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Pool/Poole Family of Montgomery County Texas

Pool Family Photo


Verity Allen Pool Family
Son of Frederick Abram Pool
and grandson of William Pool

Second row: Hattie Virginia, William Harrison,
Calvin Verity, Sallie Ledanna, Mary Perila
First row: Martha Virginia, Verity Allen, Bascom Sterling

Photo courtesy of Bill Poole and family


    William Pool  

William Pool and his children are found in Lexington Co. SC, and apparently he was a  large land owner at which he eventually deeded to his children and grandchildren through the years. 

1.Joseph Henry 1791 2.Jacob Pool 1792 3.Fredrick Abram 1804 4.Mary L.1806 5.Catherine 1816 6.Martha 1820 7.Jane S. A. 1829. Some of the children remained in the Lexington area, while others moved to Alabama and stayed there, while others moved on to Texas.

Frederick Abram and others stayed in Alabama.

Jacob Pool moved from Lexington Co. SC to Montgomery Co. Alabama abt. 1830. (Jacob's father, William Pool and the other children were listed in that same county.) He stayed there until abt. 1840. From Alabama he moved his family to Polk Co. Texas in covered wagons , to become hunters. He brought along his wife Catherine Sightler Pool, sons John William Pool, Henry Joseph Pool, George Washington Pool , daughters Mary Ann, Mariada Anies, and Martha Elizabeth. Jacob and sons hunted the Big Thicket and it has been said that on one hunt they killed 13 black bear, all weighing 700-800 lbs. each. They also hunted deer, and wild turkey. After tanning the skins of the bear and deer were bundled and sent to Houston until the law was passed  that said the hunters had to have individual buyers because the public thought they were getting too rich. Jacob Pool died 2-25-1852 and his wife and children were still listed in Polk Co, Texas.

The Pool Family eventually moved near Richards Texas and that area was called Pool's Community. The family attended church at Pool's Chapel which is now known as Union Grove Church.

On August 17, 1884 the Union Grove Church was established and John William Pool was part of the Baptist group. The church was both Methodist and Baptist. The land for the church was donated by William Joseph Pool; it had been a gift to him from his father John William. The land was part of the Hezaki Farris Land. The Pool's also donated lumber to build the church, from their saw mill , as well as their time. The first building was made of rough lumber and was nailed with square nails. The siding was 3/4 inch x 6 inch lapped lumber. The roof was made of split boards. The shutters of the windows were also made of lumber and at times when it was very dark, making it so that at times the clerk could not read the minutes. They used kerosene lamps to light the building until 1949 when electric lights were installed. There was no heat in the building and many times the services were not held because it was too cold. Through the years the church has gone through , several renovations and a rebuild.

The Pool Cemetery is located behind The Union Grove Church, where you can find many members of the Pool family and their families. John William and Joannah Welch graves are in a enclosed fence area near the front of the cemetery.

From stories told Uncle Eben made some of the finest syrup in the area. The Pool's also raised peanuts and as my husbands recalls the peanut butter his grandparents made, being the best he ever taste.


These generations will be changing soon, since can now add our two others Philip and George Philip to the generations

First Generation******
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The William Pool Family

Son of George Philip Pool ( Puhl)
and Barbara Schneider( Snider)

Private in Vermont Militia, Bradley's
born abt 2-17-1759 In SC
Lexington Regiment
Married: 1-19-1789 Putney, Windham Co. Vermont
possibly to Lois Moore
who died after 1830
1. Joseph Henry 1791
died 6-21-1824 IN Lexington SC
Jacob Pool 1792
3. Fredrick Abram 1804 or 1807
died after March 21,1870
married Mary( Polly) Neece
4. Mary L.1806
married Isom Leach
5. Catherine 1816
married  Henry Neese
6. Martha 1820
(Might be grandaughter instead of daughter)
7. Jane S. A. 1829
married Henry Hutto
(Might be grandaughter instead of daughter)

3-21-1870 in Lexington Co SC probate court list all of these children under the name William Pool

These children were all born in Lexington Co.  SC.


******Second Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)

The Jacob (Paul )? Pool Family
Private, Captain Matthew Dawson's Company,
Pennsylvania Militia

Born: 1792  SC died 2-25-1852
(Christian Co. KY possibly) speculation
that maybe he died in Louisana
Married: 2-20-1820
Catherine Sightler
born 3-12-1799  Lexington Dist. SC 

died: 1880

buried at Old Pine Valley Cemetery

1. John William  
born 6-23-1823 La   
Died: abt  2-18-1901 Walker Co. TX
Married :

3-14-1854 Joannah Welch
2. Henry Joseph   
  born: 6-30-1825 SC  Died: abt 1897
Cebell Birdsong in Walker Co.
Cebell was born 12-24-1841
died 1-31-1875
1. George Meredith
born 2-19-1861
died 1-30-1940
Lutilia Ann Myers 2-7-1884
born 1-16-1870
died 3-21-1950

Grimes Co.
1. Jessie M Pool
born 8-31-1885 TX
born 10-3-1887 TX

died 1-5-1921
married John Thomas " Jack" Vick 3-8-1909
born 3-23-1885 died 12-23-1963
Joseph J.
born 2-22-1890 TX
Charley B.
born 12-30-1892 TX
2. Viola S.
born abt 1864
John W. Brown 10-29-1884
1.Buelah 1887
2.Douglas 1890
3.Nora M. 1891
4.Bonham L. 1894
5. Deliliah M. 1897
6. Violian J. 1898
7. Tolbert 1900

3 Mary Lou
born: 10-1866
Adrian D. Wilson
Mente Lee 1884
Irene 1886
Floyd 1894

4. Salome G.
born 3-2-1869
died 4-12-1895
Samuel Houston Plummer 4-12-1895
maybe others


5. Joseph Bonham
born:4-1870 died: 1937
Married 1-3-1893
Nettie Martin
born 1873 Died 1921
they had 3 daughters

married a Wilson
married a Phelps
3. ?         
married a Harmon

6. Aaron Americas
Born 1875

(It is said that Cebell died when he was born)
. Mary Ann
born 8-30-1829 SC   Died:
buried at Evergreen

Joshua Hoot
son of George Washington and Elizabeth Snider Hoot
Montgomery Co. TX
1. Joseph A. Hoot 
2. Aaron Burr
1-24-.1852 died 2-7-1930
buried at Mt Zion Cem.
3. Albert Gee
10-12-1853 died 1-15-1928
4. Cleopatra
12-31-1856 died 5-1-1928
5. George W.
8-19-1857 died 9-10-1871
6. Joshua A.
2-6-1860 died 5-13-1938
7. Ella L
3-23-1869 died 1-20-1957
8. Josephine
3-6-1850 died abt 1855
9.Mary Elizabeth
born 6-26-1863 died 1-23-1864

(Most of this family is buried at Evergreen Cemetery
at San Jacinto County, TX)
4. James Meredith
born 10-30-1834
died aft. 1860

5. George Washington   
Born 7-14-1834 SC  
at home in Walker Co TX
buried at Boswell Cem. in Walker Co. TX
Lydia Pursely
Daughter of Guian Black Pursley and Mary Ann Parker
born 11-9-1846
Tonti, Marion Co. Ill
Died 8-30-1919 IN Walker Co. TX
buried at Boswell Cem.
1. Mary Catherine
born 9-17-1867 Walker Co TX
Died In Quana TX
married William Isaccks
2. Annie ( Anna) Black Cebell 3-1-1871 Walker Co. TX

died 1887 Walker Co, TX
3.Jane Gray 1-31-1872 Walker Co. TX

died 8-21-1928
married John C. Ellisor 1-3-1894
4. Oliver Cromwell 1-31-1872 Walker Co. TX

died 12-2-1920 Walker Co. TX
5. Cora Bunvista 2-11-1876 Walker Co. TX

died 1-14-1901 Walker Co. TX
married a Lawrence
6.Lydia Pursley born 5-7-1882 Walker Co. TX
died 7-11-1884
7.Nancia  Lavina 1-15 1885 Walker Co. TX

died 11-2-1950
married Walter Lee Coward
8. Dora Hirance (Hiram)5-21-1886
Walker Co. TX
died 7-29-1959 Texas City TX
married Harry Wllbur Finch 6-21-1904
9. George Robinson  7-21-1889 Walker Co. TX

died 10-25-1956
Never married
10. Rubie( Ruby) Leona
13-14-1893 Walker Co. TX
died 11-10-1916
married Ben Gray
11.Ledia Washington

(George and Lydia are buried at Boswell Cemetery)

George was a Mason and a Farmer and was named after his cousin George Washington Sightler. He lived at Phelps in Walker County, Texas.
. Marida ( merida) Anie
Born 10-30-1832 SC Died ???
Last known appearance was 1860 census
of Polk Co in the home of Charles Wesley Hoot

7. Martha Elizabeth    
Born: 4-7-1837   died:8-17-1912

William Ellisor 3-13-1856
1. Harriet Alice 1855
2. Thomas Carothers 1858
3. Isaah Hardeway 1860
4. Louise Clementine 1861
5. William Macksey 1864
6. Lucinda Ann 1866
7. James Franklin 1869
8. Martha Elizabeth 1871
9. Albert Eugene 1875
10. Susan Delila 1879

Most of this family is buried at Old Pine Valley Cemetery

1840 Census of Alabama shows Jacob listed,  he died prior to 1850 as wife as a widow of war 1812 Veteran, Pension File# sc-12665

Catherine Sightler Pool was listed on 1880 census in San Jacinto in the household of daughter, Martha E. Pool. She was 81 years old at that time. Buried at Old Pine Valley Cemetery with William F. and Martha E Ellisor.



*****Second Generation******
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Frederick Abram Pool Family
Born abt 1804
Mary Polly Neese
born abt 1821
1.William Henry b: abt 1837
2. Martha Ellen b:abt 1840
married Mr. Mcay 1.
married William Terry Bullard 2.
3. Frederick A. b: abt 1843
4. John N. b: abt 1846
5. Madison b: 1849
Martha B. Bullard
Barbour Al.

6. S.L.( L.L) b: abt 1850
married a Jernigan
7. Verity A. b:1854 d: 1927
married 1873
Mary Virginia Smith
b: 1847 d: 1904
8. Charolette b:1848
9. R.J.( maybe be Rufus)
10.Aaron b: 1858


*****Third Generation******
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Verity A.
b:1854 d: 1927
married 1873
Mary ( Martha) Virginia Smith
b: 1847 d: 1904
Hattie Virginia
b: 1876 d:
married Daniel Money?
William Harrison
b:1874 d: 1924
Calvin Verity
b:1878 d: ?
Sallie Ledana
b: 1881 d:
married a Bates
Mary Perila
b: 3-4-1880 d: 8-12-1924
Married James J Ingram
b: 1-18-1892 d: 4-5-1911
Bascom Sterling
b: 1886
Married  Inez?


*****Fourth Generation*****
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William Harrison Poole

immie Lee
b: 1903 d: 1976
e Mae


Fifth Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)


Jimmie Lee Poole Family

1.Sarah L. Poole
b: 1930

2.Bill Earnest Poole
b: 1936

3. James Ross Poole
b: 1932

Hubert Poole Family


Bernice Poole Family

Emmet Poole Family

Ruby Poole Family

Poole Family

Perry Poole Family

1.Joe Harrison

Sixth Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)

Bill Poole Family
1. Scarlett

Johnny Pool Family
1. Chris
Burch Poole Family
1. Suzanne
2. Shannan?
Ruben Poole Family
1. Chip
2. Alice
3. Sam
4. Kelley
Joan Poole Family
2. Glyn
3. Lyn

Jean Poole Family
1. Rarett
2. Alice
Joe Poole Family
1. Pennie
2. Niles
3. Kelley
Ronald Poole Family
1. Christina
2. Cynthia
Felix Poole Family
1. Nancy
Keller Poole Family
1. KellerPaul
2. Sandra

******Seventh Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)

Scarlett Poole Family
1. Jarrett
2. Gabrielle

Pennie Poole Family
1. Bo
2. Ivey
3. Mitchell

Keller Paul Poole Family
1. Robbie
2. Paul
3. Kendra
Sandra Poole Family
1. Melanie
2. Joanna
Bryan Poole Family
1. Reese
2. Jared
3. Justin
Glyn Poole Family
1. Jason

Rarret Poole Family
1. Eric
2. Chris
3. Sheena
Paul Poole Family
1. Faron?


******Third Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)

The John William Pool Family

Born: June 23, 1823 in Louisiana    Died Feb 18, 1901,
buried in Pool Cemetery, Montgomery Co., Texas
Joannah Welch
March 14, 1854 At home in Montgomery Co., Texas
She was born Jan 31, 1825 in Conecuh Co. Alabama  
daughter of John and Elizabeth Manning Welch
Died Sept 22, 1910 At home in Montgomery Co., Texas  Buried in Pool Cemetery

Children are as follows:

1.William Joseph Pool ("Uncle Bill")
b Mar 1, 1855 Mont. Co, TX  Died Nov 2, 1936

At his Nephew's in Houston ( he gave land for Pool Church>Union Grove Baptist Church.
(his inscription reads he was beloved by God and Man)
James Meredith Pool 
  b. Nov 19, 1856,  Died Oct 17, 1940 At home Mont. Co., TX
Married Cordelia Thomas Bay Sep 15, 1877 Mont., Co., TX.

3. Christopher Columbus Pool, ("Lum")  

b Dec 9, 1858 -
Died Jan 28, 1926 San Saba, Co., Texas
. Married
Arie Miller in Grimes Co., Texas records M-56-pg.255
1.William Miller Pool
born 1-31-1889
Kempner, Bell Co. TX
Married Martha Sebelia Walker 11-13-1910
daughter of Mr and Mrs John Robert. Walker and Josephine Edwards
born 12-6-1894
2.Christopher Columbus Pool
born 10-1892 Kempner, Bell Co. TX

Married # 2
Mary F.
Beatrice  Dell
Born 1902
Bernice Bell
Born 1902
Born 1910

Arie was said to have died when William was 5 yrs old while walking in her sleep and fell in a creek and drowned. The children were raised by a grandmother Mrs. Teague

We find C. C .Pool age 51  with second wife Mary age 38 listed on the 1910 San Saba TX. Census with their children C.C. age 16 , the twins Beatrice Dell and Bernice Bell age 8 and baby Nora age 3 mo. Also listed living with the family is Nora Jones age 15, Eliza age 15, Evan E. age 13, William Owen age 9 and Bonnie age 8 all listed as step children.


4. Aaron Burr Pool   
b. Dec 16, 1860 Mont. Co., Texas.   Died Apr 13, 1948, buried Fairview cem. Richards, Grimes Co., Texas.
Place of death New Waverly , Mont. Co., TX.

***Aaron was married 3 times
1st Ann Collins Mar 8, 1882
2nd Minerva A. Baker b3-3-1866 d. 10-26-1917

2-24-1886 marriage
3rd Fannie (Myers)Becker no info on her.


5. Margiana Elizabeth Pool  
b Dec 24, 1862   d. Jan 25, 1941 San Saba, Co., TX.

John David Walker Oct 18, 1882 Mont. Co., Texas

6. Nancy Catherine Pool   
b Jan 26, 1867 Fairview? Richards, Grimes Co TX ?  d. May 9, 1900 At home Mont. Co., Texas


William "Bill" Walker, (John David Walker's Brother)
Nov 14, 1888 Mont.Co., TX.
born 6-30-1863 died 3-12-1926


******Fourth Generation******
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The James Meredith Pool Family

Died: Oct 17, 1940
Place: Mont. Co., TX

Cordelia Thomas Bay
Sep 15, 1877

4-9-1862 and died 11-1-1935
1. Eugene Meredith Pool
2-9-1889 Died: 4-17-1970
2. Beulah
3. Lillie
4. Maudice
5. Mary
6. Nita
7. J.H.

8. C. E.( Clarence Eben)
Born 10-7-1899 @ home Mongomery Co. TX
died 2-27-1989 Walker Co, Huntsville Hospital
buried in Pool Cemetery
married 9-15-1928
Hattie Lou Reaves
daughter of Willie Green Reaves and Mattie Bonipart Harman
Born 1-21-1905  Mustang,Walker Co, TX

Clarence Homer
6-8-1930 Montgomery Co. TX
Elsie Greathouse Hoke
1. Ricky Pool
2. Joey Lou
born 11-28-1934 Mongomery Co.
Lurcey Jane Istre
2. Aubrey
4. Glenn
3. Travis Lee
born 12-3-1939 Montgomery Co.
Brenda Neil Kiesler
6-26-1962 Richards, Grimes Co, TX
1. Gary Dwayne Pool
born 1-11-1963 Conroe, Mongomery Co, TX
Gwendolyn Marie Bean
8-4-1984 Monahans, Ward Co, TX
1.Allen Lee
born 7-11-1986 Monahans, Ward Co, TX
2. Amanda Leah
born 3-14-1991 College Station, Brazos Co, TX
2. Barry Lynn Pool
born 5-28-1969 Seguine TX
Susan Ann Williams
Sidney Pool
born 9-26-1999 Conroe, Montgomery Co, TX

9. Daisy Ann Pool
Montgomery Co, TX
Born: 8-13-1879 Died:
Elliot Hurst
11-15-1879 Union Grove Upshur Co.
1. Floyd Elliot Hurst b:10-16-1900
2. Jewel Ivy Hurst b: 12-19-1902
3. Onie Inez Hurst b: 2-20-1904
married W.E. Richardson
4. Era Homer Hurst b: 5-7-1906
married Linna Bess


******Fifth Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)

The Eugene Meredith Pool Family

Born: Montgomery Co, TX
Died: 4-17-1970
Buried: Pool Cemetery,
Married: 3-7-1914

McEdna Bryant
Daughter of Aaron and Jemima Caroline McMahan Bryant
( Aaron Bryant was the son of Aaron Bryant and Elizabeth Mantooth)
McEdna was born 9-19-1898 in McKinney, Collin Co. TX

died 5-17-1982 Montgomery Co, TX
1. Marvin Eugene

2. Evalyn Lourity
Jimmy  Randall
3. Marie
born 1-3-1926
J. Wilbur Moriarty
born:6-4-1911 died 12-10-1990

Edna Merle
Nancy Ann
John Ronald
4. Dorothy Louise
Jeral Gresak
1.Barbara Lynn
Born 4-1-1947

2.Donna Jean
born 4-13-1945

5. Thomas Cecil
Elsie Bryant

Born 1-13-1955
2. Brenda

born 12-21-1955
3. Myra
born 6-24-1957

born 3-3-1959



******Sixth Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)

The Marvin Eugene Pool Family
Tec4  435 signal BN

Born: 4-29-1922 McKinney, Collin Co. TX
  died:12-30-1964  McKinney , Collin Co, TX. buried in Pool Cemetery, Mont. Co. TX

Kathryn Almeda Kimble # 1   

daughter of Wallace Edward and Gladys Mills Kimble
born 1-21-29
Summerfield La.
died 12-9-1969
Harris Co. TX
1. Benard Eugene Pool    
born: 1-10-1947 Harris Co. Houston TX
Joseph Bryant Pool     
  born: 11-28-1948 Harris Co. Houston, TX

Marvin Eugene Pool
Married :
Allie Juanell Bishop
 born 2-29-1932 Red River Co. TX
died: 10-24-1970 Dallas Co
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Red River Co. TX
daughter of Harvey and Vela Wallace Bishop
Date. 3-31-51
Place: Rosenburg TX
1. Lonnie Pool        
born: 2-28-1952
    Harris Co. Houston, TX

2. Jimmy Leon Pool   
Born: 11-7-1954  Harris Co. Houston, TX


******Seventh Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)

The Benard Eugene Pool Family

Born: 1-10-47  Harris Co. Houston TX.
Married :

Linda Diane Mitchell  
born 2-1-51 Clarksville, Red River Co. TX
daughter of
Bernard and Corin Stewart Mitchell
Date: 7-30-1969
Place: Bowie Co, TX, Texarkana TX
1. Marvin Dylan Pool  
born : 6-4-1970 Born Clarksville,  Red River Co. TX
2. MeChelle Corin Pool  
born 6-1-81 born New Boston, Bowie Co. TX


******Eighth Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)

The Marvin Dylan Pool Family

Born : 6-4-70 Red River Co. TX   Clarksville, TX

Zackary Paul Akin
born 10-27-1991  Bowie Co. TX  Texarkana, TX
mother Kimberly Akin

Dylan Married

Tana Beth Sixkiller
May 1997 Roosevelt Utah, Unitah. Co.
born 7-3-1970
daughter of
Walt and Kay Thompson  Sixkiller

2. Dylan Haiden Walker Pool 
born: 6-21-1998 Unitah Co. Utah, Roosevelt, Utah


******Ninth Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)

1. Zackary Paul Akin 
10-27-1991  Bowie Co. TX  Texarkana, TX
Dylan Haiden Walker Pool
6-21-1998 Unitah Co. Utah, Roosevelt, Utah


******Eighth Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)


The MeChelle Corin Pool Family

Born: 6-1-81 Bowie Co. TX  New Boston, TX

******Seventh Generation******

feather2.gif (483 bytes)

The Joseph Bryant Pool Family
born: 11-28-1948 Harris Co. Houston, TX
Linda Sue Porterfield

Clarksville , Red River Co. TX
born 1-4-1950
daughter of
Harold and Hazel Bean Porterfield

Kimberly Michelle Pool

******Eighth Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)
 Removed at request of
Kimberly Michele Pool

******Seventh Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)

The Lonnie Pool Family
born: 2-28-1952  Harris Co. Houston, TX
Ellen A. Vrana
Dallas Co. TX
1. Jonathan Blake
2. Adam Bryant

******Eighth Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)

Jonathan Blake Pool
Krisna Richards
Preston Bryant Pool
coming soon
Erik Taylor Pool

Adam Bryant Pool

******Seventh Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)

The Jimmy Leon Pool Family
Born: 11-7-1954  Harris Co. Houston, TX
Debra L. Streetman
Dallas Co. TX

1.Joshua Cody
Born 1-9-1986
Dallas Co. TX
2. Allie Lauren
born 2-14-1988
Dallas Co.


******Eighth Generation******
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******Sixth Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)

The Thomas Cecil Pool Family
Elsie Bryant

Born 1-13-1955
Brinda Lyvonne
born 12-21-1955
born 6-24-1957
born 3-3-1959

******Seventh Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)

The Linda Diann Pool Sizemore Family
Born 1-13-1955
Harris Co. TX

Thomas Joseph Podvin  
# 1.
1978 D

Dennis Oliver Sizemore  # 2.
born 7-25-1954
Harris Co. TX

Monica Andrea Podvin
( name changed to Sizemore 5-1995)
born 7-3-1977
Harris Co. TX
Joshua Harley Sizemore
born 7-20-1980
Harris Co. TX
Alisha Dennise Sizemore
born 7-6-1983
Harris Co. TX

*******Seventh Generation******
feather2.gif (483 bytes)

The Brinda Lyvonne Pool Family
Jack Thomas Stephens
Sarah Ashley
born 6-12-1983
Houston, Harris Co, TX
Rebecca Allison
born 8-24-1986
Houston, Harris Co, TX

Stay tuned for more of the Pool Generations
Coming soon!!!!

This page has been created as a legacy to the Pool's.

Many thanks to Gwen, aunt Marie, aunt Elsie, Nancy, Bill Poole and Duncan Akers and a wonderful Pool researcher, by the name of Audrey Pool, for the information we have listed on this site. I would also like to include a big thanks to Vera Wimberly for her assistance in the Montgomery County research. I would also like to add that much of these works comes from Mary Vick Cossards  research.

I made a post about Frederick Abram Pool and almost immediately had Bill Poole respond. Bill has been most generous with all of the family info he has been gathering for many years.

Bill sent maps, census, names, pictures etc and a most pleasant phone call.

Bill is a direct descendent of Frederick Abram Pool and this makes him one of our direct lines as well. Bill is from Alabama!
Bill has been so generous with pages on land holdings, census reports, family files, pictures of his family and has sent me a 1 inch thick folder of all his material, including maps of where the Pool's were in the Lexington Co, Sc area's. I want to take this opportunity to welcome Bill and his family to our Texas Pool line. I will be adding more and more of the things he has sent us little by little, but first I must attend sending him all the info we have gathered as well.

By the way the way Bill Poole spells his name, he says that the "E" was adding on by his father.

Thank you cousin Bill Poole!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Duncan Aker to our Pool web page. Duncan contacted me awhile back, with his info about George Washington Pool and then sent me a very generous  file that he has been building on with a lot of wonderful information, pictures, bible records, maps, family files, about William Pool's father George Philip Puhl  (Pool) and grandfather Philip Puhl  (Pool) Cousin Duncan is from Lexington Tennessee. I will be adding more of his info along the way also. Duncan is a direct descendent of George Washington Pool

Thank you cousin Duncan Aker !!!

With combined efforts of everyone we can and will have every Pool in our line listed here. If you have anything to add to the names, dates, stories, pictures etc. Please contact me and I will be glad to add anything you have to our POOL page.

mailbox.gif (16634 bytes)

Just put the mail in the mail box

All material within this site is as accurate as possible, I do not express to know everything, this is a amateur based genealogy site and any changes will be done with written notice to me. I have gathered information from as many sources that I have access to and will gladly add or delete any information that is not accurate or that is felt   inappropriate by an individual.



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