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Decker Prairie Cemetery
Montgomery County Texas

From Decker Prairie on Hwy 249 turn on Decker Prairie-Rosehill Road. Go approximately 2 miles and turn right. Wright Road Baptist Church is on corner of Decker Prairie-Rosehill Road and Wright Road. Go past this, and turn right on the first gravel road. Key Map 248P.

Decker Prairie Cemetery was given historical recognition in this article that appeared in the Courier on January 16, 2006. There is an Early Settlers Certificate #2 with lots of information on
Isaac Decker in the Vertical Files at Montgomery County Memorial Library. Come by and take a peek.


Decker Prairie cemetery is listed in the Montgomery County Texas Cemeteries book,  Volume I. 

Transcription of
Decker Prairie Cemetery
Decker Prairie Cemetery, Montgomery County, Texas
Originally transcribed my Oveta & Horace Wright 18 Mar 1978 with updates from Texas Deaths 1890-1976, FindAGrave.com , Metcalf Funeral Home Records. It is by no means complete. 
Lname Fname Born Died


Neimeyer Ernest L 14 Dec 1879 20-Apr-1957 Ref: Metcalf Vol 7: 28
Pruitt Silas Lee 23 May 1888 6-Sep-1961 Double Marker with Alta Kathrine
Pruitt Alta Kathrine 5 Apr 1897 16-Aug-1985 Double Marker with Silas Lee Pruitt; Death date from FindAGrave=FAG
Guilliland Andrew J 15-Jan-1912 20-Aug-1966  
Guilliland Gertrude E 17-Nov-1909 9-Feb-1975 Beloved Mother
Laird John 1873 1949 Father
Laird Annie 8 Jul 1869 26-Sep-1952 Mother
Westefield Ona E 1913 1948 Daughter
Scroggins Zadie Lee 10-Nov-1907 26-Jul-1975  
Flowers Delbert Ray 1913 1961  
Bruner Effie E 1891 1944  
Bruner Hugh Carl 11-Dec-1901 15-Apr-1967 Double Marker with Lucy May Bruner
Bruner Lucy May 26-Jan-1912 No inscription Double Marker with Hugh Carl Bruner
Bruner Lafayette Lee 11 Jul 1866 9-Jul-1942 Father
Bruner Annie M 10 Jun 1868 21-Mar-1950 Mother
Bruner Edith 15-Dec-1908 10-Jul-1964  
Bruner Willis Otis 21 Mar 1899 7-Jul-1948 Husband, Father
Bruner Roland B 8 spr 1902 21-Oct-1973  
Bruner Nettie 1877 1961 Double Marker with C L Bruner
Bruner C L 1867 1939 Double Marker with Nettie Bruner
Beard Bessie 1909 1975  
Taylor Eva 22 Jan 1893 15-Jan-1951 Double Marker with Patrick Taylor
Taylor Patrick 3 Dec 1886 5-Jul-1959 Double Marker with Eva Taylor
Unknown       Home marker, no reading
Colston "Tony" Antone Lee 22 May 1896 3-Jun-1948  
Colston George Lee 11-Jul-1920 21-May-1974  
Heugatter Oran G 18-Jan-1933 16-Jun-1954 Son
Laird Lora 19 Jul 1885 3-Dec-1940 Mother
Laird A J 22 Jul 1884 21-Dec-1948  
Walker Leo L 15-Aug-1904 16 Jan 1863  
Hoover Myrtle 1906 1978 Klein Funeral Home
Walker Morrison G 1928 1977  
Decker Virgle C 25 Mar 1889 1-Jul-1929 Woodmen of the World Memorial; He is not dead, but sleepeth
Decker Dixie C 1889 1970 In loving Memory
Decker Elbert A 26 Aug 1898 29-Dec-1911 Buried in Sue Cemetery at Mill Creek
Decker M Coe 1 Jan 1898 28-Apr-1938  
Decker W C 8-Mar-1901 16-Feb-1928  
Decker Sally C 10 Feb 1866 16-Nov-1935 Mother
Decker Lula 27-Feb-1903 14-Jun-1937 Texas Deaths 1890-1976, says DOB Feb __ 1904; Mrs. Lula Decker McCall; Father: Thomas Decker TX; Mother: Sallie Terrell, FL; Suicide
Davison Gertrude Decker 1887 1986  
Decker Elizabeth Viola 26 Sep 1899 28-Jan-1938 wife of Thomas I Decker
Bruner Arnold H 16-Apr-1923 21-Aug-1976 Ref: Metcalf Vol 13: 3
Bruner Edward E 4 Sep 1892 11-Mar-1976 Double Marker with Edna Bruner
Bruner Edna 1-Mar-1901 4-Aug-1981 Double Marker with Edward E Bruner; DOD from FindAGrave
Bruner Leona 2-Jul-1921 17-Oct-1922 Daughter of Mr & Mrs E E Bruner
Laird A C 1 Jan 1878 19-Nov-1947 Double Marker with Hattie Laird; mother
Laird Hattie 27 Feb 1874 3-Feb-1965 Double Marker with AC; mother
Laird S M 27-Feb-1903 24-Aug-1951  
Harris J E 1861 1942  
Harris T B 1885 1945  
Harris Texana 2 Apr 1856 7-Mar-1949 Wife of J E Harris
Smith Robert H 26 Jan 1868 7-Mar-1948 Double Marker with Ada A Smith; father
Smith Ada A 22 May 1872 20-Dec-1942 Double Marker with Robert H Smith; mother
Snodgrass Sarah E 9 Mar 1848 11-Jun-1925 Grandmother
Stowe Will  10 Sep 1882 20-Jun-1970  
Stowe Baby   2-May-1909 Darling baby son of W T & M Stowe
Stowe Oliver L 1858 1934 In memory of Josephine Stowe
Coe A R "Rucks" Sr 19 Dec 1887 22-May-1968 Double Marker with Kate M Coe; father
Coe Kate M 24 Apr 1895 25-Jun-1995 Double Marker with A R Coe; mother; FAG Kate Mabel Goodson Coe
Coe Infant son   20-Aug-1916 Infant son of Mr & Mrs A R Coe
Coe Infant daughter 25-Jan-1909 25-Jan-1909 Daughter of E N & Edna Coe
Coe M Coe 6 Mar 1846 16-Jul-1918 Double Marker with V Coe
Coe V Coe 16 May 1860 17-Aug-1920 Double Marker with M Coe
Coe Annie C 11 Jul 1871 20 Nov 1873 Dau of M & V Cove
Coe Albert 11 May 1880 10 Aug 1881  
Decker Osie 24 Oct 1892 24-Sep-1907  
Sunday Annie Lucile 25-Aug-1910 27-Sep-1910  
Owens L Hardy 27 Mar 1892 6-Apr-1978 Double Marker with Betty P Owens; DOD FAG
Owens Betty P 20 Oct 1895 3-Apr-1977 Double Marker with L Hardy Owens
Coe Owen L 23-Dec-1912 5-Oct-1917 Son of Mr & mrs. Chas L Coe
Pipkin Virginia A 12-Jun-1909 17-Jun-1909  
Pearl Nonie 9-Jul-1906 24-Jan-1910  
Laird Nannie E 16-Feb-1909 28-May-1909  
Unknown Infant boy 19 Jan 1890 19 Jan 1890 More than likely a Laird
Laird Amos Lee 22 Mar 1896 15-Feb-1925  
Laird Oto Lee 24 Feb 1898 29 Jan 1899  
Laird Arch 26 Oct 1845 27 May 1899 His Memory is Blessed
Rudel Ina (Thomas) 7-Jun-1906 4-Jun-1973  
Unmarked grave        
Allen Alma Dean 6 Mar 1892 3-Mar-1967  
Hunt Jessie M 1902 1970  
Duplechain Henry Jordan 1879 1961  
Reid Murphy Barker 1890 1966  
Thompson Rose L  1882 1970 Mother
Knobloch Victoria 1942 1965  
Metcalf Kathy May 19-Jun-1956 21-Apr-1967  
Metcalf David Wayne 3-Oct-1957 20-Sep-1977  
Scott Rickey Lynn 18-Feb-1951 29-Jul-1968 Son
Chennault T R 1901 1976 Klein Funeral Home
Bray Melville W 28 Nov 1898 10-Aug-1977 Double Marker withh Eva L; married 26 Nov 1924
Bray Eva L 31 Jul 1898 5-Sep-1986 Double Marker with Melville W; DOD FAG
Scroggins James W 11 May 1879 6-Sep-1949 Double Marker with Sallie D Scroggins
Scroggins Sallie D 16 Sep 1879 17-Dec-1963 Double Marker with James W Scroggins
Scroggins James H 1902 1972  
Murray Frances Jane 8 Aug 1885 9-Jan-1961 Double Marker with John Albert Murray
Murray John Albert 26 Sep 1879 3-May-1959 Double Marker with Frances Jane Scoggins; marked 58 years
Murray Joe r 26-May-1902 5-Nov-1948 Washington Pvt 714 Eng RY OP BN WWII
Pruitt Louis   23-Apr-1905 Age 44 yrs; In God We Trust
Lindsey Joseph A 1881 1951  
No Name        
Neal Arthur H 11 Jul 1897 30-Dec-1974 Name & Dates FAG
Theis Samuel E 26-Feb-1954 9-Jan-1973  
Neal Frank A 19-Sep-1927 12-Jan-1951 Texas PFC 24 MED BN 24 Ind. Div WWII; Korean SS - PH
Selsor Virginia Meyer 1910 1957  
Meyer Fannie 13 Nov 1892 23-Jan-1951 Mother
Meyer W A 28 Aug 1891 1-May-1954 Father
Ellison John B 1882 1941 Double Marker with Leona Ellison
Ellison Leona 12 Jan 1880 27-Sep-1968 Texas Deaths 1890-1976, b Buchanan GA; father J M Adams; mother Mary Shellnut
Dotson Will W 1890 1962  
Dotson Mrs Myrtle 1904 1970  
Dotson Callie 1881 1974  
Dotson L L  1887 1965  
Dotson James M 1872 1971  
West  Letitia 10 Jan 1876 22-Dec-1952  
Dotson Infant son   15-Jun-1944 Infant son of Rl & Ruby Dotson - FAG
Akers Francis Alonzo 19 Nov 1889 14-May-1971 Double Marker with Clemmie Lometa Akers
Akers Clemmie Lometa  21-May-1903 9-Dec-1980 Double Marker with Francis Alonzo Akers; dates from FAG
Carroll Tenny Opal 1921 1966  
Akers Floyd James 8 Jun 1897 17-Apr-1962 Double Marker with Nellie Grace Akers
Akers Nellie Grace 1-Jan-1900 29-Dec-1973 Double Marker with Floyd James Akers
Creech Mr. Tilford D 1898 1976  
Eubanks Austin T 10 Dec 1897 9-Nov-1947 Texas PFC 138 Inf 35 Div WWI
Two unmarked Graves        
Akers Ernest Lee 10-Mar-1920 25-Aug-1973  
Akers Carl Leen 1939 1939  
Akers Garland Lee 2-Jul-1954 11-Jul-1954 God Bless Our Baby; Texas Deaths 1890-1976, father Grady Akers, Houston TX; mother Gladys Ella Watson Burleson County TX
Rylee sherman R 31-Aug-1907 19-Jun-1968  
Marker with no name        
Marker with no name        
Briggs Herbert A 1 Nov 1895 17-Jun-1942  
Briggs Edith Pearl 31 Jul 1897 13-Feb-1973  
Hulett William Jordan 2 Mar 1856 10-May-1932 Double Marker with Emma H Hulett
Hulett Emma H 21 Dec 1859 30-Nov-1931 Double Marker with William Jordan Hulett
Banfield Mrs Linda 1944 1972  
Decker Carl A 7-Jan-1905 6-Apr-1944  
Decker John 11-Sep-1907 28-Sep-1963  
Decker Mabine E 15-Oct-1914 24-May-1939  
Decker James Herbert 9-Feb-1935 29-Sep-1935 Texas Deaths, 1890-1976, Father Mabine born TX; mother Eva Hitchcock born OR
Decker Lloyd H 21-Sep-1919 21-Feb-1927  
Decker Effie E 2 Nov 1896 25-Mar-1969 Double Marker with J Herbert Decker
Decker J Herbert 26 May 1891 3-Apr-1960 Double Marker with Effie E
Hentschel Julia Elizabeth 10-Feb-1959 4-Mar-1959  
Coe Joseph M 1862 1938 Double Marker with Florence Coe
Coe Florence 1873 1946 Double Marker with Joseph M Coe
Hentschel John 15-Mar-1932 28-Dec-1957 Died in a car-train accident per Wilma Moore wbmoore@bellsouth.net
Hentschel Julia Elizabeth 13-Jul-1957 28-Dec-1957 Dau of John & Hattie Hentschel; Died in a car-train accident per Wilma Moore wbmoore@bellsouth.net
Hentschel Hattie Lourine 1-Jan-1933 28-Dec-1957 Died in a car-train accident per Wilma Moore wbmoore@bellsouth.net
Laird Mattie Elizabeth 1-Sep-1903 1-Jan-1954  
Laird Otis L 1898 1950  
Brown B B 1892 1953  
Brown Lida 1897 1975  
Burchan H G 1849 1933  
Bruner Dennis 14-Oct-1954 19-Oct-1955 Son of Barbara & Willard
Bruner Cleburne 10-Sep-1925 26-Jan-1927 Year of Death FAG; son of Lemuel and Verna Bruner
Bruner Jesse L 1895 1978  
Bruner Kitty W 4-Sep-1909 21-Sep-1960 Mother
Lilleux Mildred L 3-Feb-1912 17-May-1977  
Lilleux Eula D (Ward) 20 Jul 1886 7-Sep-1968  
Lilleux James P 28 Oct 1880 20-Oct-1918  
Norvell Effie   1914 1978  
Matthews Maggie 20 Dec 1886 25-Jul-1973  
Lilleux G M 1886 1941  
Collins Una 1905 1974 Double Marker with Edgar Collins
Collins Edgar 1902 1970 Double Marker with Una Collins
Collins Eddie Glen 3-Apr-1929 7-Feb-1965 Daddy
Lilleux Elizabeth   1856 1916  
Lilleux Placide 1857 1916  
Collins Floyd   16 Oct 1881 25-Aug-1963 Father
Collins Edietha 8 Feb 1882 26-May-1951 Mother
Lilleux Joseph Alceed 1892 1975 Double Marker with Essie Baker Lilleux
Lilleux Essie Baker 1899 1985 DOD FAG; Double Marker with Joseph Alceed
Laird Fannie F 11 Jan 1850 6-Sep-1924  
Laird M J (Dollie) 22 Jun 1888 27-Dec-1947 Double Marker with T B Laird
Laird T B (Britt) 18 Jul 1858 30-Jun-1931 Double Marker with M J Laird
Decker Nelson 15 Jul 1857 29-Feb-1920  
Decker John 11 Oct 1864 14-Feb-1907 Husband & Father
Decker Isaac 6 Oct 1795 21-Feb-1905  
Josser Lucy Ann 30 Nov 1855 23 Jul 1880 wife of Frank Josser
Johnson Lucinda 12 Apr 1838 5-Feb-1916  
Akers Infant son 14-Oct-1921 14-Oct-1921 son of Ella Coe Akers
Akers Mrs Ella Coe 31 May 1880 19-Oct-1921  
Coe Everett M 7-Mar-1910 4-Jun-1964  
Coe Ed N 1 Sep 1876 26-May-1959 Double Marker with Eda Coe; father
Coe Eda 20 Sep 1875 21-Oct-1956 Double Marker with Ed N Coe; mother
Coe Margaret 1918 1971  
Coe Baby Girl 3-Jun-1968 4-Jun-1968 Dau of Mr & Mrs Wheeler Coe, Jr
Laird Jettie B 28 Aug 1892 21-Mar-1973  
Laird Edgar 24 Apr 1888 27-Feb-1938  
Laird Nonie Pearl 20-Nov-1922 24-May-1937  
Gregson Avis B 24-Jan-1917 22-Oct-1920  
Gregson Baby Girl 5-Dec-1916 5-Dec-1916 Dau of Mr & Mrs C M Gregson
Lilleux Kenneth Neal 3-Apr-1907 24-Aug-1939  
Lilleux Joseph Leon 20-Oct-1909 23-Oct-1939  
Laird Leontine L 20 Sep 1869 27-Feb-1947 Double Marker with J R Laird; wife of J R Laird
Laird J R 15 May 1863 8-Sep-1949 Double Maker with Leontine L Laird
Hughes Leon Allen 27-Oct-1958 14-Nov-1975  
Johnson Johnys Elizabeth 25-Jul-1908 3-Jan-2000 Double Marker with Harold Revere Johnson
Johnson Harold Revere 17-Oct-1909 20-Jan-1975 Double Marker with Johnys Elizabeth Johnson
Higgins Audrey B 1909 1972  
McGraw Royal Lester 1883 1973 Double Marker with Minnie Allen McGraw
McGraw Minnie Allen 1891 1970 Double Marker with Royal Lester McGraw
Blake Rose       Double Marker with John Gar Blake
Blake  John Gar 1907 1969  
Looney Olive M 17-Jun-1906 14-Jan-1988 Double Marker with R L S Looney; DOD FAG
Looney R L S 20-Oct-1906 16-Feb-1973 Double Marker with Olive M Looney
A Pot of Roses        
Harvey Vivian Plant 2 Nov 1899 27-Mar-1982 Double Marker with Virgil James Harvey; DOB FAG
Harvey Virgil James 29 Mar 1892 24-Dec-1973 Double Marker with Vivian Plant Harvey
Joyce Seaborn Clint 4-May-1903 9-Apr-1974 Double Marker with Doris Eva
Joyce Doris Eva 12-Sep-1907 22-Feb-1907 Double Marker with Seaborn Clint
Barnes Julius 1913 1977  
Fowler Susan Hurd 16 Nov 1892 25-Aug-1976 Double Marker with James Wiley Fowler
Fowler James Wiley 6 Sep 1885 11-Dec-1975  
Choate Louie 1902 1977  
Dotson Lester Legrand II 16-Sep-1958 19-Aug-1971  
Daniels Floyd 20-Jan-1906 5-Feb-1976 Info from Hope Daniels, babydaniels77354@yahoo.com; Floyd was her grandfather
Dotson Mary Jane 17 Jun 1852 7-Sep-1943 Ref: Metcalf Vol 2: 43
Dotson William S 2 Jan 1862 25-Jan-1946 Ref: Netcalf Vol 3:23

Photos of
Decker Prairie Cemetery

Submitted by Jo Ann Pipkin Londot

Can We Add Your Name for Contacts
for Decker Prairie Cemetery?

On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 12:13 AM,

Hope Daniels 
<babydaniels77354@yahoo.com> wrote:

My great grandfather is missing from the transcription. His name:

DANIELS, Floyd Jan. 20, 1906 - Feb. 5, 1976.

Please update. Thank you so much

Hope Daniels
SGT, US Army


Date: 1/16/2009 6:09:12 PM
Subject: Family Website - Decker Prairie
Can you please add the
Daniels - Ross - Chaney (African American)
There are many of the family members living and deceased in the Decker Prairie and Magnolia areas.


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