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Yell Pine Grove Cemetery
Montgomery County Texas
by Sheran McCants


Sheran McCants, August 31, 2018: The road to the Yell Pine Grove Cemetery was changed to the top of a hill (for safer entrance and exit to 149). The state maintains the road to the cemetery. They took down the sign to the cemetery when the road was changed. My brother-in-law told me that the state will not put up a sign (because there is a lock on the gate) unless it is declared a Historical Site. (There are plans by the Cemetery Association to put up a sign on our property.

Sheran McCants wrote in October 2008: There are two Yell cemeteries.  Only a few people are buried in the family cemetery.  That is the one that I documented: Yell Pine Grove Cemetery #1.

The second cemetery,  Yell Pine Grove Cemetery, is an African-American cemetery.  My father-in-law transferred two acres to "Yell Pine Grove Cemetery" by deed April 7, 1989, MCDR (Montgomery County Deed Record) File #8923442 Image Code #599-01-1058. There is a sign on 149 with the cemetery name. The county maintains the road to that cemetery.

This was deeded to the Yell Pine Grove Cemetery Association. 

To get to the Yell Pine Grove Cemetery, you have to go through private property. There is a gate with a lock.



We have two GPS locations and two listings from TXDot for Yell Cemetery  but have not as of yet been able to verify which is Yell Pine Grove Cemetery or Yell Cemetery. On the Texas State Atlas, Yell Pine Grove Cemetery is listed as Yell Cemetery #2, jhs.

From information from Brendra Jeffrey who drew me a crude map of the locations of the Google Earth verifies that the first is Yell Cemetery:

Latitude 30.3490452446 Longitude -95.6957035431

and  that the second is Yell Pine Grove:

Latitude 30.3414361239 Longitude -95.6900774336

 Yell Pine Grove Cemetery

Transcription of Yell Cemetery Section 1
Sheran McCants 2008


Some Photos of Yell Cemetery Section 1 2014

The following are photos Yell Pine Grove Cemetery #2

Gate at the front of Yell Pine Grove Cemetery

Overview of front of Yell Pine Grove cemetery

Overview left rear of Yell Pine Grove cemetery

Overview center of Yell Pine Grove cemetery

Transcription of Yell Pine Grove Cemetery #2
and Photos


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