Veterans in the area of

Lee County TX & Bastrop  County TX and Fayette County

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Master Death Death List

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A good many of these photos was  used with permission of Gene Tolkmott.  THANK YOU!!

Last First/Maiden DOB DOD Notes
Albers Lillie 30-May-1903 8-Mar-1949 St. Peter Cemetery
Albrecht Edwin 11-May-1928 18-Mar-2015 Giddings City Cemetery

photo used with permission of Gene Tolkmott

Atkins Mrs. T. A. 29-May-1832 20-Jun-1918 Ridgeway Cemetery
Barton Herman S. 21-Dec-1896 28-Jun-1953       Ohio Pvt 158 Depot Brigade WW 1
Basward John August 22-Feb-1920 27-Feb-1996       CPL US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Beaman Josiah 1830 1899 High Prairie Cemetery CSA
Beckom Henry R. 19-Jan-1927  

Air Force

Lt. Colonel

WWII, Korea, Vietnam

All Faiths of the Pines  buried 15-May-2015

Behler Terry Lynn 29-Sep-1954 27-Apr-2004       SP4 US Army Ridgeway Cemetery
Beierle Robert Vern 31-Jun-1931 21-Apr-1985       PEG US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Bellamy Ed 12-Apr-1947 5-May-2016 Memorial only


Bidel Gilbert Charles 21-Sep-1931 7-Sep-1996       US Air Force  Korea Ridgeway Cemetery
Bingham Wilborn 27-Jul-1924 21-Jan-2007       SI US Navy WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Bitter Monroe John 12-Feb-1933 23-May-2013 Ridgeway Cemetery
Bloom Albert H. 192726-Feb-1903 23-May-1957 Ridgeway Cemetery
Boling William T. 30-Jun-1888 27-Apr-1963     Texas Pvt Co M 125 Infantry WW 1

    Ridgeway Cemetery

Boswell Ulysus W. 11-Nov-1815 8-Mar-1863 Guthrie Cemetery
Brown Obie 29-Aug-1926 10-Nov-1997 St. Peter Cemetery
Buford James Price 8-Mar-1929 1-Nov-2015


Fairview Cemetery, Bastrop

Marrs-Jones-Newby Funeral Home

Bullock Kenneth 31-Jan-1934 27-Jul-2015 Air Force

flag folding only at Marrs-Jones-Newby Funeral Home

Burleson  Lorenzo 15-Sep-1936 8-Jan-2016 Navy

Cunningham Cemetery, Smithville

All Faiths of the Pines, Smithville

Byler Sidney 3-Jun-1945 17-Dec-2015 Navy-Vietnam

Byler Cemetery, West Point TX

All Faiths of the Pines

Carey Walter 26-Jun-1931 19-May-2015 obituary US Army Korea War
Centers Edward Eugene 10-Aug-1923 13-Sep-2013       SI US Navy WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Cerna Jose 1-Oct-1944 1-Nov-2016


Powell Cemetery         Smithville TX

All Faiths of the Pines

Compian Frank 7-Aug-1955 7-Dec-2016 Marine-Vietnam

Fairview Cemetery, Bastrop

Providence Funeral Home

Connell John Clifford 13-Jan-1946 2-Nov-2005       PVT US Army Vietnam Ridgeway Cemetery
Cook Jr B. F. 28-Dec-1923 8-May-2011 see obit
Daniell Alton E. "Art" 10-Oct-1924 7-May-2016 Army WWII

Oak Hill, Smithville

Marrs-Jones-Newby Funeral Home

Davis Rick   25-Jul-2015 Army Vietnam

Member of Honor Guard, , Memorial only

Delvige Arthur 31-Dec-1894 2-27-1950 US Army

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Adina Cemetery

Dixon William 23-Jan-1949 25-Jul-2016 Memorial only at Foundation Christian Ministries, Bastrop, TX

Navy  Vietnam

Dodd Marvin Dale "Bo" 02-Feb-1944 05-Jun-2013 Ridgeway Cemetery
Dunbar Doyle Alton 6-Jun-1930 9-Sep-2005       PFC US Army WW11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Dunbar James Hardy 9-Nov-1925 2-Jul-1987       T SGT US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Dungan Albert R. 28-Feb-1893 27-Jan-1975       Pvt US Army  Husband of Grace T
Dungan Clarence Vernon 19-Oct-1908 25-Nov-1966       TX Sgt 93 Air Depot GP. WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Dungan Clyde Calvin 19-Apr-1906 28-Dec-1999       US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Dungan Donald Eugene 1-Jul-1928 30-Jun-1989       SSGT US Air Force Korea Vietnam Ridgeway Cemetery  
Dungan Plenie P. 4-Apr-1892 20-Nov-1961        TX Engr. US Navy WW 1

 Ridgeway Cemetery

Dungan, JR George Thomas 11-Jul-1921 21-Jun-1995        PFC US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Dungan Vallie ross 1914 1988        SGT US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Dungan Wiley 29-Jun-1896 7-Feb-1950        TX PFC 206 P.W. Escort Co.  ASC WW 11

Ridgeway Cemetery

Eilers, JR Henry 11-Oct-1926 15-Feb-1993        SN US Navy Korea Ridgeway Cemetery
Eisfelt John Paul 20-Aug-1886 22-Jun-1965        TX Pvt Co. G. 106 Infantry WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Ellis Melvin Bently 11-Jan-1916 23-May-1998        TEC 3 US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Emanuel Jimmie L 3-Dec-1923 Mar-2015 Army-WWII

Fairview Cemetery, Bastrop

Fickling William 11-Mar-1883 3-Apr-1918 St. Peter Cemetery
Fannin T. J.     Marine-Vietnam

Memorial only on June 15, 2015. 

Freeman Monroe 3-Sep-1920 9-Jul-2007         Pvt US Army Air Forces Ridgeway Cemetery
Fitzpatrick Dr. Edwin L. "Doc" 26-Nov-1925 8-Nov-2015 Navy

LaGrange City Cemetery

Fayette Memorial Funeral Home

Frerich, Jr Louis 13-Dec-1930 19-Dec-2015 Army-Korea

Oak Hill Cemetery, Smithville

All Faiths of the Pines

Friske Herbert John 31-Mar-1929 1-Jul-2015 Air Force-Korea

Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Rockney

click for obit

Fritsche Melvin 1-Apr-1925 11-Nov-2016 Army-WWII

Phillips & Luckey Funeral Home

St. Michael's Lutheran Church   Winchester TX

Gilmore Robert     Navy-Vietnam

Oak Hill, Smithville buried May 12, 2016

Green Wardell 26-Mar-1892 20-Aug-1959 PFC317 Sply TN 92 Div WWI Smith Cemetery
Greeness Robert M. 15-Apr-1948 25-Feb-2016 Army-Vietnam

Fairview Cemetery, Bastrop

Providence Funeral Home

Glovna Kenneth 11-Dec-1923 7-Apr-2009 St. Peter Cemetery
Guajardo Timothy Reuben 31-Jan-1980 14-Feb-2016 Navy 

Fairview Cemetery Bastrop

Marrs-Jones-Newby Funeral Home

Gutherie George Washington 2-Jul-1823 10-Apr-1902 Guthrie Cemetery
Gutherie Samuel David 14-Dec-1838 8-Oct-1915 Guthrie Cemetery
Hammond Mabin 27-Jul-1927 8-Jul-2016



McDade City Cemetery

Elgin Funeral Home

Harmon Norris Winfred 25-Aug-1923 30-May-2011          PFC  US Army WW 11
Harris Haywood H. 1-Nov-1907 1-Nov-1956          TX Pvt US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Hawthorn Wayne W.            Tec 5 US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Hawthorn William L. 28-May-1891 6-Oct-1973       TX Pvt US Army WW 11

Ridgeway Cemetery

Haydon Elmer 17-Sep-1917 30-Mar-2015 Obit
Hensley Dan -   -   - -   -   - Salem Cemetery  Civil War Veteran
Herms John C              PFC US Army  Ridgeway Cemetery
Hoffman Jacob H 28-Dec-1924 17-Jan-1956      TX PFC 7 Ord. Med. Maint. Co. Ridgeway Cemetery
Hoffman Jacob Henry 26-Jan-1891 19-Mar-1967         

TX PFC Co. D. 28 Inf WW 1

Ridgeway Cemetery

Hoffman Raymond Joseph 20-Apr-1940 23-Jan-2106 Army

Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Rockne

Marrs-Jones-Newby Funeral Home

Hosea Curtis Byard 23-Oct-1891 27-May-1971 Ridgeway Cemetery
Houseton, JR John 4-Sep-1928 18-Sep-2016 Air Force

Fairview Cemetery Bastrop

Marrs-Jones-Newby Funeral Home

Huff Clifton 23-May-1919 21-Mar-2000               CPL US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Huff Lloyd Joe 30-Dec-1926 21-Apr-1996         RDM3 US Navy WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Huff Thomas Levi 21-Jan-1895 15-Dec-1980          US Army WW 1 Ridgeway Cemetery
Irvine Donald 8-Dec-1931   Air Force

Buried at Fairview Cemetery Bastrop Jan 2, 2016

Bastrop Providence Funeral Home

Ivy Aaron Earl 29-Oct-1925 3-Sep-1987               SI US Navy   WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Jenke, SR Emil Rienhold 31-Dec-1925 4-Apr-1994          SI US Navy   WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Jobe Edwin B 3-Dec-1958 6-Mar-2012           SP4 US Army Ridgeway Cemetery
Johnson, Jr Thaddeus Eric 23-Dec-1926 ---Nov-2015 Army

Fairview Cemetery Bastrop

Marrs-Jones-Newby Funeral Home

Kappler Leroy Paul 8-Apr-1930 6-Apr-2015 US Army Korea War   Giddings City Cemetery
Kennedy Michael 8-Apr-1950 13-Jul-2015 Air Force-Vietnam

Alum Creek Cemetery click for obit

Kinsey Michael Anthony 27-Jul-1958 7-Oct-2001                SP4 US Army Ridgeway Cemetery
Kmoch Charlie Lee 19-Feb-1919 30-Jun-1975           MM 3 US Navy WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Kmoch Theodore William 8-Jul-1909 16-Oct-1980          MOMM2 US Navy WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Kortz Vincent Mike 26-Apr-1939 26-Nov-2016 Navy

Upper Cedar Creek Cemetery

Marrs-Jones-Newby Funeral Home

LaBauve Stanley W 8-Jun-1945 27-Mar-2014      for more information click here Ridgeway Cemetery
Leep Adam James 24-May-1982 12-Jul-2015



Memorial only at Bastrop Christian Church

Legler Jerome 18-Jun-1929 6-Jun-2016

Florida Cemetery, Round Top TX

Army  Korea

Tommy Taylor Funeral Home  LaGrange, TX

Lewis Franklin 29-Jun-1891 8-Jun-1948      Ridgeway Cemetery
Lewis Robert Edward 15-Dec-1895 27-Jun-1966       Ridgeway Cemetery
Lewis S. Alexander 4-Mar-1856 25-Feb-1943       Ridgeway Cemetery
Lock Joseph 1923 1992              S SGT US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Lowden James E. 1927 10-Jun-1981          S2 US Navy WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Lowden Wilburn Walter 26-Oct-1930 17-May-1997             CPL US Army Korea Ridgeway Cemetery
Luecke Albert "Bob" Alfred 23-Aug-1909 7-Jun-1988 Giddings City Cemetery
MACK John -   -   - -   -   - Civil War Veteran
Madere Antoine 5-Jul-1938 2-Nov-2016 Air Force-Vietnam

Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Rockne

Marrs-Jones-Newby Funeral Home

Maxwell John A. 1834 1910 Salem Cemetery CSA
Mays, SR Williard     Army-WWII

Burial12-Mar-2016 Prairie Lea Cemetery, Brenham TX

McCook Willie P.     memorial Honor Guard service at the American Legion in Smithville 

26-Mar-2016   Pendergrass Funeral Home

McGee Henry Eugene 3-Mar-1923   24-Mar-2016
McKinney W. H. 11-Jan-1834 31-Jul-1907 Co G. 9 Miss Inf. C.S.A. Ridgeway Cemetery
McKeown Wiseman 19-Dec-1842 21-Mar-1913 Giddings City Cemetery
McPhaul Otis L. 27-Sep-1911 22-Feb-2009          PVT US Army  WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
McReeder Billy 23-Jun-1946 3-Nov-2004          GMG3 US Navy Vietman Ridgeway Cemetery
Menzel Martin 1-Feb-1918 9-Apr-2015 WW II   St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery  
Miller Edward E. n/a 29-Nov-1942           TX PVT 9 Inf 2 Div Ridgeway Cemetery
Miller Thomas H. 21-Dec-1938   Navy

Buried at Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Rockne Feb 19, 2015.

Providence Funeral Home

Moore Alton Lee 10-Apr-1927 17-Jun-2016

Fairview Cemetery, Bastrop TX


Marrs-Jones-Newby Funeral Home

Morgan Benjamin H 21-Nov-1926 11-Feb-2005               PVT US Army Ridgeway Cemetery
MORLOCK Thomas J. 6 Oct 1839 14 Dec 1899 Salem Cemetery CSA
Mueller Herbert W. 25-Nov-1909 25-Jun-1978 Giddings City Cemetery
Nelson, JR Felix W. 26-Mar-1936 26-Jul-2016

Paradise Garden Cemetery 1450 US Hwy 90           

Weimer TX

Air Force Korea

Tommy Taylor Funeral Home LaGrange, TX


Nealie J.

8 Dec 1890

10 May 1942

death certificate

TX PVT 20 M.G. Bn

Parr William L. 27-May-1901 13-Jan-1973     Miss. Pvt 866 AAA AW BN C.A.C. WW 11

Ridgeway Cemetery

Phears McDonald Don 1-Mar-1835 4-Dec-1895 Guthrie Cemetery
Placke Martin F. 18-Nov-1893 26-Oct-1965 Giddings City Cemetery
Poe John     Co. G. Madison's TX Cav. C.S.A. Ridgeway Cemetery
Reed August      vet flag Ridgeway Cemetery
Reed George 24-Feb-1892 16-Jun-1951        US Army WW 1 Ridgeway Cemetery
Reed Lee Roy 28-Jan-1920 14-Sep-1991            US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Rhode Edward F.     TX CPL Co. F. 326 INF WW 1 Ridgeway Cemetery
Riffe Joe Alvin 16-Nov-1915 15- Nov-2002         PVT US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Reuther Alvin Ewald 4-Feb-1911 2-Apr-2003 St. Peter Cemetery
Reuther Augusta 6-Aug-1879 7-May-1977 St. Peter Cemetery
Reuther Monroe 16-Dec-1934 14-May-2013 St. Peter Cemetery
Robinson Dennis G. 2-Feb-1947 20-Oct-2006          US Navy Vietnam Ridgeway Cemetery
Rodgers Bobby R. 19-Apr-1937 1-Mar-2015 Hugh Wilson Cemetery   US Army
Saegert Edmund Alfred 28-Dec-1923 19-Jan-2009 St. Peter Cemetery
Sappington Joseph A. 28-Oct-1900 27-Jan-1946   vet flag Ridgeway Cemetery
Sappington Joseph William 19-Dec-1927 29-Jul-1996          GM3 US Navy WW 11

Ridgeway Cemetery

Schneider John W. 7-Mar-1862 27-Apr-1915      TX PVT Medical Dept WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Sinclair Mitchell Dennis 5-Nov-1949 3-Feb-2005         PVT US Marine  Vietnam Ridgeway Cemetery
Sowell James F. 18-Apr-1874 8-Nov-1953         Ridgeway Cemetery
Stork John C. "J.C." 18 JUN 1920 20 JAN 1999 Giddings City Cemetery

Strong Homer J. 11-Jan-1892 22-Jan-1922         vet flag Ridgeway Cemetery
Taylor Norman William 8-Sep-1942 16-Jun-2016

Bateman Cemetery

Air Force

Marrs-Jones-Newby Funeral Home

Thieme Alvin Friedrich 18-Dec-1915 11-Jul-2007       TEC5  US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Thomas Harry M. 28-Dec-1894 9-Dec-1972 Giddings City Cemetery
Urban Walter 19-Apr-1927 12-Jan-1967 TEXAS PFC 31 INF DIV WWII Ridgeway Cemetery
Walker, SR George William 7-Jan-1925 14-Feb-2006     PFC US Marine Corps   WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Watts Thomas Wayne 28-Sep-1943 August 2016 Memorial only at Colorado Cowboy Church Smithville TX

US Air Force Vietnam Era

Wheeler James 12-Feb-1940 30-Aug-2013         Click here for obituary   SP4 US Army

Ridgeway Cemetery

Whitworth Ambrose L. 1-Apr-1894 3-Feb-1954   TX Sgt  33 Balloon Co. A.S. WW 1 Ridgeway Cemetery
Whitworth Gordon E 23-Jan-1903 20-May-1926       TX Sgt 43 SCH SQ Air SVC WW 1 Ridgeway Cemetery
Whitworth Lee     WW 11
Whitworth Vance 17-Jun-1907 1-Mar-1959          TX Sgt Co. L. 123 Inf WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Wichmann Lawrence F 10-Feb-1915 13-Apr-1996               PFC US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery
Williams Richard W. "Dick" 19-Oct-1900 18-Jul-1952 Lexington Cemetery
Wolf, Gus W. 16-Aug-1931 16-Oct-2007 see obituary
Wolf Roland Paul Jr 05-Dec-1946 18-Oct-1975 Giddings City Cemetery
Woods J. E.          Co. A.  12 TX CAV C. S. A.  Ridgeway Cemetery
Wright Horace Murphy 26-Jan-1911 17-Dec-1983         PHC US Army WW 11 Ridgeway Cemetery

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