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NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots or rules and regulations of the cemetery, contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.

PLEASE NOTE:   I do not live in Robertson County and cannot do research.


Calvert Cemetery

Heading north on Hwy 6 from Hearne, turn right from Calvert's Main Street onto Hanna St.which
is also FM 1664.About six blocks from Hwy 6 the main Calvert City Cemetery will be on the left.

These directions were submitted by Steve Smith


Very large cemetery, so click on the letters above for more burials.

Sect  Name  Date of     Birth                    Date of Death Misc Info Click on pictures to enlarge 
1 EDWARDS, Roy G. 21-Oct-1900 10-Oct-1918 WW I veteran
4 ELKIN, William L.  - 31 Oct 1873 (29 yrs 4 mos 28 days)
died during yellow fever epidemic

submitted by Steve Smith
1 ELLIOTT, Charlie 26 Jul 1893 21-Dec-1972 WW I veteran
1 ELLIOTT, Mrytle 1 Dec 1898 26-Aug-1979 wife of Charlie Elliott
2 EMMERICH, Aunt Lena 16 Nov 1872 16-Aug-1955 wife of John Emmerich
2 EMMERICH, John 5 Sep 1847 9-Jul-1926  
3 ENGDOHL, J.C. 31 Jan 1860 27-Nov-1916 WOW
2 ENGERT, Mary 8-Jan-1913 5 Apr 1894  
1 ENGLISH, C.W. 5 Feb 1850 10 Aug 1886  
1 FAGAN, John J., Jr. 5-Dec-1905 17-Nov-1974  
2 FANCHER, Dr. B. B. 15 Oct 1848 23 Jun 1896  
2 FANCHER, Ella Frost 3 Aug 1862 25-Jan-1943  
1 FARABEE, Mark 3 Jan 1885 15-May-1966  
1 FARMER, S.M.  - 4 Sep 1853 (25 yrs.4 mos.)
3 FARRAR, Emma Parker 1871 1902 wife of John H. Farrar
  Farris, Calvin 31-Aug-1916 10-Jul-1969 click for death certificate
4 FAULKNER, Fleet C. 11 Jun 1872 30 Dec 1877  
4 FAULKNER, Johnathene "Aunt Johnnie" Wilson 18 Apr 1836 3-Feb-1916 wife 2 of Washington Lee Faulkner
Bettie Faulkner
Sally Faulkner
Nellie Faulkner
Fleet Faulkner
Ernest Faulkner
4 FAULKNER, Washington Lee 14 Jan 1826 22 Sep 1873 native of VA
hus of 1.?
Mollie (Mrs.Lum) Cosby
Helen (Mrs.Lum) Cosby
(Cosby married Helen after sister Mollie died)
hus of 2. Johnathene "Aunt Johnnie" Wilson
Bettie Faulkner
Sally Faulkner
Nellie Faulkner
Fleet Faulkner
Ernest Faulkner
Washington died during yellow fever epidemic

submitted by Steve Smith
3 FIELD, Agnes Westbrook 1895 1972 wife of Eugene Field, Sr.
dau of Moses Westbrook
3 FIELD, Dr. William B. 26 Apr 1837 18 Oct 1873 hus of Mary J.
she died during yellow fever epidemic

submitted by Steve Smith
3 FIELD, Eugene, Sr. 1891 1972 hus of Agnes Westbrook
son of Scott Sr.and Lucy E. Garrett Randolph
3 FIELD, Eugene Jr. 1922 1947 son of Eugene Field, Sr.and Agnes Westbrook
WW II veteran
2 FIELD, George Addison 1899 1943 son of Harry Field and Virginia Townsend
2 FIELD, Harry 1844 1915 born in Mississippi
hus of Virginia Townsend
son of Henry Field and Mary Jane Bates
older brother of Scott Field
2 FIELD, Harry 20 Oct 1884 12 May 1886 son of Harry Field and Virginia Townsend
2 FIELD, Hugh Townsend 2 Apr 1884 12 May 1885 son of Harry Field and Virginia Townsend
2 FIELD, Hugh Townsend 18-Aug-1928 30-Sep-1981 US Navy
2 FIELD, Hugh Townsend 2 Apr 1897 22-Apr-1950  
3 FIELD, infant  - 29-Dec-1911 son of Scott Field, Jr.and Nonie Reese Mason
3 FIELD, Jessie Foster 25 Mar 1880 14-Oct-1971 wife of Thomas Field
dau of Joseph Ancel Foster and Mary A.Thomason
3 FIELD, Lucy E. Garrett Randolph 25 Dec 1852 20-Aug-1903 dau of:
John Thomas Garrett, Sr. and
Pauline Jane Calvert
widow of George Randolph
2nd wife of Scott Field Sr.
Thomas Field (wife Jessie Foster)
Scott Field, Jr.(wife Nonie Reese Mason)
Eugene Field (wife Agnes Westbrook)
3 FIELD, Mary Jane Bates 19 Dec 1814 8 Aug 1895  
wife of Dr.William B. Field


Harry Field
Scott Field
Mary Taliaferro
submitted by Steve Smith
2 FIELD, Mary Virginia 20 Sep 1887 24 May 1889 dau of Harry Field and Virginia Townsend
3 FIELD, Nonie Reese Mason 1887 1948 wife of Scott Field, Jr.
3 FIELD, Scott, Sr. 26 Jan 1847 20-Dec-1931 born in Canton, MS
hus of 1. Victoria Luckey
hus of 2. Lucy E.Garrett Randolph
hus of 3. Maude Harlan Green
son of Henry Field and Mary Jane Bates
brother of Harry Field and Mary Field Taliaferro
Handbook Of Texas Online Biography
congressional biography
3 FIELD, Scott, Jr. 1-Mar-1905 1-May-1905  
3 FIELD, Thomas 31 May 1879 3-Sep-1953 hus of Jessie Foster
son of:
Scott Field, Sr. and Lucy E. Garrett Randolph
2 FIELD, Victoria Luckey 13 Jul 1851 21 Feb 1877 from MS
wife 1 of Scott Field, Sr.
mar 13 Dec 1874
2 FIELD, Vida Barber 25 Apr 1895 20-Jul-1986  
2 FIELD, Virginia Townsend 1864 1937 wife of Harry Field
Annie Carson "Blossom" Taliaferro
(Mrs. Henry Garland Sr.)
Ada (Mrs.Harry Hathaway) Rountree
(Mrs. Barksdale) Stevens
Bernadine (Mrs.James Olin) Hucks
George Addison Field
Hugh Townsend Field
Harry Field
dau of William P.Townsend
1 FLINN, Catherine 10 Jun 1850 20 Aug 1881 wife of John E. Flinn
1 FLINN, John E. 5 Aug 1840 12 Jun 1894  
3 FLINN, Minnie May 4 May 1871 18 Oct 1871 dau of John E. and K.E. Flinn
1 FLINN, Thomas M.   7 Sep 1881  
1 FORD, Julia E. 19 Dec 1858 22-Apr-1956  
3 FOSTER, Dorothy Elizabeth 1913 1951  
3 FOSTER, George W. 1919 1942 US Navy
3 FOSTER, Joseph 1885 1846  
1 FOSTER, Joseph Ancel 1 Jan 1848 7-Jan-1939 hus of Mary A.Thomason
son of Harry Foster and Martha Davis
Harry Foster of Lucky Ridge, Milam Co., TX
1 FOSTER, Josie 26 Apr 1878 16-Jan-1952 dau of Joseph Ancel Foster and Mary A. Thomason
1 FOSTER, Mary A. Thomason 7 Mar 1851 5-Sep-1943 wife of Joseph Ancel Foster
Mildred Pearl Foster
Innie Foster
Josie Foster
Jessie Field Foster
Al Foster
May Foster
Imogen Foster
Ruth Foster
Hubert Foster
dau of Harrison and Louise Thomason
1 FOSTER, May 27 Apr 1887 30-Jan-1963 dau of Joseph Ancel Foster and Mary A. Thomason
1 FOSTER, Mildred Pearl 30 Apr 1873 15-Aug-1950 dau of Joseph Ancel Foster and Mary A. Thomason
1 FOWLER, Florine 14-Mar-1904 16-May-1906  
1 FOWLER, Marvin Gray 26 Oct 1899 20-Feb-1903 son of G.W. and M. A. Fowler
4 FRANZ, Augusta 1860 1937 wife of Peter W. Franz
4 FRANZ, Peter W. 1861 1916 hus of Augusta
2 FRANZ, Roger 1890 1943  
2 FRANZ, Virgie Cox 1895 1936  
2 FRASER, Marcia A. 24 Jan 1875 10-Sep-1943  
2 FRASER, Robert A. 6 Jun 1866 26-Sep-1942  
2 FREDERICKS, Frances 28 Feb 1858 25-Feb-1927  
2 FREDERICKS, William G. 19 Jun 1864 13-Oct-1913  
4 FULLER, Selwyn P. 9 Jun 1878 19 Jul 1884 son of L.T. and M. J. Fuller
2 FULTON, Edin Rivers 11 May 1866 31-Oct-1925  
2 FULTON, Homer, Jr. 16-May-1925 16-Jun-1939  
2 FULTON, Nannie Etta 12 Jul 1871 18-Apr-1976  
3 GAMMILL, Burr 26 Dec 1850 26 Dec 1872 son of W.J. and E. Gammill
3 GAMMILL, J.A. 18 Jul 1856 27-Dec-1931  
3 GAMMILL, Lou Ervin  - 28-Mar-1948  
3 GAMMILL, W.J. 10 Feb 1815 6 May 1877  
3 GAMMILl, William A. 10 Oct 1817 15 Apr 1881  
2 GARCIA, Joseph Pellegrin 18 Nov 1893 19-Apr-1965  
2 GARDENER, Judge Alfred S. 15 Jun 1822 6-Aug-1908 born in Mansfordville, KY
hus of 1. Martha Braden
Martha Jane (Mrs. James) Nash
hus of 2. Martha Jane Moore
Louella (Dr. G. K.) Proctor
Samuel Gardener
Alfred Gardener
2 GARRETT, Allie Gray 1862 1936 wife of John Thomas Garrett, Jr.
John Thomas Garrett, III
Hazel (Mrs. Chester) Alexander
dau of Mrs.Annie Spencer
2 GARRETT, Charles A. 14 Apr 1848 16 Jun 1888 hus of Florence W.
2 GARRETT, Emma McNeill 17 Aug 1896 26 May 1897 dau of T.W. Garrett and Susie Screws
2 GARRETT, Florence W. 7 Jan 1848 12 Jul 1892 wife of Charles A. Garrett
2 GARRETT, infant 8 Dec 1879 13 Dec 1879 son of Charles A. and Florence W. Garrett
2 GARRETT, John Thomas, Sr. 28 Feb 1825 7-Jan-1903 hus of Pauline Jane Calvert
2 GARRETT, John Thomas, Jr. 1858 1935 hus of Allie Gray
son of:
John Thomas Garrett, Sr. and
Pauline Jane Calvert
2 GARRETT, John Thomas, III 1893 1895 son of:
John Thomas Garrett, Jr. and Allie Gray
4 GARRETT, Lydia Ada 10 Mar 1860 30 Dec 1876 dau of C.C. and L. C. Garrett
1 GARRETT, Minnie Adams 21-Sep-1903  -  
2 GARRETT, Pauline Jane 1889 1895 dau of J. and A. P. Garrett
2 GARRETT, Pauline Jane Calvert 4 Jun 1830 5-Apr-1913 wife of John Thomas Garrett, Sr.
John Thomas Garrett, Jr.(wife Allie Gray)
Mary (Mrs.John H.) Drennan
Lucy (Mrs.George) Randolph
(Mrs.Scott) Field
dau of
: Judge Robert Calvert and Mary Keesee
4 GASTON, Annie Whitfield 1874 24 Feb 1878 dau of K.E. and W. B. Gaston
granddaughter of W.H. and M. A. Cain
4 GAUGHERAND, Henri Auguste 29 Jan 1844 20 Oct 1873 born in France
died during yellow fever epidemic

submitted by Steve Smith
4 GEORGE, Curtis   17 Oct 1873 (39 yrs)
died during yellow fever epidemic

submitted by Steve Smith
1 GIBSON, Edith  - 23 Dec 1891 dau of John Henry, Sr. and Edith M. Gibson
1 GIBSON, Edith M. 9 Jul 1826 12-Jul-1913 wife of John Henry Gibson, Sr.
John Henry Gibson, Jr.
May Henry (Mrs. Jacques) Adoue
Peter Coffee Gibson, Sr.
Lillie Mrs. Abel) Hoyle
Edith Gibson
4 GIBSON, Eugene M., Sr. 12 Nov 1889 5-Jul-1968 hus of Kathleen Lauderdale
son of:
Peter Coffee Gibson, Sr. and Leila Steele
Peter Coffee Gibson
Eugene M. Gibson, Jr.
3 GIBSON, Eugene M., Jr. 13-Jan-1915 2-Mar-1988 son of:
Eugene M. Gibson, Sr. and Kathleen Lauderdale
Eugene M. (Gene) Gibson, III
Kay Gibson Snipe
William Charles (Bill) Gibson
1 GIBSON, Fannie McAlpine 1856 1916 wife of John Henry Gibson, Jr.
Edith (Mrs. L. S.) Casimir
Francis (Mrs.W. T.) Coleman
John Henry Gibson, III
William McAlpine Gibson
Bess (Mrs. Duncan) Whitesides
(both boys died young)
1 GIBSON, George B. 16 Jul 1889 28-Sep-1949  
1 GIBSON, Hattie  - 1881  
1 GIBSON, John Henry Sr. 1 Apr 1821 20 Oct 1877 hus of Edith M.
1 GIBSON, John Henry, Jr. 1852 1912 hus of Fannie McAlpine
son of:
John Henry, Sr.and Edith M. Gibson
1 GIBSON, John Henry, III 1885 1911 son of John Henry Gibson, Jr.and Fannie McAlpine
3 GIBSON, Joe F. 19 Jun 1899 1-Nov-1984 hus of Mattie Burnitt
son of:
Peter Coffee Gibson, Sr. and Leila Steele
4 GIBSON, Kathleen Lauderdale 26 Jun 1891 28-Jul-1962 wife of Eugene M.Gibson, Sr.
Peter Coffee Gibson
Eugene M.Gibson, Jr.
3 GIBSON, Leila Steele 6 Feb 1864 31-Mar-1946 wife of Peter Coffee Gibson, Sr.
Ruby (Mrs. Eber H.) Peters
Louise Gibson
Eugene M. Gibson, Sr.
(wife Kathleen Lauderdale)
Peter Coffee Gibson, Jr. (died as a youth)
Joe F. Gibson
Leila (Mrs. Clark) Inglish
Edith (Mrs. Alsey Hudson) Allen
dau of Jared Steele
3 GIBSON, Louise 9 Jun 1887 13-Dec-1974  
1 GIBSON, Marion Grieve Blackie 1868 1942 wife of Samuel Malone Gibson
1 GIBSON, Mattie Burnitt 1893 1971 wife of Joe F.Gibson
3 GIBSON, Peter Coffee, Sr. 25 Nov 1860 7-Jan-1925 hus of Leila Steele
3 GIBSON, Peter Coffee, Jr. 7 Jul 1897 17-Feb-1912 son of:
Peter Coffee Gibson, Sr. and Leila Steele
4 GIBSON, Peter Coffee 21-Nov-1912 5-Dec-1971  
1 GIBSON, Samuel Malone 30 Oct 1859 5-Sep-1933 hus of Marion Grieve Blackie
1 GIBSON, W.A. 28 Jun 1828 2 Dec 1897  
1 GIBSON, William McAlpine 1885 1914 son of:
John Henry Gibson, Jr. and Fannie McAlpine
4 GILLAM, Alford 1847 1922 (75 yrs)
4 GILLAM, Katie K. 15 Jun 1853 29 Aug 1877 wife of Alfred Gillam
4 GILLAM, Mary 1852 1927 wife of Alfred Gillam
1 GILLARD, Margaret D. 24 Mar 1854 3-Feb-1917 Mother
3 GILSON, Blanche Clark 1870 1944 wife of Harry Wilson Gilson
Emily Dowdy
Blanche Gilson
Dan Gilson
3 GILSON, Blanche M. 19 Nov 1899 1-Sep-1985  
3 GILSON, Eugenia Emily Jennings 14 Aug 1829 12 Oct 1873 wife of Dr. William G. Brown
both died during yellow fever epidemic
leaving 4 children

submitted by Steve Smith
3 GILSON, Dr. Franklin Jennings, Jr. 22 Dec 1881 4-Apr-1914 son of:
Dr. Franklin Jennings Gilson, Sr. and Narcissa Barton
3 GILSON, Dr. Franklin Jennings, Sr. 11 Apr 1853 24-May-1927 born in Mississippi
hus of Narcissa Barton
3 GILSON, Harry Wilson 1865 1904 hus of Blanche Clark
son of:
William G. Gilson and Eugenia E. Jennings
3 GILSON, Maury Barton 1 Oct 1890 4-Mar-1951  
3 GILSON, Narcissa Barton 29 Jan 1855 20-Feb-1929 wife of Dr. Franklin Jennings Gilson, Sr.
Dr. Franklin Jennings Gilson, Jr.
Harry Gilson
Maury Gilson (wife Julia Hawn)
Mary (Mrs.Olin) Scurlock
Eugenia (Mrs. T. L.) Wren
3 GILSON, Dr. William C. 18 jul 1825 15 Oct 1873 born in Pennsylvania
hus of Eugenia Emily Jennings
both died during yellow fever epidemic
leaving 4 children

submitted by Steve Smith
3 GILSON, William Harry 2 Jul 1885 13-Dec-1918  
1 GLASS, Glenn 5-Jan-1907 7-May-1921  
1 GLASS, J. Glenn 7 May 1870 23-Mar-1913  
1 GLASS, Lucy Drennan 16 Sep 1874 10-Oct-1959 wife of J.G. Glass
4 GLASS, Mary P. 27 Sep 1846 21 Sep 1873 wife of T.C. Glass
died during yellow fever epidemic

submitted by Steve Smith
2 GLOVER, Jessie Marie 6-Jul-1917 30-Oct-1981  
2 GLOVER, John 13-Oct-1909 8-Feb-1977 US Army
2 GORDON, James Foster 12 Feb 1872 30 Nov 1885 son of J.J. and H. S. Gordon
3 GRACE, Mollie Sandifer 15 Dec 1881 5-Dec-1959  
3 GRACE, Phillip O. 12 Aug 1876 2-Nov-1962  
4 GRAVES, Eva 1860 7 Apr 1875 dau of J.A. and Mary A. Graves
(15yrs 4mos 14 days)
3 GREEN, John Alexander, Jr. 1859 1899  
3 GREEN, Maud Harlan  -  - wife of 1. John Alexander Green Jr.
wife of 2. Scott Field
2 GREENWOOD, Virginia 17-Oct-1912 18-Mar-1986  
1 GREGORY, Susan 4 Mar 1820 20-Mar-1987  
2 GRIFFIN, Carol Perkins 3 Jun 1880 16-Oct-1965  
3 GRIGSBY, Douglas Gibson 30-Dec-1972 31-Dec-1972  
2 GUYNES, Emma Lee 19 Sep 1880 27-Sep-1964  
1 GUYNES, Ida Cox 3 Nov 1874 5-Jan-1961 wife of J.W. Guynes
1 GUYNES, Irene Kemp 1897 1878 wife of J.F. Guynes
1 GUYNES, Jack F. 1895 1976 WW I veteran
1 GUYNES, James Dudley, Jr.  - 9-Mar-1937  
1 GUYNES, John W. 15 Sep 1871 26-Mar-1948  





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