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NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots or rules and regulations of the cemetery, contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.

PLEASE NOTE:   I do not live in Robertson County and cannot do research.


Calvert Cemetery

Heading north on Hwy 6 from Hearne, turn right from Calvert's Main Street onto Hanna St.which
is also FM 1664.About six blocks from Hwy 6 the main Calvert City Cemetery will be on the left.

These directions were submitted by Steve Smith on 14 Jul 2011.


The above list is based upon information provided by Cooper Wiese. It is also partially based upon information contained in Tombstone Inscriptions Of Robertson County, Texas by Inez Boswell Biggerstaff, 19 leaves, 28 cm, published between 1945 and 1968. It is also partially based upon information contained in the outof print book Cemeteries In Robertson County, Texas by Verna Corn Floyd and Vernelle Corn, copyright 1980, D. Armstrong Co., Inc., Houston, Texas. Some family information obtained from Historical Recollections Of Robertson County , by Richard Denny Parker, copyright 1955, Anson Jones Press, Salado, TX. Updates, additions, and corrections have been made as a result of extensive cemetery and family history research and the invaluable assistance from relatives of people buried in this cemetery.

The Yellow Fever Epidemic

On September 3, 1873, W.F. Hughes, a young man from yellow fever stricken Shreveport, LA, stopped in Calvert.

On September 5th he became ill and died a couple of days later. Then other people started getting sick. This yellow fever epidemic spread to the northeast in the direction of the prevailing wind.

Of Calvert's 1,500 white residents at the time, all but about 600 had the fever and a quarter of these died.

For several months, the entire town was quarantined. Trains were not allowed to stop when passing through and the windows of all coaches were tightly closed until all cars had passed beyond the city limits. Trains would stop
outside of town to let passengers off and unload caskets.

Over 100 yellow fever deaths are identified on pages 85 and 86 of Richard Denny Parker's Historical Recollections Of Robertson County book.


12/22/2020: by Stephen Regan Smith

MIASMA: A Compendium of early Shreveport, Louisiana, and the 1853, 1867, and 1873 Yellow Fever Epidemics. Paperback � November 3, 2020



  C-D E-G

Very large cemetery, so click on the letters above for more burials.

Sect  Name  Date of     Birth                    Date of Death Misc Info Click on pictures to enlarge 
1 ADAMS,     by JM; fm
1 ADAMS, Earlie 15 Jan 1873 2-Aug-1913 wife of JM
1 ADAMS, James M. 9 Jun 1860 27-Oct-1912  
1 ADAMS, John Quincy 7-Nov-1906 10-Jul-1982  
1 ADAMS, Sarah 6 Mar 1847 5-Jun-1921  
1 ADAMS, Thomas S. 12-Jan-1902 21-Feb-1934  
3 ADOUE, Jacques 26 Jun 1851 4-Oct-1906 bur.Aurignac, France
son of Jean Marie and Jacquette Adoue
bro of Bertrand Adoue
wife 1: Margaret Douglas Beard (died 1885)
(dau of: 
James T. Fuller and Lucy A. Trezavant
and widow of John W. Beard)
Pauline (Mrs. Thomas Marshall) Taylor
Julien B. Lucie Albertine Parker
(Mrs. Richard Denny, Sr.)
Margaret Douglas McCrary
(Mrs. J. Reagan)
wife 2: May Henry Gibson
children: James H. Adoue
3 ADOUE, James Henry 20 Mar 1888 21-Jun-1956  
3 ADOUE, May Henry Gibson 17 Aug 1850 10-Dec-1937 wife 2 of Jacques Adoue
2 ALEXANDER, Mary 4-Nov-1914 30-Apr-1931  
2 ALEXANDER, William Denton 25-Feb-1905 17-Apr-1905  
2 ALLDAY, Annie J. 16-Feb-1905 3-May-1905  
2 ALLDAY, Carl 11 Mar 1896   hus of Eloise
2 ALLDAY, Eloise H. 12-Feb-1904 2-Apr-1970 wife of Carl Allday
2 ALLDAY, W.C. "Bill" 30-Dec-1929 18-Jul-1971 son of Carl and Eloise Allday
Korea veteran
2 ALLDAY, William H. 12-Feb-1905 23-Apr-1905  
3 ALLEN, Alsey Hudson 24-Dec-1904 8-Nov-1983 hus of Edith Gibson Allen
son of:
Cooper Stedman, Sr. and Belle Boyd Allen
1 ALLEN, Belle Boyd 1 Jul 1870 13-Mar-1959 wife of Cooper Stedman Allen, Sr.
Cooper Stedman Allen, Jr.
Mary Belle Allen (Mrs. William) Fairchild
Frances Winston Allen (Mrs. Drink)
Milner Allen (Mrs. Walter) Henshaw
Alsey Hudson Allen
Winship Stedman "Pony" Allen
1 ALLEN, Cooper Stedman, Sr. 20 Feb 1866 28-Nov-1932 hus of Belle Boyd Allen
son of:
Alsey Hudson and Mary Cooper Stedman
bro of Willow Springs Stedman
bro of Winship Stedman (below)
3 ALLEN, Cooper Stedman, Jr. 4-Mar-1905 14-May-1905 hus of Mildred Newton
son of:
Cooper Stedman, Sr. and Belle Boyd Allen
3 ALLEN, Edith Gibson 10-Sep-1905 5-Sep-1977 wife of Alsey Hudson Allen
Edith Louise
Lelia Louise
1 ALLEN, Emily Dunn 25 Mar 1870 12-Jul-1942 wife 2 of Winship Stedman Allen
3 ALLEN, Mildred Newton 13-Mar-1905 10-Jun-1905 wife of Cooper Stedman Allen, Jr.
Mildred Susan
Cooper Stedman, III
2 ALLEN, Mollie Tate 31-Jan-1905 31-Mar-1905 wife 1 of Winship Stedman Allen, mar 1879
3 ALLEN, Winship Stedman "Pony" 7-Dec-1906 24-Jul-1987 hus of Dorothy Griffin
son of:
Cooper Stedman Allen, Sr. and Belle Boyd
children: Dorothy Ellen
WW II veteran
2 ALLEN, Winship Stedman 29-Jan-1905 25-Apr-1905 hus of:
wife 1. Mollie Tate, mar 1879
Frances Marshall Allen (Mrs. Robert Wayland)
Laura Kathleen Allen (Mrs. William Conway, II)
wife 2. Emily Dunn
son of:
Alsey Hudson Stedman and Mary Cooper
1 ALSUP, Reba Rushing 21-Aug-1904 14-Jun-1987 author of A Calvert Diary
3 ANCHICKS, Carl Sommer 2-Jun-1901 26-Dec-1981  
1 ANCHICKS, Mildred J. 19-Mar-1905 21-Apr-1905  
2 ANDERSON, Catherine Ellington 19-Jan-1906 14-Oct-1988 wife of William Townsend Anderson
Wesley Ellington Anderson
Catherine Jane Anderson
2 ANDERSON, Early Townsend 8-Feb-1905 1-May-1905 wife of William Conway Anderson, Sr.
dau of W.P. Townsend
William Conway Anderson, Jr.
Guy Townsend Anderson
William Townsend Anderson
2 ANDERSON, Guy Townsend Sr. 6-Mar-1905 18-Apr-1905 hus of Minnie "Missy"Westbrook
son of:
William Conway Anderson, Sr. and
Early Townsend
children: Guy Townsend Anderson, Jr.
2 ANDERSON, Helen Gordon 11 Feb 1869 11-Apr-1942  
2 ANDERSON, infant   19-May-1963 son of Wes and Sallie Anderson
3 ANDERSON, infant 31-Dec-1904 31-Dec-1904 son of:
John Anderson and Lilla Jane Gladden
3 ANDERSON, Jean Closs 20-Jun-1936 4-May-2002 wife of John Anderson
children: Amanda (Mrs. Keith) Petitt
sister of:
Ralph Closs
Lela Annie Sweat
Florence Dell Nunley
3 ANDERSON, John 1-Feb-1905 11-Oct-1936 hus of Lilla Jane Gladden, mar 1895
son of:
Henry P. Anderson and Elizabeth Thomas
born at Farmersville, LA
3 ANDERSON, John Blanton 14 Jul 1899 24-Sep-1945 son of:
John Anderson and Lilla Jane Gladden
2 ANDERSON, Laura Allen 22 Apr 1887 8-Sep-1976  
3 ANDERSON, Lilla Jane Gladden   29-May-1934 wife of John Anderson, mar 1895
dau of: Dan W. Gladden and Eliza A. McMeekin
Louis Carr Anderson, Sr.
John Blanton Anderson
Minor Gladden Anderson
William Henry Anderson
click for death certificate
3 ANDERSON, Louis Carr, Sr. 11 Sep 1896 16-Apr-1953 son of:
John Anderson and Lilla Jane Gladden
Louis Carr Anderson, Jr.
Douglas Anderson
WWI veteran
3 ANDERSON, Maxine 21-May-1902 1-Nov-1994  
2 ANDERSON, Philip Pendleton 16 Apr 1862 9-Jun-1953  
1 ANDERSON, William Conway, III 13-Dec-1915 30-May-1965 WW II veteran
2 ANDERSON, William Conway, Sr. 7-Feb-1905 6-May-1905 hus of Early Townsend
son of:
William Blacksheare Anderson and Deborah Barton
sister: Martha Jane
2 ANDERSON, William Conway, Jr. 5 Dec 1887   son of:
William Conway Anderson, Sr. and
Early Townsend
3 ANDERSON, William Henry 9-Jul-1902 13-Oct-1971 son of:
John Anderson and Lilla Jane Gladden
Mary Jo Anderson
John Bell Anderson
2 ANDERSON, William Townsend 8 Nov 1899 3-Nov-1959 hus of Catherine Ellington
son of:
William Conway Anderson, Sr. and
Early Townsend
1 ANDREWS, R. Marcus 12-Jul-1905 29-Dec-1980  
2 ANCHICKS, Dora   1-Feb-1900 49 yrs
2 APPLEBY, Augusta H. 22-Feb-1905 24-May-1905  
1 ARNETT, Clyde B. 14-Oct-1906 3-Jan-1985 hus of Danette Morris
1 ARNETT, Danette Morris 20-Mar-1911   wife of Clyde B. Arnett
1 ARNETT, Mary Elizabeth 25-Feb-1930 25-Feb-1930  
3 ASBURY, Bettie C. 31-Jan-1905 23-Feb-1918 wife of V.T. Asbury
3 ASBURY, V. Thornton 12 Feb 1862 22-May-1931  
2 BAILEY, Mary Louise 5 Sep 1872 11-Dec-1925  
2 BAILEY, Richard J. 10 Jan 1864 5-Aug-1920  
1 BAINUM, Lilly 25 Dec 1859 31 Oct 1891 wife of S.C. Bainum
4 BAKER, Alice Eliza "Miss Alice" 24 Jul 1841 26-Jun-1933 dau of:
Eldad Andrus Baker and Amanda Herndon
4 BAKER, Amanda Herndon 14 May 1814 23 Jan 1893 wife of Eldad Andrus
William Allen Baker
Alice Eliza "Miss Alice" Baker
4 BAKER, Sarah Harris 11 Jul 1846 12 Oct 1873 Consort of William Allen Baker
died during yellow fever epidemic
left orphan son Allen
photo submitted by Steve Smith 
4 BAKER, William Allen 23 Apr 1843 14 Oct 1873 born in Long Island, NY
died during yellow fever epidemic
left orphan son Allen
photo submitted by Steve Smith
4 BALL, Benjamin F. 27 Oct 1852 30 Jun 1876 born in Mississippi
2 BARRON, Eureka Parish 17-Feb-1905 14-May-1905 wife of Walter O. Barron
son: Thomas Barron
2 BARRON, Walter O. 17-Feb-1905 24-Apr-1905 hus of Eureka Parish
son of:
Thomas Barron and Frances Sandifer
2 BARTON, Clara Luther 23 Jun 1890 23-May-1977  
2 BARTON, Frances Davis "Frank" 8 May 1844 1-Sep-1900 hus of Minnie Walker Burnitt
3 BARTON, Mary Rebecca Foster 1-Apr-1905 1-Jun-1905  
2 BARTON, Minnie Walker Burnitt 31 Oct 1856 14-Jul-1943 wife of Frances Davis "Frank" Barton
mar 29 Oct 1885
born in Monroe Co., MS
son of:
Willis Barton and Mary Eliza Walker Burnitt
Lutie (Mrs. E. R.) Vance
Mary Harris 
1 BATTLE, Bettie 28 Jan 1873   wife of Joe Battle
1 BATTLE, Charles George Dewey 18 May 1898 19-May-1900  
1 BATTLE, Joe 7 Feb 1868 14-Nov-1941  
4 BEARD, Ernest T., Sr. 10 Nov 1872 26-Nov-1962 hus of Mattie Rice
son of:
John W. Beard and Margaret Douglas Fuller
4 BEARD, Mattie Rice 13 Mar 1874 30-Mar-1956 wife of Ernest T. Beard, Sr.
dau of:
Dr. U.A. Rice and H.E. Hughes
(of Jeffersonville, GA)
Mabel (Mrs. Frank) Proctor
Ernest T. Beard, Jr.
2 BEATY, Lou Ella 20 Jul 1883 20-May-1968  
1 BEGLINGER, Sallie B. 12 Sep 1889 5-Mar-1976  
1 BEGLINGER, Sallie Hefti 23 Dec 1866 16 Aug 1890 born in Switzerland
2 BENNETT, Cynthia E. 29 Dec 1850 15-Oct-1912  
2 BENNETT, Thomas W. 10 Dec 1850 2-Oct-1930  
2 BERGERON, Charlie F. 20 Nov 1878 4 Jul 1892 son of L.A. and M.F. Bergeron
2 BERGERON, George T. 1 Dec 1868 20-Sep-1947  
2 BERGERON, L.A. 8 Aug 1843 12-Oct-1909 CSA veteran
1 BERGMAN, Aubrey W. 27-Dec-1911 7-Jun-1968  
1 BIBES, Antoinette   25 Aug 1891 dau of Augustine R. and Jean Marie Bibes
1 BIBES, Augustine R. 8 Aug 1848 19-Nov-1922 born in France
hus of Jean Marie Bibes
Josephine (Mrs. Mike) Petteway
(Mrs. J.C.) Redford
Pauline (Mrs. J.P. Mercer)
Odile (Dr. J. Porter) McLendon
Alice (Mrs. C.P.) Jones
(Mrs. C.H.) Moody
Henrietta (Mrs.Sam ) Swenson
Charles Bibes
Louis Bibes
Antoinette Bibes
1 BIBES, Belle   15 Sep 1891 dau of Augustine R. and Jean Marie Bibes
1 BIBES, Jean Marie 28 Jan 1839 5-Sep-1905 born in France
wife of Augustine R. Bibes
1 BINKELY, Mrs. C. C.   21-Oct-1910  
1 BISHOP, Aetna Bernice 25 Dec 1883 13-Jul-1926  
1 BISHOP, William Lee 14 Feb 1884 1-Jul-1932  
3 BLAGG, Joe F. 11-Jan-1905 10-Mar-1905 hus of Sallie M. Helm
CSA veteran
(58 yrs)
3 BLAGG, Sallie M. Helm 21-Jan-1905 25 Apr 1871 hus of Joe F. Blagg
(23 yrs 8 mos)
4 BOATNER, Lucy R. 21 Nov 1847 4 Oct 1881 wife of James W. Boatner
2 BOOK, Donald Elliott 11-Mar-1917 14-Dec-1976 WW II veteran
2 BOOK, Jacqueline Storrs 17-Mar-1926    
2 BOOTH, Mary E. 29-Dec-1911 13-Nov-1989 wife of William Carey Booth
2 BOOTH, William Carey 3-Jan-1906 29-Jul-1992 hus of Mary E.Booth
4 BOXLEY, C.M.   29 Dec 1873 died during yellow fever epidemic
photos submitted by Steve Smith
2 BOYD, Davis Grant 10 May 1874 10-Nov-1953  
2 BOYD, James Boyce 4-Jan-1905 2-Mar-1905 married widow of John H. Feney
represented Robertson County in
Texas House of Representatives 1866, 1868
2 BOYD, Jimmie      
2 BOYD, Willie      
2 BOYD, Willie Winston 16-Jan-1905 31-Mar-1905  
3 BRACK, Ida 16 Sep 1867 4 Oct 1889 wife of M.B. Brack
2 BRADLEY, E.J.      
2 BRADLEY, Kathryn H.      
3 BRANDICE, Dr. C.E. 15-Jan-1905 5-Mar-1905 (49 yrs)
3 BRANDICE, Lota 9 Jul 1869 26 Jun 1870  
2 BRANDON, infant   Nov 1889 dau of G.M. and L.M. Brandon
4 BRANNON, John Emmett 17-Dec-1902 1-Sep-1978 hus of L.S. Brannon
4 BRANNON, Loma Sutton 28 Sep 1898 22-Apr-1985 wife of J.E. Brannon
1 BRASHEAR, Minnie 7-Feb-1905 30-Apr-1905  
1 BRASHEAR, William Claud 9 Mar 1849 5-Sep-1918 WOW (Woodmen of the World)
2 BREEDING, Frances Henderson 14-Mar-1905 8-Jun-1905  
2 BREEDING, Wiley P. 4-Mar-1905 17-May-1905  
4 BRENNAN, Martin Xavier, Sr. 21 Feb 1871 13-Jul-1931 hus of Margaret Templeton McGregor
James Francis Brennan
Annie Katherine Brennan
Martin Xavier Brennan, Jr.
Jessie Mae (Mrs. George K.) Smith
William Hamilton Brennan
educated in Ireland
4 BRENNAN, James Francis 3 Mar 1869 27-Nov-1917 hus of Annie Brennan
son of:
Martin Xavier Brennan, Sr. and
Margaret Templeton McGregor Powell
WOW (Woodmen of the World)
2 BREWINGTON, Essie H.      
4 BRIEN, Gordon P. "Red" 19-Oct-1920 14-Dec-1993  
4 BRIEN, Ruby Elizabeth 8-Sep-1919   wife of G.P. Brien
2 BRIGGS, Bennie 11-Mar-1905 6-Jun-1905  
2 BRIGGS, Charles P. 8 Oct 1864 11-Dec-1916  
1 BRIGGS, Charlie Pete 31 Mar 1895 14-Mar-1972  
1 BRIGGS, Josephine 25 Dec 1897 11-Nov-1978  
2 BRIGGS, Sallie S. 26 Dec 1870 27-Dec-1936 wife of Charles P. Briggs
2 BRIGGS, Will T. 7-Mar-1905 8-May-1905  
3 BRISTOW, John Wiley 18-Aug-1916 13-Mar-1988  
3 BRISTOW, Johnnie Estelle 8-Mar-1905 17-May-1905 wife of Wiley Clarence Bristow
3 BRISTOW, Wiley Clarence 2-Mar-1905 19-May-1905  
2 BROUGHER, Betty Nowlin 22 Jun 1899 20-Dec-1989  
2 BROUGHER, John Rodolph 1 Mar 1893 30-Apr-1968  
1 BROWN, Frederick Watts 8 Sep 1872 15-May-1908 hus of Eleanor Brogan
son of:
Robert A.Brown and Lucy Gaines Herndon
WOW (Woodmen of the World)
1 BROWN, Herndon Briscoe 22 May 1879 30-Nov-1914 son of:
Robert A. Brown and Lucy Gaines Herndon
4 BROWN, Irene Hunt 7-Aug-1910   wife of Wilford L. Brown
1 BROWN, Kathryn Dirr 1 Dec 1879 27-Jan-1960  
1 BROWN, L.H. 17-Feb-1905 27-Apr-1905  
1 BROWN, Lucy Gaines Herndon 16 Oct 1848 29-Nov-1914 wife of Robert A. Brown
dau of Joseph E. Herndon
Robert Herndon Brown (wife Belle Scott)
Frederick Watts Brown (w Eleanor Brogan)
Lucy Brown
Summerville (Mrs. Lewin) Plunkett
Herndon Briscoe Brown
Maude (Mrs. Lee) Richards
Nettie (Mrs. Edward J.) Drake
John Brown (wife Alice Steele)
1 BROWN, Lucy Herndon 29 Dec 1897 22 Mar 1898 dau of:
Robert Herndon Brown and Belle Scott
1 BROWN, Mary Louise 29 Dec 1897 3 Mar 1898 dau of:
Robert Herndon Brown and Belle Scott
1 BROWN, Robert A. 22 Feb 1834 30 Aug 1894 born in Culpepper Co., VA
hus of Lucy Gaines Herndon
4 BROWN, Wilford L. 25-Feb-1911 4-Oct-1995 hus of Irene Hunt
3 BROWNING, Ada Field 12-Jan-1905 1-Apr-1905  
3 BROWNING, J.L. 24-Dec-1904 16-Mar-1905  
3 BROWNING, Joe Field 9-Feb-1905 2-Mar-1905 (21 yrs)
3 BROWNING, Louise   19 May 1888  
4 BRUNNER, Amanda Eugenia Shellander 8 Jan 1866 15-Jan-1939 wife of Gustave "Gus" Brunner
Gussie Brunner
Eddie Brunner
Willie Brunner
Mabel Brunner
Louis Brunner
4 BRUNNER, Anna Chrismon 23 Nov 1895 28-Aug-1960  
4 BRUNNER, Elizabeth E. Wiener 23-Jan-1905 7-Apr-1905 born in Switzerland
wife of Emil Brunner, Sr.
Mary Brunner
Emil Brunner
Elizabeth Brunner
Philippine Brunner
Ernest R. Brunner
4 BRUNNER, Emil, Jr. 14-Feb-1905 12-Mar-1905 son of:
Emil Brunner, Sr.and Elizabeth E. Wiener
bro of Gustave "Gus" Brunner
4 BRUNNER, Emil, Sr. 20-Jan-1905 13-Apr-1905 born in Schmiedrude, Switzerland
hus of Elizabeth E.Wiener
4 BRUNNER, Ernest R. 25 Dec 1890 24-Apr-1937 son of:
Emil Brunner, Sr. and Elizabeth E. Wiener
WW I veteran
4 BRUNNER, Gussie 7 Jul 1883 19 May 1899 dau of:
Gustave "Gus" Brunner and
Amanda Eugenia Shellander
4 BRUNNER, Gustave "Gus" 12 Aug 1852 20-May-1913 hus of Amanda Eugenia Shellander
born in Schmiedrude, Switzerland
bro of Emil Brunner, Sr.
4 BRUNNER, Philippine 20-Feb-1905 15-May-1905 son of:
Emil Brunner, Sr.and Elizabeth E. Wiener
2 BUCKLEY, Andrew J., Jr. 5-Oct-1910    
2 BUCKLEY, Andrew J., Sr. 9-Feb-1905 4-May-1905  
2 BUCKLEY, Lucille Glass 6-Feb-1911 4-Mar-1995  
2 BUCKLEY, Lucy J. 16-Feb-1905 2-May-1905  
3 BURCHARD, Clarence M. 22 Jan 1876 19 Aug 1877 son of G.E. and C.A. Burchard
3 BURCK, 18 Dec 1870 13 Sep 1871 dau of George Burck and Marie Z. Watts
3 BURCK, Marie Z. Watts 7 Mar 1848 13-Mar-1921 of Mobile, AL
wife of George Burck
3 BURCK, George 17 Feb 1842 15 Jun 1897 hus of Marie Z. Watts
son of John W. Burck and Mary Roll
CSA veteran
2 BURDEN, Reba Jeanette 5-May-1921    
2 BURDEN, Roy Eugene 1-Jan-1920 18-Oct-1974 WW II veteran
2 BURNITT, Bessie Davidson 2 Nov 1860 8-Jan-1943 wife of Pyke Burnitt
large family including:
Sam P. Burnitt
Richard W. Burnitt
2 BURNITT, Charles W. 17 Jan 1855 8 Dec 1898 son of Willis Burnitt and Mary Eliza Walker
2 BURNITT, Clark   24 Sep 1866 son of William Burnitt and Lucy Wood
(2 yrs 11 mos 30 days)
2 BURNITT, Ella   17 Jun 1856 dau of William Burnitt and Lucy Wood
(4 yrs 2 mos 9 days)
1 BURNITT, Emily Gilson 14 Apr 1870 9-Mar-1949 wife of Seth Burnitt Sr.
Mattie (Mrs. George B.) Gibson
Lucille Burnitt
Josephine (Mrs. Charlie) Briggs
Minnie (Mrs. Leonard) DuPriest
Alma (Mrs. Loraine) Burt
Frances (Mrs. W. D.) Wilkerson
Seth Burnitt, Jr. (wife Pauline Doremus)
Laura (Mrs. Marcus) Andrews
2 BURNITT, infant 30 Mar 1892 30 Mar 1892 dau of Pyke Burnitt and Bessie Davidson
2 BURNITT, Katie   22 Sep 1855 dau of William Burnitt and Lucy Wood
(8 mos 5 days)
2 BURNITT, Lewis Carr 5 Mar 1896 13-Oct-1909 son of Pyke Burnitt and Bessie Davidson
1 BURNITT, Louise 26-Mar-1907 10-Feb-1991  
1 BURNITT, Lucille 25 Jul 1894 30-Sep-1981 dau of Seth Burnitt, Sr.and Emily Gilson
2 BURNITT, Lucy Wood 1 Dec 1831 3-Apr-1920 wife of William Burnitt
Pyke Burnitt
Seth Burnitt
2 BURNITT, Lulie   16 Mar 1858 dau of William Burnitt and Lucy Wood
(2 yrs 2mos 2 days)
2 BURNITT, Lynn   15 Jun 1870 son of William Burnitt and Lucy Wood
(5 mos 23 days)
2 BURNITT, M. Luther 30 Nov 1858 7 Sep 1890 son of Willis Burnitt and Mary Eliza Walker
2 BURNITT, Mabel C. 14 Feb 1881 31-Jan-1965  
2 BURNITT, Mary Eliza Walker 15-Feb-1902 26-Nov-1982 wife of Willis Burnitt
(mar Monroe Co., MS)
Charles W. Burnitt
Minnie Walker (Mrs.Frank) Barton
M.Luther Burnitt
Quitman Burnitt
2 BURNITT, Mary Eliza 22 May 1830 8 Apr 1861 wife of Willie Burnitt
2 BURNITT, Pyke 9 Oct 1857 24-Jun-1932 hus of Bessie Davidson
son of William Burnitt and Lucy Wood
2 BURNITT, Quitman 6 Oct 1860 27 Feb 1881 son of Willis Burnitt and Mary Eliza Walker
2 BURNITT, Richard W. 30-Nov-1905 18-Nov-1984 son of Pyke Burnitt and Bessie Davidson
2 BURNITT, Sam P. 16 May 1896 21-Aug-1953 son of Pyke Burnitt and Bessie Davidson
1 BURNITT, Seth, Sr. 31 Oct 1859 1-Dec-1928 hus of Emily Gilson
son of William Burnitt and Lucy Wood
2 BURNITT, Seth, Jr. 19-Mar-1905 20-Apr-1905 son of Seth Burnitt, Sr. and Emily Gilson
hus of Pauline Doremus
2 BURNITT, William 12 Apr 1821 11 Mar 1875 born near Decatur, AL
hus of Lucy Wood
son of:
Greenville Burnitt and Eliza Adelaide Gillespie
2 BURNITT, Willis 5 Aug 1829 3 Jan 1864 born near Decatur, AL
hus of Mary Eliza Walker
son of
Greenville Burnitt and Eliza Adelaide Gillespie
2 BURNS, infant   15-Jul-2019 dau of Oliver E. and Lillie Dell Burns
next to Homer Fulton, Jr.(Lillie Dell's brother) 
2 BURNS, Lillie Dell Fulton 25-Oct-1918 25-Mar-2002 wife of Oliver E.Burns
Robert "Bob" Burns, Sr.
Gene Burns
Bob Burns Jr.
Stephen Burns
Jennifer Schumacher
4 greatgrandchildren
one grgrgrandchild
sister of Homer Fulton Jr.
Mabel Helton
Frances Pete
2 BURNS, Oliver E. 23-Nov-1910 28-Dec-1992 hus of Lillie Dell Fulton
2 BURR, Lottie 29 Nov 1864 29 Jan 1879 dau of Rev.H. B. and C. A. Burr
Youngest Child, Our Sunbeam
1 BURT, Alma B. 4-Jul-1901 28-Sep-1970  
1 BURT, L.E. "Sonny", Jr. 30-Mar-1933    
1 BURT, Lorraine E., Sr. 5 Feb 1890 4-May-1973  
1 BUSH, Robert "Bob" Nov 1868 1-Oct-1955 son of Edward A. Bush and Martha A. Dillon
amateur and professional baseball player
1 BUSH, Charles M. "Charley" 6 May 1866 15-Dec-1944 son of Edward A. Bush and Martha A. Dillon
1 BUSH, Edward A. 26 Dec 1831 12-May-1911 from Alton, IL
hus of Martha A. Dillon
brother of:
James G. Bush
Louisa Bush
Bush Orvis
4 BUSH, James G. 6-Jan-1905 15-Feb-1905 brother of:
Edward A. Bush
Louisa Bush Orvis
died during yellow fever epidemic
photos submitted by Steve Smith
1 BUSH, Josie A. 6-Feb-1905 30-Apr-1905 dau of Edward A. Bush and Martha A. Dillon
1 BUSH, Martha A. Dillon 20 Oct 1833 29-Apr-1926 wife of Edward A.Bush
Ollie (Mrs.Dan) Levine
Josie Bush
Charles M."Charley" Bush
Robert "Bob" Bush
1 BUSH, Nellie   6 Sep 1800 About 4 yrs.


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