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NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots or rules and regulations of the cemetery, contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.

PLEASE NOTE:   I do not live in Robertson County and cannot do research.


Calvert Cemetery

Heading north on Hwy 6 from Hearne, turn right from Calvert's Main Street onto Hanna St.which
is also FM 1664.About six blocks from Hwy 6 the main Calvert City Cemetery will be on the left.

These directions were submitted by Steve Smith on 14 Jul 2011.



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Sect  Name  Date of     Birth                    Date of Death Miscellaneous Information Click on pictures to enlarge 
2 VANCE, Lucy Burnitt Barton 1-Mar-1905 11-May-1905 wife of E.R. Vance
1 VAUGHN, Dr. William R. 1 Feb 1853 28-Feb-1931 born in Lawrence Co., AL
hus of Lamar McMordie
son of J.J. Vaughn and Annie E. Robertson
1 VAUGHN, Lamar McMordie 1 May 1878 3-Dec-1963 wife of Dr. William R. Vaughn
no children
2 VICARS, F. Norwood 4-Jul-1924 28-Feb-1985 WW II veteran
4 VOLLE, George C. 25 Dec 1874 16-Jul-1916  
4 VOLLE, Holly Robert 15 Feb 1882 20 Feb 1894 son of J.G. and M.E. Volle
4 VOLLE, infant   30-Jan-1912 son of G. and L. Volle
4 VOLLE, infant   1-Mar-1913 dau of G. and L. Volle
4 VOLLE, J.G. 24 Oct 1843 19-Nov-1908 hus of Mary Ellen Volle
4 VOLLE, John 23 Jan 1849 27 Oct 1873 died during yellow fever epidemic

photos submitted by Steve Smith
4 VOLLE, Lenora K. 29 Dec 1886 27-Jul-1951 wife of G.C. Volle
4 VOLLE, Mary Ellen 8 Dec 1855 14-Apr-1906 wife of J.G. Volle
4 VOLLE, Willie F. 28 Aug 1880 8 Nov 1880 son of J.G. and M.E. Volle
2 WAGGENER, Mary A. 26 Jun 1840 29-Apr-1913  
4 WAGNER, infant   27 May 1893 son of Andrew and Lillian Wagner
1 WAGNER, Mrs. Lucy 26 Aug 1837 19-Oct-1920  
4 WAITS, Mamie Lang 13-Dec-1902 17-Feb-1990  
4 WALKER, Anna Bell   26 Jun 1884  
4 WALKER, Calvin J. 26 Jan 1831 27 Jun 1876 (45 yrs 5 mos)
4 WALKER, Ella 16 Oct 1885 28-May-1906 wife of Josiah Walker
4 WALKER, Genie   28 Jul 1874  
4 WALKER, Luannie P.   21 Oct 1880  
4 WALKER, Marshal J.   24 Feb 1882  
4 WALKER, Thacker V.   10 Oct 1880  
2 WALLACE, Caroline Rebecca 5 May 1838 26 Feb 1882 wife of H.A. Wallace
2 WALLACE, Emma Knight   5-Apr-1911 wife of W.H. Wallace
2 WALLACE, W.H. 1 Mar 1857 21-Sep-1904 Husband
2 WALSTON, Carrie Eugenia 9 Dec 1883 8-Mar-1939 wife of John Thomas Walston
3 WALSTON, J. "Jesse" S. 21-Apr-1905 29-Mar-1905  
2 WALSTON, John Thomas 24 Apr 1880 5-Apr-1952 Father
1 WALSTON, Mary Elizabeth 29-Dec-1910 5-Nov-1993  
2 WALSTON, Seth Tommie 16-Jul-1907 22-Oct-1954  
3 WALTON, Jewell 4-Feb-1905 13-Apr-1905  
4 WATT, Jessie M. 27 May 1856 17 May 1882  
3 WAYLAND, Fannie R. Marshall Jones 27 Aug 1849 18-Jul-1929 wife of:
1. Mr. Jones
2. John Addison Wayland
3 WAYLAND, John Addison 25 May 1840 1-Jan-1910 born in Waynesboro, VA
hus of:
1. Mary Lytton
2. Mrs. Frances R. Marshall Jones
son of Edwin and Louisa Wayland
brother of Edwin P. Wayland
no children
1 WEAVER, Nell McLendon 21 Jan 1873 12-Apr-1900 wife of J. A. Weaver
(27 yrs 2 mos 21 days)
1 WEAVER, Henry Jackson 22 Aug 1847 16-Feb-1933 hus of Ritha Yarberry Weaver
2 WEAVER, Joe Z. 1-Mar-1905 9-May-1905  
2 WEAVER, Mary 5-Mar-1905 6-Jun-1905  
1 WEAVER, Ritha Yarberry 10 Oct 1856 25-Jun-1923 wife of Henry Jackson Weaver
1 WEAVER, Roy R. 25 Sep 1896 2-Mar-1930  
2 WEBER, Adelaide 12-Mar-1905 8-Jun-1905  
2 WEBER, Lee Ellis 7-Mar-1905 28-Apr-1905  
2 WELCH, Sara Nash 21-Jan-1905 28-Mar-1905  
1 WEST, Birdie Louise Drury 16-Dec-1917 24-Jun-1996  
2 WEST, Joel Levi 17 Nov 1860 1-Nov-1939  
1 WEST, Marie G. 16 Jun 1876 22 Sep 1893 wife of J.L. West
(17yrs 3 mos 6 days)
2 WEST, Martha Ellen 6 May 1866 29-Jul-1949 wife of J.L. West
1 WESTALL, Adelaide Drennan 19-Feb-1905 12-Mar-1905 wife of Richard Westall
dau of J.H. and M.A. Drennan
21 yrs 8 mos 12 days
1 WHATLEY, Ella P. 22 Dec 1871 17-Jan-1946  
1 WHATLEY, George W. 26 Feb 1869 29-May-1941  
3 WHELESS, Kathryn 13-Mar-1959 3-Sep-1967  
4 WHITE, Emma   17 Oct 1873 wife of George W. White
(19 yrs 10 mos 7 days)
died during yellow fever epidemic
photos submitted by Steve Smith
1 WHITESIDE, Bess G. 1-Mar-1905 6-Jun-1905  
1 WHITESIDE, Lucille   27-Mar-1905  
1 WHITESIDE, William Duncan 19-Feb-1905 22-May-1905  
2 WHITMORE, Samuel S.      
4 WICKE, Benjamin E. 29 Jun 1867 12-Dec-1942  
4 WICKE, Johanna B. 11-Jan-1905 2-Apr-1905  
4 WICKS, Sarah 25 Nov 1872 5 Aug 1873 dau of J. and J. Wicks
died during yellow fever epidemic
NOTE: epidemic started 5 Sep 1873
1 WICOX, infant   15-Mar-1905 NOTE: should this be Wilcox?
1 WIESE, Cooper 24-Sep-1912 5-Nov-2001 hus of Frances A.
son of Walter Clifford Wiese, Sr. and Dottie Cooper
Ellen Brien
Laura Moore
David Wiese
Kristin Wiese
Amber Brien
James Cooper Brien
Emily Moore
Garrett Moore
Karen Wiese
brother of:
Mary Beth Holt and Walter Clifford Wiess, Jr.
Mayor of Calvert 19701997
1 WIESE, Dottie Cooper 23 May 1888 27-Jun-1980 wife of Walter Clifford Wiese, Sr.
1 WIESE, Karen Renee 9-Apr-1984 31-Mar-2000 dau of Allen and Gilsie Wiese
sister of Kristin Wiese and David Wiese
grand daughter of:
Cooper and Frances Wiese
Frank Gilson and Ida Ola Greenwood Knapp
1 WIESE, Maurine Kelsey 10-Dec-1912 24-Feb-2002 born in Blooming Grove, TX
wife of Walter Clifford Wiese, Jr.
mar 17 Jun 1936
dau of Dr. and Mrs. Calvin C. Kelsey
Anne Wiese Halbert
Calvin Wiese
Maurina Corley
Walter Clifford Wiese, III
1 WIESE, Walter Clifford, Sr. 21 Aug 1884 21-Dec-1934 hus of Dottie Cooper
1 WIESE, Walter Clifford, Jr. 9-Jan-1911 13-Jan-1990 hus of Maurine Kelsey
1 WILCOX, James T. 17 Jul 1866 30-Oct-1904 hus of Jimmie Patterson
1 WILCOX, Jimmie Patterson 15 Nov 1872 2-Nov-1901 wife of J.T. Wilcox
1 WILCOX, Malcolm P. 12-Mar-1905 9-May-1905  
1 WILCOX, William M. 15-Mar-1905 24-Apr-1905  
2 WILEY, William 14 Dec 1894 19-Mar-1920 by Lastor
2 WILLIAMS, George J. 20 Apr 1881 21-Aug-1939  
4 WILLIAMS, James A. 10 Mar 1851 18 Nov 1882  
3 WILLIAMS, Mary M. 30 Mar 1853 2 Feb 1870 (16 yrs 10 mos)
2 WILSON, Harry B. 21 Jul 1897 1-Feb-1979 WW I veteran
2 WILSON, Loraine Tynes      
2 WILSON, Vivian      
2 WOOD, Abel, Sr. 3 Jan 1892 14-Jun-1941  
1 WOOD, Ada M. 15 Nov 1856 13-Jun-1934  
1 WOOD, Ella 7-Mar-1905 28-May-1905 wife of A.W. Wood, Sr.
1 WOOD, H.M. 24-Dec-1904 28 Feb 1883 (63 yrs)
2 WOOD, Hugh Wynne Hopkins 8 Oct 1878 7-Jan-1944  
4 WOOD, Walter J. 7 Oct 1868 25 Sep 1869 son of A. and A.J. Wood
2 WOODALL, Cary Briggs 14-Feb-1905 17-Apr-1905  
2 WOODALL, Cary Oliver 12-Sep-1911 24-Feb-1968 WW II veteran
2 WOODALL, Ethel S. 24-Oct-1919 16-Apr-1993 wife of J.R. Woodall, Sr.
2 WOODALL, Foyle Oliver 6-Mar-1905 19-May-1905  
2 WOODALL, J.P. 26 May 1874 14-Oct-1922  
2 WOODALL, John Robert 20-Dec-1918 3-Oct-1993 US Army WW II veteran
2 WOODALL, John Robert, J. 3-May-1905 25-May-1905  
2 WOODALL, Lena S. 20 Dec 1879 21-Jun-1960  
2 WOODALL, Mary Toland 20-Jan-1910 2-Aug-1985  
1 WOODS, Adeline 4 May 1890 14-Jun-1970 mother of A.W. Bergman
2 WYNNE, Ida Harriet 21 Mar 1854 15-May-1935 dau of:
Minor Darius Wynne and Sarah Willis Hopkins
2 WYNNE, Josie Ella 27 Apr 1864 27-Jan-1925 dau of:
Minor Darius Wynne and Sarah Willis Hopkins
2 WYNNE, Martha Hopkins 8 Nov 1836 17-Mar-1918 wife 2 of Minor Darius Wynne
2 WYNNE, Mildred Baldwin 8 Apr 1856 18-Apr-1926 dau of:
Minor Darius Wynne and Sarah Willis Hopkins
2 WYNNE, Minor Darius 13 Feb 1821 17 Sep 1891 born in Columbus Co., GA
hus of 1. Sarah Willis Hopkins
Robert Wynne
Margaret Wynne (Mrs. Cummings) Wood
Ida Harriet Wynne (never married)
Mildred Baldwin Wynne (never married)
Estelle Wynne (Mrs. Horatio) Durst
Hunter Wynne
Willis Wynne
Josie Ella Wynne (never married)
Martha "Mattie" Wynne (Mrs. Robert) Howard
(wife and 3 sons died in 1867 yellow fever epidemic
in Montgomery Co., Texas, near Huntsville),
hus of 2. Martha Hopkins (sister of 1st wife)
4 WYSER, Alice Overall 31 Jan 1861 30-Dec-1944 wife of William Quincy Wyser
dau of Overall family from Franklin
William R. Wyser
Earle Wyser
Reagan Q. Wyser
Clyde Wyser
Genevieve Wyser
4 WYSER, Earle 10 Aug 1882 20-Oct-1958 child of:
William Quincy Wyser and Alice Overall
WW I Nurse
4 WYSER, Marie Frances Pippin 7 Mar 1817 18-Sep-1905 born in Warren Co., NC.
wife of Gustavus Adolphus Wyser
mar 4 Mar 1837
moved to Calvert early 1870s after husband's
death in Huntsville
children: William Quincy Wyser
2 WYSER, Reagan Q. 1 Oct 1884 24-Jan-1969 son of:
William Quincy Wyser and Alice Overall
4 WYSER, William Quincy 18 Oct 1847 15 Apr 1895 hus of Alice Overall
son of:
Gustavus Adolphus Wyser and Marie Frances Pippin
2 YELVERTON, Auntie Ruby   28-Nov-1920  
2 YELVERTON, G. Browning 21 Oct 1862 25 Dec 1875 son of Dr. N.B. and M.J. Yelverton,
2 YELVERTON, Willie McTier 31 Mar 1868 29 Aug 1873 son of J.H. and M.J. Yelverton
died during yellow fever epidemic
NOTE: epidemic started 5 Sep 1873
2 YOUNG, Clarence E. 12-Feb-1920 8-Mar-1983  
3 YOUNG, Henry  22-Feb-1905 28 Oct 1881 son of H.C. and L.P. Young
(1 yr 3 mos 14 days)
3 YOUNG, Lizzie 17-Feb-1905 8 Oct 1882 dau of H.C. and L.P. Young
(7 yrs 2 mos 15 days)
1 ZWICKE, Katherine  20 Jul 1828 6 Mar 1898 wife of Samuel Zwicke
1 ZWICKE, Samuel 1 Jan 1832 16 Jan 1897  

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