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Thanks to Carolyn Zascoda for updates to these files. January 2021

Last Name First Name(s) Rank Cemetery Source, Other Information
Eckardt Edmund U.S. Army Med. Dept Cat Spring Ratliff, DC, tombstone
Eckelberg Charles F. (Frank) PVT REP UNIT MPC  US Army Oak Knoll


Ratliff, tombstone
Eckels William  Pvt Co A 345 Labor Bn QMC Army, Died of Pneumonia   Ratliff
Eckermann Edmund E. Corp. U.S. Army Co.H.Inf. Industry Methodist Ratliff
Edmonds John G Cpl. Co.I.360. Inf.  U.S. Army Oak Lawn Cem. Rockdale Ratliff, DC, tombstone
Edwards Charles, Jr. Pvt. U.S. Army Co.A.141 Inf. Oak Knoll Ratliff, 1930 Census
Edwards Henry N. PVT Co C 815 Pion Inf U. S. Army New Hope (TX) Cem Ratliff
Edwards Plenty Pfc Co C 509 Engrs U. S. Army Paradise Cem. South, Pearland Ratliff, DC, VA deaths
Edwards   Tenola     discharge rec.
Eickhoff William U.S. Army 2 Co. Coast Art. Regt. Welcome Ratliff
Eikner Turner L US Navy Sealy 1920, 1930 census
Eixmann Bruno John Pfc CoG.64 Inf. Oak Hill Cem. Cameron TX Ratliff
Ekarius Eddie G. (Gottlieb Joachim Cook MG Co Pfc. U.S. Army Co.K 360 Inf. Sealy Ratliff, tombstone
Eldridge   Henry Lee Sgt US Army 1st Co Oak Knoll DR 26 6/26/1917 b Pearsall DC; WW 1
Elliott James Walter U.S. Army Hq.Co. 360 Sealy Ratliff
Elolf Emil E. U. S. Army CoE 47 Inf. Wallis Ratliff, tombstone
Emshoff   Emil Christoff  Pvt. 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army St. James Cemetery Death Certificate
Engel   Henry Frank, Jr. F 2 U S NAVY Oak Knoll 1930 Census,  VA, DC
Engelholm Robert Charles U. S. Army Org. 165 Dep. Brig Oak Knoll Ratliff, 1930 Census, DC
Engelholm Rudolph Henry PVT, US Army Wag. Co. A 17 Am. Tn. Woodlawn Cem. Houston Ratliff, tombstone
Engelking Julius C. U. S. Army Org. Co. E. 5 Engrs. Sealy Ratliff, tombstone
Erwin Willie Record not found   Ratliff
Esar Henry PVT. U S Army Org. 125 F. A. San Felipe Ratliff
Esterak Joe. J. U. S. Army  Co. B 343 M. G. Bn. Sealy Ratliff, tombstone
Evans Arthur James  Pvt Co A 410 Res Labor Bn US Army Paradise Cem. South, Pearland Ratliff
Evans   William Franklin Pvt US Army Clearwater Ceme Sabine Par., La DR; DC
Evans   + Charles  Pfc Co C 513 Engineers Goodwill Cem tombstone
Ewald Arthur No record found. CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny Ratliff, DC
Faist Edmund PfcCo.B 343 M. G. Bn Star_Hill Ratliff, 1930 Census
Fajkus   Adolph  Pfc. U S Army Guardian Angel Wallis tombstone BT-5/26/55 discharge rec.
Fant  John Charles, Sr. 2nd Lt US Army 9th Field Art. Oak Knoll VA; DC; DR.
Fawcett Sam David Pvt Co D 801 Pion Inf U. S. Army Hillside Cem Ratliff
Fedford Agria Record not found   Ratliff
Fedford Arron B US Army Paradise North Cem Houston TX  
Fedford Truman Record not found   Ratliff
Fenner Emil Mech. U. S. ArmyM. G. Co. 143 Inf. Phillipsburg Ratliff
Ferguson William Henry U.S.Army Sup. Co. 64 Inf. Brookside Cem. Houston DC
Fields   William H. Pvt US Army 822 B Field Corps   discharge rec.
Filip Emil J. U S Army WWI Wallis Cemetery  
Fink Hyman U. S. Army Co.K 34 Inf. Bnai Abraham Cem. Brenham Ratliff; 1930 Census
Fisher Andrew J.  TX Pvt Co B 307 Engr. U. S. Army, Died of pneumonia Staehle Cemetery BT-5/26/55 Ratliff
Fisher Kenneth S. Enlisted Hartsville Cemetery  
Fisher   Henry Pvt US Army 14th Co 4th Bn 161 DB Staehle Cemetery tombstone DR;  b Bellville 27 8/14/18 DC, WW 1, colored
Flakes   Ollie  Pvt  5 Co 165 Dep. Brig. Motor Sec.B  U. S. Army Peaceful Gardens Mem Park, Woodrow thesis li San Felipe inctd Bellville 6/19/1918 colored
Foerster Henry (Sr.) Pfc. U. S. ArmyCo M 39 Inf. New Ulm Cem. Ratliff, tombstone
Fojt John Thomas Pfc Co G 359 Army Hartsville Cemetery Ratliff
Fordtran Benjamin Franklin Mech. U. S. Army 2 Wing Concentration Brig. Oak Knoll Ratliff; DC
Foss Herman US Army 32 Co. 165 Dep. Brig. Austin Mem. Park Ratliff, DC, 1930 census
Foster   Arthur L.  Capt. Signal Corps-Air Service Wing    
Foster   Richard  Pfc Co D 430 Res Labor Bn US Army according to Find-A-Grave His military headstone application shows buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery but his marker is in the Ives Creek Cemetery. colored BT-5/26/55 DR
Frahnm  William F.   GREENLAWN MEMORIAL PARK, FT. BEND COUNTY 1930 census, DC
Frank Alfred Frederick. Pvt.US Army 165 Brig 1861Pilgrim's Rest Ratliff, tombstone
Frank Arno (Edward), Sr. US Army Co D 128 Inf. Oak Knoll Ratliff
Frank C. D. Pvt. U.S. Army Co. C. MG Bn 1861Pilgrim's Rest Ratliff, tombstone
Frank Ferdinand William U.S. Army Co. G64Inf. 7 Div. 1861Pilgrim's Rest Ratliff, tombstone
Frank Hugo  Edward Pfc U.S. ArmyBase Hosp.72 1861Pilgrim's Rest Ratliff
Frank   Ben Philoph  Cpl. U S Army Wallis BT-5/26/55 & tombstone
Franke   Elo  Pvt. U S Army killed in action Wallis tombstone
Franklin   Warren J. Pvt Co E 5th Bn US Army   discharge rec
Fray   James Pvt US Army Reserve Labor Batt Sealy discharge rec. colored
Frayard David No record found. Wallis Cem. Ratliff
Frazer Walter George  Machinist mate 1st cl U. S. Navy Ft Sam Houston; S.A Ratliff
Free Alfred  Pvt Co L 801 Pion Inf U. S. Army Wallis  (Black) Cem. Ratliff
Freeland Jackson Miller US Army Forest Park Lawndale, Ho. 1930 Census
Frels Rubin U.S. Army Sec. B.S.A.T.C.   Ratliff
Frnka Bruno   (J) U.S. Army Mil Aeronautics; 33Bln (44BN?) Frnka Ratliff
Froebel Edmund August Pvt. U.S. Army Co. F. 125 Inf. Prairie Lee Cem.; Brenham. Ratliff
Fry James U.S. Army 410 Labor Bn.   Ratliff
Futch   James Jewel   Cat Spring discharge rec. death cert W!
Gaines Aron  Pvt Co F 368 Inf U. S. Army Pope Cem. New Ulm colored, DC
Gaines Arthur McKinley  Pvt 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Pope Cem. New Ulm colored, thesis li New Ulm inctd Bellville 7/30/18
Gaines Robert   Pvt Co A 322 Serv Bn U. S. Army Pope Cem. New Ulm colored, DC
Gasper Arthur   Pvt Co B 507 Engrs U. S. Army Dotson Memorial Ceme Sealy, TX colored  death Cert. W!
Gebhardt Charles R   Sealy B 1930 Census
Geisendorff   Albert Polk US Army Oak Knoll DC; VA; tombstone
Gentry Nick Record not found Eastview Cem. San Antonio Ratliff
Gerhart   Joe P.   PubSealy SN-6/28/79 discharge rec
Giese   Gustav Texas, Pvt. Co G. 359 Inf. U S Army Phillipsburg tombstone, V. A.
Gilbert Charles Army Oak Knoll DC, V. A.
Gillum Louis   Pvt 410 Labor Bn U S Army Jefferson tombstone Ratliff
Gilmore Monroe  Pvt Co C 509 Engrs U. S. Army Rosenberg Community Cem. Ratliff, 1930 Census
Glaeser Benno U.S. Army Co. A. 111 AM Tn. La Grange City Cem. Ratliff
Glaeser Edwin (Hampton) Cpl. U.S. Army Co. M. 143 Inf New Ulm Ratliff
Glaeser Willmund (William R) Pfc U.S. Army Co.221 F. Sig. Bn. New Ulm Ratliff
Glasscock   Hillary J.  E3 U S Navy Wallis  
Gleistein Rudolph George Sgt 1 cl.Rmt. Dep. 33 Div. U.S. Army Oak Knoll Ratliff; DC
Gleistein Walter Charles U.S. Army Btry F. 131 F. A. Oak Knoll Ratliff
Glenn Arlie Vell  Tec5 U S Army Glenn tombstone
Glenn Henry (Mahan) U.S. Army 99 BN Oak Knoll Ratliff; DC
Glenn James  Pvt. Co C 24 Inf U S Army Glenn Ceme tombstone Ratliff
Glenn Levy J (John) Corp. U.S. Army  Co. K. 306 Inf. Oak Knoll Ratliff
Glover Clarence Edwin  Sgt. U S Army Downey tombstone & Serial # 38204950
Glueck   Alfred E.  horseshoer U S Army PubSealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 3
Goebel Alvin U.S. Army 165 Dep. Brig. Sealy C Ratliff
Goebel Arnold Wag. U.S. Army Sup. Co. 67 1861Pilgrim's Rest Ratliff, DC
Goebel   Herman  Bglr Hq Co 7 Inf U. S. Army Millheim discharge rec.
Goebel Hugo Vet. SealyD 1930 Census
Goebel Oscar  Pfc U.S. Army Co. C.21 M.G.Bn SealyB Draft Reg.
Goebel Wilbert F.   (See WWII) Ratliff
Goeke Emanuel Pfc U.S. Army Vet. Corps. Oak Knoll Ratliff; DC; VA
Goff Tom  Pvt Det Camp U. S. Army Campground Cem.  Wash. Co. Ratliff
Gonzales John  Pvt Co A 65 Pion Inf U. S. Army Dotson Ratliff,  SN 11/8/12; DC; VA deaths
Gonzales Willard  Pfc Bo B 322 Serv Bn U. S. Army San Felipe Cem., Black Ratliff
Gonzales   George   Pvt 6 Engrs U. S. Army 0/1888 1930 Census; VA death file
Goodem Charley  Pfc Det 392 Div Labor Bn US Army   Ratliff
Gordon   Dr. Virgil F. US Army served in France Haven of Rest PubSealy SN-6/28/79 V. A. death cert
Granau Edgar  (Lucian) U.S. Army SATC Oak Knoll Ratliff
Granberry Seth S.  U. S. Coast Guard CatSpring BT-9/28/89 p. 15
Grant Frank U. S. Army 61 Dep. Brig.   Ratliff
Graves David Record not found   Ratliff
Graves Garfield Pvt 165 De Brig U. S. Army   Ratliff
Green (Greene) Rogers  Pfc Co C 509 Engrs U. S. Army Macedonia Ceme Ratliff 1930 census discharge rec, death cert. VA death file
Greene Edward  Pfc Co B 507 Engrs U. S. Army   Ratliff
Gregurek Josef Musician 3 Cl. , U.S. Army Co 29 Inf. Ganado Cath. Cem Ratliff, DC
Gregurek Joseph US Army Pvt.Co. G. 127 Inf. Frydek_St.Marys Ratliff; military tombstone
Grigar Alfred A., Jr.  Sgt. U S Army GAngelWallis tombstone & serial # 38303069
Grigar   Fred   GAngelWallis BT-5/26/55
Groover Leslie Capt.37th Inf.   b.Wallis, Ratliff
Gross Marcus U.S. Army Co. I 143 Inf. Cat Spring Cem. Ratliff; 1930  census
Grote Arthur Cpl. U.S. Army Co. C 57 Inf. Oak Knoll Ratliff; DC
Grote Harry R.  Coxswain U. S. Navy New Ceme Frederickburg, TX Ratliff
Grothe Frank No record found. Der Stadt  Friedhof Cem. Fredericksburg Ratliff
Grube John U.S. Army Co F. 34 Inf. Oak Knoll Ratliff
Gruener Charles H. U.S. Army Co.B. 325 Inf. SealyM Ratliff, SN-6/28/79; VA death file
Gueldner William (Fritz) U.S. Army 37Bn. Co. 1861Pilgrim's Rest Ratliff
Gutowsky Zygmont No record found.   Ratliff
Habermacher   William Henry  Pvt 165 Depot Texas Brig. US Army San Felipe Cem BT-5/26/55 & tombstone cens 1930 discharge rec., Ratliff
Hackbarth George No record found. SealyC Ratliff
Hackbarth   Fred August 2Lt 360Inf90Div US Army PubSealy SN-6/28/79 & BT-5/26/55; military tombstone
Hackbarth   John E.  Pfc Dev Bn MGTC U. S. Army PubSealy Ratliff
Hacker August No record found.  SealyB Ratliff
Hackfield Alfred John  App. Seaman U. S. Navy Oak Knoll Ratliff
Hackfield Arnold William  Pharmacist mate 3rd cl U. S. Navy Washelli Mem. Park, Seattle, WA Ratliff
Hackradt Karl Sgt b. Danzig or Germany    
Haezynski (Haczynski) Stefan J.  (Jacob) Pfc U.S. Army NGCA. 57th Inf. Immac Sealy Ratliff, Serial Number 38538737
Hahn Alfred U. S. Army Co. L. 85 Inf. Cat Spring Ratliff, DC, tombstone
Hall James Henry F1 U. S. Navy Phillipsburg V.A. 
Hall Jeffrey  Pvt Co A 412 Res Lab Bn QMC Army San Felipe Cem BT-5/26/55 Ratliff; military tombstone
Hall Tommy  Pvt 5 Co 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army San Felipe Cem BT-5/26/55 Ratliff; military tombstone
Hall Willis  Pvt C 223 Co Trans. Corp US Army   Ratliff
Hallman Arthur Lane Pfc 7 Mob. Ord.   Ratliff
Hamack Walter O Pfc. Co. H. 17Inf.   Ratliff
Hampton Walter Record not found   Ratliff
Harlins   Pheathur     discharge rec.
Harper John  Pvt 265 Dep Brig U. S. Army Pleasant Grove tombstone Ratliff
Harris Charlie  Cpl 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Houston Ntl. Cem. Ratliff, DC, tombstone
Harris Clarence  Pvt 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army SealyOther BT-5/26/55 (colored)
Harris E. J.  Cpt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38205976
Harris John J.  Pvt Co C 509 Engrs U.S. Army SFC colored tombstone; VA death file
Harris Lonnie   Pvt 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army   Ratliff
Harris Raleigh  Pvt Fld Rmt Sq 364 U. S. Army   Ratliff
Harris Sam Record not found   Ratliff
Hartman Adolph W. U.S. Army Co. A. S. Sig. Co. Forest Park Lawndale Cem Ratliff, DC, 1930 Census
Hartman Emil Otto U.S. Army 3 Prov. Bn. M.P. SealyM 1930 census
Harvey   Francis Marion  Ark Cpl Co.I,3 BN, REPL Tng. CON SealyC SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 6 discharge rec.
Hassler Jesse James U.S. Army Hq Co. 50 F. A. CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny Cem. Ratliff, 1930 census
Hastings   + John W.  Chief Corp Mate USNRF SantaAnaNat BT-5/26/55 & tombstone
Haten Reedy  Pvt 22 Serv Bn Co 20 Engrs Army   Ratliff
Havran   Anton M.  U. S. Army Cavalry 1918-1919 CathSealy BT-1/10/85; VA death file
Haynes Charles J.  Pvt Co A 65 Pion Inf U. S. Army BellVinicity BT-5/26/55 Ratliff
Hays Charles Emerson Hosp app 1st cl U. S. Navy   Ratliff
Haywood Henry   Pvt 22 Serv Bn Co 20 Engrs Army   Ratliff
Haywood Wesley  Pvt Co D 509 Engrs U. S. Army Eastview Cem. Bay City Ratliff,  DC
Haywood   William   Ives Creek Draft Reg., DC
Heath Jim U.S. Army 165 Dep. Brig.   Ratliff
Hegemeyer Hubert T.  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38552735
Heidemann Walter W.  Pvt. U S Army StJames Luthera tombstone & Serial # 38552394
Hein Ferd. (Ferdinand E.) Cook Gen Hosp. 31 Evac. Hosp. Grant of Cit.. 44 CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny Ratliff, tombstone
Hein Gustav (H.) Sgt. U.S. Army 165 Dep. Brig. Forest Park Cem. Houston  
Hellmuth Gardner (B) Pfc U.S. Army Btry D, 125 F. A. Oak Knoll Ratliff, DC 1930 Census
Hellmuth Marcus (Isador) U.S. Army S.A.T.C. Oak Knoll Ratliff, 1930 Census
Helwig Arthur (Herman) U.S. Army 165 Dep. Brig Wallis City Cem. (Texas) Ratliff
Helwig Calvert Emil (Colbert) Vet.C.  U.S. Army Bellwood Mem. Pk., Temple, Tx. Ratliff
Helwig Eddie M (Mathis) Pfc U.S. Army M.T.C. Rep. Unit 312 Oak Knoll Ratliff; DC, 1930 census
Henkhaus Arthur A. U.S. Army 165 Dep. Brig. St. Bernard Cem. Woodsboro Ratliff
Henske Charlie (Karl), Jr. U. S. Army 165 Dep. Brig. Kenney Luth. Cem. Ratliff, DC
Herman   Marshall J.   Sealy BT-5/26/55 & SN-6/28/79
Herrick   George L. Chauffeur 626 Aero Sup Sq. Oak Knoll DC; DR; tombstone  d in USMarine Hospital, Galveston
Herring Henry Charlie Co. G. 64 Inf.   Ratliff
Hill   Calvin H. Pvt. US Army Jefferson discharge rec. death cert WW 1 709 14 8985, tombstone
Hill Edmund Glenn Pvt Co. M 143 inf. 36 Div.,U.S. Army Cat Spring Ratliff, DC; tombstone
Hill Jake  Pvt. 10 Co. 3 Bn. 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Pilgrim's Rest Black Ratliff, DC, tombstone
Hill John Hampton.  Sgt Co A 322 Serv Bn U. S. Army Downey Ratliff, military tombstone, BT-5/26/55
Hill Sam  Pvt Co F 816 Pion Inf U. S. Army Rock Island Il. Ntl Cem. Ratliff, tombstone
Hill   Walter Ernest FM2c US Navy Sealy discharge rec death cert WW 1 461 05 3574 Inf J. L. Hill, 1930 Cen.
Hillebrand Harry Reinhard  Fireman 2nd class U. S. Navy Sealy tombstone sec 7, Ratliff
Himly Charlie (Charles Herman) U.S. Army, Pvt. Co. A. 121 Inf. Sealy Ratliff, military tombstone
Himly Edmund O. (Otto) BtryD 125 FA US Army Sealy RatliffSN-6/28/79 death cert  SS
Himly Otto  US. Army Wagoner 85 Inf Sup Co. Oak Knoll Ratliff; Camp Travis Records
Hintz Richard W. (William) 2 Lt 315 Engrs, US Army Sealy Ratliff
Hinze Edwin J U. S. Army Pvt 165 Dep. Brig. Sealy military tombstone
Hluchan Charles M/Sgt 25 Air Base GP. AAF Sealy Ratliff, tombstone, SN-6/29/79,BT-5/26/55
Hluchan Rudolph  Pfc Co I 141 Inf U. S. Army, wounded Sealy Ratliff
Hoff Edmund Carl US Army 165 Dep. Brig. 20% Disabled. Pvt. Co F 5 Dev Bn Pilgrims Rest Ratliff, tombstone
Hoff Henry U.S. Army Bakery Co. 403 Oak Knoll Ratliff
Hoff Henry William PVT CO 403 QMC US Army Oak Knoll Ratliff, tombstone, DC
Hoffman Alfred Richard MMI US Navy Oak Knoll tombstone
Hoffman   Adolph Richard Navy Oak Knoll tombstone
Hoffman   Frank Gordon Capt Co C 315 Engrs 90 DIV US Army Oak Knoll BT-5/26/55 & tombstone
Hohlt Robert C.  Pfc Cook Co K 360 Inf. 90 Div. Army Welcome #2 BT-5/26/55 & tombstone discharge rec
Hohlt Theodore Henry U. S. Army School for Bakers & Cooks Welcome #2 Ratliff, VA death file, DC
Holiday Loucish PVT US Army SF_Black Military tombstone
Holiday   Oscar     1930 census W 1 age 34
Holland   Jake   Houston Cem. Hempstead discharge rec., DC
Hollman Louis F.  Co F 49 Inf U. S. Army;died of pneumonia   Ratliff
Holmes Eligha Willie  Pvt Co A 355 Labor Bn U. S. Army Samuel Chapel Ratliff
Hood Charlie  Cpl 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Kenney Cem. Ratliff, DC
Hood Noel U.S. Army165 Dep. Brig. Brookside Cem., Houston Ratliff, DC
Hopmann Edwin U.S. Army Bakery Co. 403 Rosenberg Cem. Ratliff
Hoppe Gustav (Adolph) No record found. New Ulm Ratliff , 1930 Census
Hoppe Helmar B (Bernhard) MSgt, US Army WW1 & II New Ulm tombstone
Hoppe Herbert No record found. Hill of Rest, Baytown Ratliff
Horlock   Walter Peeples US Army Glenwood Ceme Houston VA,  death cert,
Horn Mack  Seaman 2nd class U. S. Navy Rosemound Cem. Waco Ratliff, tombstone
Horn Tommie Pfc U.S. ArmyCo. A.29 M.G. Bn Wallis Cem. Ratliff, tombstone
Horn Walter H. Pfc. Wag. U.S. Army Sup. Co.9. Rosemound Cem. Waco Ratliff
Hornsby   Christopher Hinckley  LA Pvt 1 Co Coast Guard Arty Oak Knoll DC; BT-5/26/55 & tombstone
Horth Charles J., Sr.  Pvt Co G 359 Inf U. S. Army, Wounded WAL tombstone, Ratliff
Horth Edgar E. (Ernest) Sgt.152 FA, 36 Div.  Sup. Tr. 132 F. A. U.S. Army Wallis Cem. Ratliff, tombstone
Horth Elga  Pfc. U S Army WAL tombstone
Hotmann (Hotman) Henry R. Pfc. U. S. Army Co E 111 Sup. Tn. New Ulm Ratliff
House Jack Record not found Pilgrim's Rest Black Ratliff
Hover   Frank William, M. D.   SealyC discharge rec. b NY
Howard E J US Army Oak Knoll VA, DC, 1930 Census
Howe Edmond (Henry) Pfc. U.S. Army Hospitals (Med Dept) Fl. Ch. Cem Round Top, Tx Ratliff
Hubbard Andrew  Pvt. 9 Co. 301 Stev Regt 1 Div to 808 T. C. Army Golden Gate Natl. Cem. San Bruno, CA Ratliff, tombstone
Huber Samuel U. S. Army S.A.T.C. Oak Knoll Ratliff, 1930 Census
Huber Walter U.S. Army,Co I. 34 Inf. Died of Pneumonia   Ratliff
Huebner Ben Willie (Bennie) (Bernard) Pvt.U.S. Army Bln Co. Sig. Welcome # 2 Ratliff; tombstone & Serial # 38093156
Huebner Delmus (Hugo) Sgt. Co. C.20 Bn. U. S. Guards Oak Knoll Ratliff, 1930 Census, VA
Huebner   Harry Carl  U. S. Army Oak Knoll BT-7/24/86 p. 10    V. A.  DR
Huebner Jessie E. PVT Med Dept US army I_Pilgrims_Rest  
Hunter Jessie Pvt C  Co D 405 Serv Bn U. S. Army   Ratliff
Hunter Jessie Pvt 19 Co. 165 Dep. Brig. U S Army Jefferson DC, tombstone
Hurst   Jim M.  Pvt U S Army Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone Sec. 1


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