Austin County, Texas

Military Veterans
of Austin County, Texas

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"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."
- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

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American Civil War Union Soldiers (USA)

Civil War

The American Civil war was fought from 1861-1865 between the Union (USA) and the Confederate (CSA) states.

Our thanks to Joy Neely who compiled most of this information. Additional information was added from other files. If you are aware of other records or can provide us with such records, please contact us.
Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda for updates to these files January 2022

Name GenFolks
Antonio, PVT Howard (????-????)Details
Bairville, PVT Gustave (????-????)Details
Biggs, PVT Hezekiah (1837-1922)Details
Billig, Adolph (1834-1915)Details
Blandon, PVT William (????-????)Details
Boynton, PVT Frank (????-????)Details
Buchtien, Ernst H. A. Sr. (1838-1917)Details
Burger, PVT Henry (1833-1895)Details
Campbell, Will Louis (-)Details
Canada, George Washington (-)Details
Collier, Philip H. (-)Details
Dee, PVT James (????-????)Details
Dohl, Valentine F. (-)Details
East, Edward Hudson (-)Details
Emler, Gottfried (1827-????)Details
Fisher, Lorenz (-)Details
Grant, PVT George (????-????)Details
Green, William. (-)Details
Grote, F. (1842-????)Details
Haring, Pvt. Peter (1834-1908)Details
Harvey, D. (-)Details
Hasniegel, Pvt. W. (1842-1863)Details
Henry, Thomas (-)Details
Holdman, Mike (-)Details
Howard, Antonio (-)Details
Hunley, Thomas (-)Details
Jones, Anthony (-)Details
Kabell, Pvt. Thomas (1842-1927)Details
Koch, John (-)Details
Lewis, F. {u} (-)Details
Marburger, Pvt. George (1834-1864)Details
Morris, PVT Michael (????-????)Details
Mulhern, Owen Joseph (-)Details
O'Leary, Mike (-)Details
Reese, Emanuel (-)Details
Sander, Otto (1845-1907)Details
Simmons, SGT John Ramsey (1841-1922)Details
Soeten, August (1842-1910)Details
Spicer, David (-)Details
Stockwell, Myron H. (-)Details
Suine, Mario C. (-)Details
Teffer, William (-)Details
Terner, Eugene (-)Details
Thomas, Henry (-)Details
Uthmann, PVT George (????-????)Details
Watson, Joseph Daniel (-)Details
White, Robert (-)Details
Willrodt, Dethloff (1840-1932)Details
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