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NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots or rules and regulations of the cemetery, contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.

PLEASE NOTE:   I do not live in Robertson County and cannot do research.

Calvert Cemetery

Heading north on Hwy 6 from Hearne, turn right from Calvert's Main Street onto Hanna St.which
is also FM 1664.About six blocks from Hwy 6 the main Calvert City Cemetery will be on the left.

These directions were submitted by Steve Smith on 14 Jul 2011.



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Sect  Name  Date of     Birth                    Date of Death Miscellaneous Information Click on pictures to enlarge 
2 ODERBOLTZ, Henrietta "Zetta" 23-Feb-1905 2-May-1905  
2 ODERBOLZ, Fred, Jr. 17-Feb-1905 14-Apr-1905  
3 ORR, Emma L. Hanna 24-Jan-1905 26 Jan 1870 wife 1 of William John Orr
dau of James Scott Hanna
(19 yrs 3 mos 9 days)
3 ORR, Emma R. 10 Sep 1869 21 Nov 1881 dau of:
William John Orr and Emma L. Hanna
3 ORR, M. Bessie 18 Jun 1872 15 Mar 1873 dau of:
William John Orr and Laura K. Allen
3 ORR, Mary M. 20 Dec 1873 13 Jul 1874 dau of:
William John Orr and Laura K. Allen
3 ORR, William John 31 Dec 1848 11 Jul 1873 native of Montreal, Quebec
hus of 1. Emma L. Hanna
Emma R. Orr
hus of 2. Laura K. Allen
(dau of Alsey Hudson and
Mary Cooper Stedman Allen)
Laura "Lollie" (Mrs. Charles H.) Huberich
May Bess Evans
Wilkins Orr
died during yellow fever epidemic
NOTE: epidemic started in Sept so this
is probably wrong.
2 OWEN, Juliana Clark 27-Jan-1905 29-Mar-1905 wife of William Thomas Owen
2 OWEN, William Thomas 25-Jan-1905 6-Apr-1905 Father
3 PACE, Ernest Milton, Sr. 6 Aug 1863 23-Dec-1928 of Dothan, AL
hus of Mary Parker
3 PACE, Ernest Milton, Jr. 3 Apr 1891 6-Mar-1969 hus of 1. Jeffrys Green
Ann Elizabeth (Mrs. W. E.) Oliver
Joseph Jeffrys Pace (wife Eleanor Smith)
Nat Pace (wife Dixie Elizabeth Scott)
hus of 2. Mrs. Irene D. Andrews
son of:
Ernest Milton Sr. and Mary Parker Pace
Rear Admiral US Navy
3 PACE, Mary Parker 24 Jan 1867 8-Mar-1905 wife of Ernest Milton Pace, Sr.
dau of:
Daniel Parker, Sr. and Mary Oliver "Minnie" Hanna
Daniel Parker Pace
Ernest Milton Pace, Jr.
Nat Pace
DOD was garbled
2 PARISH, Lee Henderson 27 Oct 1846 7-Apr-1905 born near Dresden, TN
hus of Martha J. "Mattie" Wilder
son of:
Isham Parish and Frances Baxter
2 PARISH, Martha J. "Mattie" Wilder 21-Jan-1905 10-Apr-1905 wife of Lee Henderson Parish
mar 23 Jan 1871, Richmond, Arkansas
Semmes W. Parish
Ned "Neddie" Ervin Parish
2 PARISH, Ned "Neddie" Ervin 17 Aug 1873 26 Oct 1888 son of:
Lee Henderson Parish and Martha J. "Mattie" Wilder
3 PARKER, Daniel, Sr., M.D. 13 Sep 1835 18-Jun-1918 born in Northfield, VT
hus of Mary Oliver "Minnie" Hanna
son of:
Rev. Daniel Parker and Elizabeth Denny
Calvert Mayor
County Judge
Member of Texas Legislature
also known as "Captain Parker"
3 PARKER, Eliza J. 5 Apr 1852 20 Jul 1886 wife of P.J. Parker
3 PARKER, Horace T. Hanks 27-Feb-1905 1-Mar-1905 son of:
Dr. Daniel Parker, Sr. and
Mary Oliver "Minnie" Hanna
3 PARKER, infant   29-Sep-1909 son of:
Richard Denny Parker, Sr. and Lucie Adoue
3 PARKER, Lila 11-Feb-1905 21-Apr-1905 dau of:
Dr. Daniel Parker, Sr. and
Mary Oliver "Minnie" Hanna
3 PARKER, Lottie 8 Apr 1868 4 Nov 1873 dau of Mrs. F.H. Parker
died during yellow fever epidemic
photos submitted by Steve Smith
3 PARKER, Lucie Albertine Adoue 19 Dec 1880 29-Feb-1916 dau of Jacques Adoue
wife 1 of Richard Denny Parker, Sr.
Jacques Adoue Parker (wife Marjorie Davisson)
William Lucien Parker (wife Esther Edwards)
Richard Denny Parker, Jr.
1 PARKER, Mamye Culbreath 14-Feb-1905 9-May-1905 wife of William Samuel Parker, M.D.
mar 16 Apr 1902
3 PARKER, Mary Oliver "Minnie" Hanna 21-Jan-1905 12-Apr-1905 wife of Daniel Parker, Sr.
dau of:
William Scott Hanna and
Mary Virginia Oliver, M.D.
Mary (Mrs. Ernest Milton, Sr.) Pace
Lila Parker
Emma (Mrs. John H.) Farrar
Daniel Parker, Jr. (wife Lalla McClintic)
William Samuel Parker, M.D.
Richard Denny Parker, Sr.
Horace T. Hanks
3 PARKER, Richard Denny, Jr. 24-Aug-1912 13-May-1913 son of:
Richard Denny Parker, Sr. and Lucie Adoue
1 PARKER, William Samuel, MD 30 Aug 1875 9-May-1905 hus of Mamye Culbreath
son of:
Daniel Parker, Sr. and
Mary Oliver "Minnie" Hanna
2 PATTERSON, B.R. 21-Feb-1905 11-Apr-1905  
1 PATTERSON, Malcolm 20-Dec-1904 7-Mar-1905 WOW
1 PATTERSON, Robert L. 22-Jan-1905 30-Mar-1905 WOW
2 PAYNE, Drennan Dan 29 Jan 1878 29-Jan-1954  
2 PAYNE, Portia Lee 13 Apr 1898 2-Aug-1932  
1 PEERSON, J.M. 27 Aug 1832 19 Dec 1894  
4 PENDERGAST, Ashbel 26 Jun 1872 5 Sep 1873 son of H.D. and M.E. Pendergast
died during yellow fever epidemic
photos submitted by Steve Smith
4 PENDERGAST, Mary Harvey 11 Aug 1879 13 Dec 1879 dHD and ME
Our Baby
2 PERKINS, James A. 10 Dec 1855 19-May-1935  
2 PERKINS, Mary Lula 17 Nov 1853 17-Aug-1947 Mother
2 PERKINSON, Charlie Salter 17-Feb-1905 14-Mar-1905 hus of E.T.
3 PETERS, Eber Hanna, Sr. 22-Feb-1905 5-May-1905  
3 PETERS, Eber Hanna, Jr. 18-Sep-1918 9-Feb-1986  
3 PETERS, Eber Seth 2 May 1852 23-Oct-1910 born in Detroit, MI
hus of Mollie Whipple Hanna
son of Samuel E. Peters
3 PETERS, infant   10-Aug-1916 son of E. and R. Peters
3 PETERS, Margaret 30-Mar-1905 14-Jun-1905  
3 PETERS, Mollie Whipple Hanna 5-Feb-1905 20-Apr-1905 dau of James Scott Hanna
Eber Hanna Peters, Sr. (wife Ruby Gibson)
Beulah Peters
4 PETERSON, Johanna H. 23 Oct 1880 19-Mar-1972  
4 PETERSON, Oscar Charles 4 Apr 1877 27-Dec-1943  
1 PIERCE, E.W. 2 Oct 1843 16 Sep 1882  
4 PIERCE, Louis Leroy 8 Dec 1870 14-Jun-1905 WOW
2 PIERCE, Theresa Weaver 10 Dec 1878 22-Nov-1902 wife of Louie S. Pierce
dau of H.J. and Ritha Weaver
1 PIERCE, Willie   1 Jun 1878 son of E.W. and M.D. Pierce
(3 yrs 7 mos 14 days)
4 PIETSCH, Anna L. 11 Jun 1858 24-Mar-1941 wife of Emil R. Pietsch
4 PIETSCH, Connie V. 13 Oct 1896 29-Mar-1969  
4 PIETSCH, Emil R. 16 Mar 1853 8-Jan-1927 hus of Anna L.
4 PIETSCH, Franz J. 18 Dec 1893 8-Sep-1952 WW I veteran
4 PIETSCH, Victoria Adelherd 15 Jun 1885 22 May 1887 dau of E. and A. Adelherd
1 PISTOLE, Jeff Davis 15 Sep 1861 9-Jul-1902  
1 PISTOLE, V.A.      
2 PLAGENS, Julius Frank 27-Apr-1903 5-Nov-1965  
2 PLAGENS, Mabel Eugenia 25-May-1905 26-Dec-1987 Daughter
1 PORTER, C.E. "Paul" 29-Nov-1900 7-May-1967  
1 PORTER, L. Attice 10 Oct 1898 6-Nov-1991  
4 PORTER, Leila   26 May 1882 wife of C.W. Porter
dau of W.H. and M.A. Cain, Sr.
2 PORTER, Leila Cain   26 May 1882  
2 PRICE, Katherine Stahl      
1 PRICE, Mrs. W.D.      
1 PRICE, Ruby V. 15 May 1886   Death Date broken off
1 PRICE, W.D. 16 Nov 1875 11-Mar-1910 son of W.J. and Nannie Price
2 PROCTOR, Dr. G.K. 8 Sep 1851 25-Apr-1920 Father
2 PROCTOR, George Abner 27-Feb-1905 27-Apr-1905  
2 PROCTOR, Jewel K. 14 Sep 1890 1-Jun-1929  
2 PROCTOR, Leon B. 12 Mar 1895 28-Feb-1993  
2 PROCTOR, Lou Gardner 29-Jan-1905 12-Apr-1905 Mother
2 PROCTOR, Lovie S. 5 Jun 1897 19-Aug-1981  
2 PROCTOR, Lula Lee 16 Nov 1888 17 Jun 1891 dau of G.K. and Lou E.
1 PULLIN, Idris Eugenia Smith 7-Feb-1907   dau of C. Smith
3 PURDOM, Couley H. 1 Dec 1881 1-Jun-1910  
1 PURDOM, Laura A. 20-Jan-1905 10-Mar-1905  
1 PURDOM, Mary 5 Aug 1873 23-Oct-1948 WW I Nurse
1 PURDOM, Mary H. 26-Feb-1905 1-Jun-1905 wife of Wilson W. Purdom
1 PURDOM, Maury Wilson 3-May-1916 12-Oct-1976 WW II veteran 
1 PURDOM, Sam H. 18-Jan-1905 11-Mar-1905  
1 PURDOM, Wilson W. 14-Feb-1905 14-May-1905 hus of Mary H. Purdom
4 PYE, Dr. Edward Arrel 22-Dec-1904 7 Nov 1873 hus of Matilda C. LeGrand
(55 yrs)
died during yellow fever epidemic
photos submitted by Steve Smith
4 PYE, Matilda C. LeGrand 27-Dec-1904 20 Nov 1873 wife of Dr. Edward Arrel Pye
(50 yrs)
died during yellow fever epidemic
photos submitted by Steve Smith
2 RAINEY, Samuel H. 28-Feb-1905 26-Apr-1905  
2 RANDOLPH, Caroline Miller 18 Feb 1850 18-Sep-1937  
4 RANDOLPH, George F. 18-Jan-1905 16 Oct 1873 (28 yrs)
died during yellow fever epidemic
photos submitted by Steve Smith
3 RANDOLPH, James   25-Jun-1931  
3 RANDOLPH, Mary E.   20-Feb-1963  
4 REAGAN, Alice 28-Apr-1911 29-Apr-1997  
1 REESE, Irene Nash 9-Sep-1906 13-Dec-1935 dau of J.C. Nash, Sr.
  Regensburger, William 6-Jan-1851 15-Oct-1873
4 REINHARDT, Jodie C. 11 May 1897 6-Dec-1901  
4 REINHARDT, Johana M. 1 Jan 1854 21-Nov-1916  
4 REINHARDT, M.J. 1 Apr 1878 28 Apr 1878  
4 REINHARDT, W.A. 14 Feb 1852 15-Oct-1908 WOW
1 REYNOLDS, Margaret I. 16-Feb-1913 17-May-1978  
1 REYNOLDS, Terence 1-Jan-1904 8-Jan-1984  
2 RICHARDSON, Vollie V. 8 Apr 1887 2-Mar-1960 WW I veteran
2 RIGSBY, L.C. 15 Sep 1866 23-Sep-1916  
2 RIGSBY, Laura A. 3 Sep 1847 14-Mar-1932  
1 RIGSBY, Laura Donaldson 11-Feb-1905 4-May-1905  
3 RILEY, Lenora Mears 31 Jul 1896 27-Nov-1980 wife of Rufus Waterson Riley
1 RILEY, Mary Jane 7 May 1866 27-Sep-1950  
3 RILEY, Rufus Waterson 4 Apr 1893 19-Apr-1975 hus of Lenora Mears
2 RISSER, infant (eldest son)   13 Nov 1880 son of R.A. and S.B. Risser
2 RISSER, Julian Barton 26 Mar 1883 16 Jun 1896 son of R.A. and S.B. Risser
2 RISSER, Marie Albertine 18 Jan 1890 31 Aug 1891 dau of R.A. and S.B. Risser
3 ROBERTS, Annie Agnes McCarthy   2 Dec 1887 wife of Louis C. Roberts
4 ROBERTS, Elizabeth 18 Jan 1846 25 May 1894 My Mother
3 ROBERTS, infant 15 Feb 1883 2 Feb 1884 son of A. and L.C. Roberts
3 ROBERTS, Louis C. 10 Dec 1850 12-Dec-1927  
2 ROBERTS, Sherman A. 4-May-1913 20-Dec-1954  
2 ROBERTS, Sue Norton 15-Jul-1908 15-Jan-1982  
2 ROCHE, Mary Colvin 11 May 1855 3 Mar 1880 wife of T.A. Roche
3 ROGERS, Annie Hanna 28-Feb-1905 13-May-1905  
2 ROSS, Hassie J. 27 Nov 1838 24 Dec 1880  
4 ROWELL, Martha 9-Dec-1904 16 Oct 1873 died during yellow fever epidemic
photos submitted by Steve Smith
1 RUSHING, C.T., Jr. 18-Jul-1910 27-Jan-1986 WW II veteran
1 RUSHING, Emma C. 16-Mar-1911 17-Sep-1964  
1 RUSHING, Roy 19-Dec-1914 21-Apr-1936  
4 RUTHERFORD, C.J. "Buck" 10-Apr-1905 17-May-1905 (Body removed from cem to another location)

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