Holzmann, Johann (1820-1896)Details
Hood, Perry C. (-)Details
Hormel, Pvt. John (????-1864)Details
Howard, Samuel (-)Details
Howard, Pvt. Thomas Owen (1839-1916)Details
Hubbard, Sgt. Friedrich J. (1823-1902)Details
Huber, Isaac (1819-1900)Details
Hunt, Zimri (-)Details
Hurta, L. (-)Details
Husk, Robert A. (-)Details
Irwin, Dr. Alexander MD (1836-1916)Details
Jacek, Varnell (-)Details
Jackson, PVT John Andrew (1841-1927)Details
Jackson, PVT William Pinckney (1825-1895)Details
Jahnke, August (-)Details
Janssen, PVT Johann "John" (1834-1876)Details
Jennings, Lt. William W. (1821-1903)Details
Johnson, George Washington (-)Details
Johse, PVT Charles "Carl" (????-????)Details
Juergens, John Henry (1829-1918)Details
Kalichetz, Fred (-)Details
Kaltwasser, A. (1842-????)Details
Kasper, Pvt. Johann C. (1845-1863)Details
Kaufmann, Pvt. J. (1833-????)Details
Kavanaugh, Charles Thomas (-)Details
Kemp, Pvt. Fritz (????-????)Details
Kenion, Reese (-)Details
Kenney, Martin McHenry (-)Details
Kenter, PVT August (????-????)Details
Kerr, Sgt. T. J. (????-????)Details
Keuffel, Wilhelm (-)Details
Kieschnick, Pvt. Johann (1834-1916)Details
King, Thomas Bledsoe (1836-1908)Details
Kizer, John (1844-1917)Details
Kleberg, Otto Joseph (-)Details
Kleberg, Rudolph (-)Details
Klentzmann, SGT Barney Henry (1843-1897)Details
Klinger, Charles (-)Details
Klopsteck, Pvt. Herman (1841-????)Details
Kluge, J. (1837-????)Details
Kneipp, John Boykin (-)Details
Knittel, Lt. Herman (????-????)Details
Knittle, Lt. Hammond (????-????)Details
Knolle, Pvt. Emil Moses (1848-1931)Details
Knolle, PVT Ernst Herman (1844-1873)Details
Knolle, CPL William Friedrick "Fritz" (1842-1864)Details
Koch, Heinrich Gustave (1814-1879)Details
Kochendorfer, Pvt. Friedrich Wilhelm "Fred" (1838-1923)Details
Koenig, Cpl. A. (1838-????)Details
Koenig, Pvt. L. (1836-????)Details
Koeppen, Wilhelm (1827-1887)Details
Koerth, August (-)Details
Kollatschny, Gottlieb (1825-1911)Details
Kollatschny, Johann (-)Details
Kollman, W. D. (-)Details
Kollmey, Pvt. Godfrey C. (1828-????)Details
Koneger, William (1845-????)Details
Korff, Charles (1840-1902)Details
Korff, William (-)Details
Korth, A. (1844-????)Details
Kosse, Pvt. Louis (1840-????)Details
Kotzebue, Julius (-)Details
Krancher, Sgt. Johanna E. (1843-1902)Details
Krause, Carl A. (1837-1920)Details
Kroulik, Jan "John" Sr. (1837-1920)Details
Krueger, Pvt. William Sr. (1843-1932)Details
Kubitz, Pvt. Christopher (1832-1873)Details
Kunze, Robert Charles Sr. (1839-1924)Details
Kurtz, Robert (-)Details
Kveton, Wenzel (1820-1910)Details
Landers, James E. (-)Details
Lange, Wilhelm (-)Details
Langhammer, Pvt. C. (1845-????)Details
Lawrence, Ukn (-)Details
Laws, Cpl. Robert Wilson (1845-1922)Details
Lehmann, Ernst August (-)Details
Lehmann, Pvt. Herman (1835-????)Details
Lehmann, Pvt. Julius A. (1831-????)Details
Lehmann, Moritz (-)Details
Lemke, H. (-)Details
Lesikar, Charles (1835-0)Details
Lesikar, Vincenc (-)Details
Lesiker, Frank (1840-1864)Details
Lewis, F. {c} (-)Details
Lewis, James M. (-)Details
Lewis, Pvt. John Bell (1845-1920)Details
Lewis, William Washington (-)Details
Liedemann, Pvt. D. F. (1826-????)Details
Lilie, Pvt. Friederich Heinrich (1826-????)Details
Lindemann, August (1833-1918)Details
Locke, W. K. /K. (-)Details
Loeffler, Pvt. G. (1829-????)Details
Loehr, PVT Wilhelm "William" (????-????)Details
Logan, James Wesley (-)Details
Luhn, PVT Adolf Gustav (1838-1917)Details
Luhn, Pvt. Charles Otto "C.O." (1844-1920)Details
Luhn, Pvt. Julius Hermann (1842-1911)Details
Luhn, PVT Theodore H. (1836-????)Details
Luhn, PVT William E. "Ed" (????-????)Details
Luhn, Cpl. William Edward (1834-1889)Details
Lyons, Pvt. William J. W. (1818-1899)Details
Machemehl, Paul (1845-1932)Details
Maeckel, Pvt. Ernst Edward (1843-1919)Details
Maetze, August (-)Details
Maetze, Ernst Gustav "E. G." (1817-1891)Details
Maetze, Pvt. Gustav (1846-1912)Details
Mahnke, John F. (1844-1928)Details
Mangeld, Pvt. E. (1841-????)Details
Manning, J. W. (-)Details
Marburger, Pvt. George (1834-1864)Details
Mares, PVT Josef (????-????)Details
Martin, Carl (-)Details
Masatsch, Pvt. J. (1842-????)Details
Mathis, E. (-)Details
Matthaei, Lt. Carl Arnold "C. A." (1836-1888)Details
Matthews, Zenas Wells (1822-1889)Details
Mau, Johann (-)Details
McCampbell, ukn (-)Details
McCrary, James A. (1849-1927)Details
McDade, James W. (-)Details
McGregor, John D. (-)Details
McMullan, John E. (-)Details
Meissner, Leo Alexander (-)Details
Meissner, Maximilian (-)Details
Meissner, Pvt. Otto Ferdinand (????-1862)Details
Menke, PVT Theodore Henry "Theo" (1833-1880)Details
Menn, Pvt. W. (1834-????)Details
Mernitz, Frederick (-)Details
Mersmann, Wilhelm (1820-1904)Details
Mertz, Pvt. Dick (1842-????)Details
Merwitz, Pvt. J. (1833-????)Details
Michaelis, Pvt. Louis (1842-1928)Details
Mieth, Karl (1846-1921)Details
Mieth, Pvt. Wilhelm "William" (1840-1929)Details
Mikeska, Franz (1844-1870)Details
Mikeska, Pvt. Jan "John" (????-????)Details
Mikeska, Peter (-)Details
Miller, Pvt. J. F. (????-????)Details
Minssen, PVT Bernhard Hermann (????-????)Details
Minssen, PVT Bernhard Hermann (????-????)Details
Minton, Pvt. Robert (1833-1904)Details
Mitschke, Pvt. Johann "John" (1841-1912)Details
Mitschke, Pvt. Matthes (1843-1863)Details
Moeller, F (1838-????)Details
Moeller, Pvt. Frederick (1842-????)Details
Moeller, Pvt. W. (1835-????)Details
Molick, Frank (-)Details
Moore, Fritz R. (1846-1928)Details
Morgenroth, Heinrich (-)Details
Morris, SGT Henry Madison (1824-1890)Details
Moyer, Pvt. J. (1832-????)Details
Mueller, PVT Frederick Wilhelm "F. W." (1818-1896)Details
Mueller, PVT Hermann (????-????)Details
Murphy, William (-)Details
Murray, Pvt. James Henry (1841-1898)Details
Nagel, Sgt. H. (????-????)Details
Nagle, H. (-)Details
Natusch, Pvt. Ch. (1831-????)Details
Nelius, Pvt. Charles (1837-1913)Details
Netzel, Edward Friedrich (1842-1880)Details
Neumann, PVT Friedrich (????-????)Details
Newman, Greer J. (-)Details
Newman, John C. (????-????)Details
Nichols, James W. (-)Details
Niebuhr, PVT Carl August (????-????)Details
Niebuhr, Carl Ferdinand (-)Details
Niebuhr, Christian (-)Details
Niebuhr, Cpl. Friedrich Heinrich (1837-1927)Details
Niemann, Martin (-)Details
Nitschke, August (-)Details
Nixon, John (????-1863)Details
Noack, John (-)Details
Noldy, Pvt. G. C. (1835-????)Details
Novak, Frantisek (-)Details
Nowack, Franz (-)Details
Osterhout, John Patterson (-)Details
Pacher, Martin (-)Details
Palm, PVT Rudolph "Rudall" (1828-1889)Details
Palsow, John (-)Details
Parker, John Priestly (-)Details
Patenja, Pvt. G. (1824-????)Details
Peters, Pvt. H. (1825-????)Details
Pfeffer, Pvt. Carl (1838-????)Details
Pfeffer, PVT Friedrich J. "Fritz" (1836-1922)Details
Pfeiffer, Ernst (-)Details
Pier, Samuel Bradford (1844-1914)Details
Pope, Pvt. Thomas Allen (1832-1911)Details
Prause, Arnold II (-)Details
Prouty, Laurentious Llewellyn (1831-1900)Details
Rabb, Thomas V. (-)Details
Railey, James A. (-)Details
Raski, August (-)Details
Raube, Pvt. F. (1846-????)Details
Raube, Friedrich (1824-1918)Details
Reed, William Cox "W. C." (1842-1922)Details
Reese, Cap't. Kinion Wilkerson (1842-1918)Details
Reich, Charles (1831-1900)Details
Reinecker, Pvt. Johan Ferdinand (1823-1910)Details
Reinicke, Charles F. William (1839-1922)Details
Reissig, Julius (-)Details
Remitas, V. (-)Details
Remmert, Wilhelm (1838-1913)Details
Reneau, Pvt. Thomas S. (1829-1882)Details
Retzlaff, Pvt. B. (1838-????)Details
Richter, Christopher (1840-1921)Details
Riemer, Pvt. Gottlieb (1832-????)Details
Rinn, Jacob (1839-1913)Details
Rinn, Johann (1840-1921)Details
Rinn, Ludwig (1834-1911)Details
Rinn, Philipp (1836-1874)Details
Rinn, Pvt. ukn (????-????)Details
Ripple, Frantisek/Franz (-)Details
Robinson, Andrew M. (-)Details
Rodgers, T. W. (-)Details
Roesler/Rossler, August (-)Details
Rogers, Spyrus Alexander (-)Details
Ross, Pvt. James Andrew Jackson (1847-1887)Details
Rothermel, Pvt. Andrew (1818-1866)Details
Rudloff, Christian (1821-1884)Details
Ruppert, Heinrich (-)Details
Ryppel, Pvt. F. (1834-????)Details
Saage, Wilhelm H. (-)Details
Sander, Pvt. A. (1842-????)Details
Sassenberg, Friedrich (-)Details
Sassenberg, Wilhelm (-)Details
Schaefer, PVT Wilhelm "William" (1843-1921)Details
Schaffner, Pvt. Jacob (1838-1898)Details
Schaffner, William John (-)Details
Scharnberg, Frederick John (1829-1898)Details
Scharnberg, Sgt. Henry (1836-1904)Details
Schave, H. (1832-????)Details
Schenk, Lt. August F. W. (1825-1875)Details
Schiller, Ignatz (-)Details
Schiller, L. G. (1844-1863)Details
Schinner, Ernst (-)Details
Schlecht, Fritz (1816-1874)Details
Schlinz, F. (1840-????)Details
Schlinz, J. (1835-????)Details
Schmidt, PVT Christoph (1835-1918)Details
Schmidt, Heinrich (1834-1920)Details
Schmidt, J. (1838-????)Details
Schroeder, Ferdinand (-)Details
Schroeder, Heinrich (1832-1917)Details
Schroeder, Pvt. William C. F. (1830-1914)Details
Schuerer, Ernst (1832-????)Details
Schuette, Henry (1836-1924)Details
Schultze, Adolph (1842-????)Details
Schultze, Johann (1823-1904)Details
Schulz, Heinrich (1851-1892)Details
Sealy, George Sr. (1835-1901)Details
Seibert, Johann (1824-1898)Details
Seidel, E. (1842-????)Details
Seier, J. (1840-????)Details
Sens, Herman (1839-1920)Details
Severin, PVT Karl "Charles" Sr. (1821-1917)Details
Seyer, PVT Christian (1835-1900)Details
Shaase, C. (1835-????)Details
Siebel, PVT Charles (1805-1864)Details
Siebel, Sgt. Gustav (????-????)Details
Siegfried, John C. (1821-1898)Details
Skrivanek, Frantisek (-)Details
Slater, John (-)Details
Sloan, Thomas Dane "T. D." (1828-1908)Details
Slovacek/Slowatzky, Pavel (-)Details
Smith, PVT Jacob. (1833-1909)Details
Smith, Joseph (-)Details
Sness, Adolph (1834-????)Details
Sness, August (1839-????)Details
Sness, Theo (1837-????)Details
Soellick, Joachim (1816-1874)Details
Sommerfeld, William (-)Details
Sommerlatte, Karl (1835-1904)Details
Sonsel, Andreas (-)Details
Spangler, Henry (1845-1938)Details
Spence, Charles Wesley (-)Details
Spence, James H. (-)Details
Spence, John (-)Details
Spiess, Edward (-)Details
Spiess, Johann (1827-1903)Details
Spinn, W. (1840-????)Details
Springfield, Pvt. William L. (1844-1931)Details
Stahlbaum, Jacob (-)Details
Steck, Adolph (1843-1863)Details
Steck, Edward Gottlieb (1835-1919)Details
Steck, Pvt. Friedrich Gustave (1840-1905)Details
Steck, H. (1834-????)Details
Stefka, Jan (-)Details
Stein, PVT Johann Wilhelm "William" III (1842-1886)Details
Stennett, John A. (-)Details
Stern, Charles (-)Details
Stern, John R. (1839-1900)Details
Sternenberg, Pvt. Carl Otto (1838-1919)Details
Sternenberg, Pvt. Julius Gustav (1839-1901)Details
Sternenberg, Pvt. Rudolph August (????-????)Details
Stevenson, H. N. (-)Details
Stoeltje, William Charles (-)Details
Stokes, Pvt. James P. (1836-1917)Details
Stolte, F. (1844-????)Details
Stoltje, Houston (1838-????)Details
Stoltje, William (1844-????)Details
Storch, J. (1841-????)Details
Storch, William (????-????)Details
Stork, William (-)Details
Stupl, Anton (-)Details
Sues, Aguste (????-????)Details
Suess, Adolph (-)Details
Susen, Martin (-)Details
Sutton, John Calvin (-1847)Details
Swearingen, PVT Elemelech Jr. (1846-1923)Details
Swearingen, PVT Louis Weeks (or Lewis) (1836-1911)Details
Sydow, J. (1840-????)Details
Syer, William (????-????)Details
Taylor, J. D. (-)Details
Taylor, L. W. (-)Details
Tegge, F. (1840-????)Details
Tegge, Friedrich (-)Details
Thielemann, Christoph (1836-1924)Details
Thompson, Robert Watson (1842-1918)Details
Thonig, S. A. (-)Details
Thurmann, Wilhelm (-)Details
Torrence, Ebenezer J. (-)Details
Tredder, A. (1832-????)Details
Tredder, J. (1841-????)Details
Treibig, Friedrich (1842-????)Details
Trenckmann, Albert Hugo (????-????)Details
Trenckmann, Emil Julius (1835-1880)Details
Trenckmann, Friedrich Adolph (-)Details
Trenckmann, Otto Alvin (1837-1901)Details
Treude, F. (1824-????)Details
Treybig, Ovt. Gustav Bernhard (????-????)Details
Treybig, Cpl. Kaspar Friedrich (????-????)Details
Tyson, R. H. (-)Details
Ueckert, Pvt. Gustav (????-????)Details
Ueckert, Pvt. Hermann (1848-1886)Details
Ueckert, PVT J. August Ferdinand (1837-1876)Details
Ueckert, Pvt. Wilhelm "William" (1838-1929)Details
Urbantke, Pvt. Gustav (1841-????)Details
Vick, Christian Heinrich (-)Details
Vogelsang, Paul George Adolph (-)Details
Voigt, Capt. Robert (1832-????)Details
Vorbeck, Pvt. Johann Heinrich (1823-1905)Details
Waak, Heinrich (1818-1906)Details
Wacker, John (-)Details
Walder, John (1815-????)Details
Walter, John (-)Details
Wangermann, A._ (1835-????)Details
Warnecke, Sgt. Charles (1835-????)Details
Washam, PVT Thomas Jefferson (1835-1916)Details
Wehrmann, D. H. (1833-????)Details
Weigand, Heinrich (1835-????)Details
Weige, Carl August (1846-1928)Details
Weise, Pvt. Carl August (1842-????)Details
Welhausen, Charles (-)Details
Wellhausen, H. (1833-????)Details
Wells, ukn (-)Details
Werner, H. (-)Details
Whitfield, H. W. (-)Details
Whitley, James A. (1828-1876)Details
Whitmire, Pvt. Monroe (1840-1923)Details
Wiley, Pvt. Henry Purris (1836-1902)Details
Williamson, Eldridge C. (1833-1881)Details
Willrott, D. (1840-????)Details
Wolnitzek, Pvt. Paul Peter (1822-????)Details
Wotipka, Pvt. Anton (1845-1926)Details
Wotipka, Jan (-)Details
Wotipka, Tomas (-)Details
Wotipka, Wenzel Sr. (1837-1918)Details
Wotipka, Wenzel/Waclaw (1871-1945)Details
Wuezener, Friedrich (-)Details
Wunderlich, Pvt. Friedrich (1847-1897)Details
Wunderlich, Heinrich August (1844-1927)Details
Wyatt, Tom (-)Details
Young, Hiram Miles (-)Details
Young, John B. (-)Details
Young, Matthew Alexander (-)Details
Zachas, Joseph (1812-1894)Details
Zeiss, August (1837-????)Details
Zeptner, Chas. (1828-????)Details
Zernial, F. (1832-????)Details
Zurek, Frank S. (????-????)Details
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