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World War I Veterans

Most of the Information provided here was collected and originally supplied by Joy Neely.  We thank her for her dedication and the time she spent with the TXGenWeb.

Our sincere appreciation for our volunteers efforts to supply genealogical data to us all!

ALSO Carolyn Zaskoda: has updated with corrections in March 2020.

And I am trying to cross reference and update the pages.   

If you are aware of other available military records or can provide us with such records, please contact Jane Keppler


Note: In the Source column, BT indicates Bellville Times, and SN is Sealy News.

Veterans are listed by Surname 

Austin County Cemeteries


Thanks to Carolyn Zascoda for updates to these files. March 2020

Last Name First Name(s) Rank Cemetery Source, Other Information
Abbs Duffie  165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Ives Creek  1930 CENSUS
Abel Edwin Carl Cpl Co. K 360 Inf. U. S. Army Galveston Mem Pk-Hitchcock 1930 YES WWI , Ratliff, death cert.
Abel Ewald M.  Pvt. 39 Co 165  Dep Brig US Army Galveston Mem. Pk. Hitchcock


SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 6 1930 YES WW; Ratliff
Adams Thomas B.  Pfc Co C 509 Engrs U. S. Army Cedar Hill; Wash. Co. Death Cert. Black
Addicks John H.  Sup Co 344 F. A. U. S. Army Pr. Lea, Brenham V.A. Death Cert., mil. marker,  Ratliff
Adrian James Dennis US Army   BT obit
Albert Bennett Eddy (Ben)   Sealy  
Alger Julian W.  Vermont Capt. 315 Engrs. 90 Div. Sealy BT-5/26/55; SN-6/28/79;tombstone
Allen Hugh  Pvt Co G 19 Inf U. S. Army Sealy BT-5/26/55; Ratliff
Ammons Benjamin B.  1st Lt. 92 M. P. Co U. S. Army    Ratliff, headstone app.
Ammons Oscar U. S. ArmyOrg.3 Co. 1 Bn. 165 Dep. Brig. Oak Park Cem Houston  Ratliff
Amthor August   Sealy BT 5-26-55
Anderson Ed   San_Felipe_Black  
Anderson John A  Pvt U. S. Army, Co. A. 326 Laor Bn., Aurora (NE) Cemetery Ratliff
Anderson Roy Everett  TX C.B.M. US Navy Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 4
Andreas  Andress Delmar  Cpl. QMC Aux. Rmt. Dep US Army Oak Knoll BT-5/26/55; Ratliff
Anton Willie Gustav US Army Welcome2 tombstone
Armentrout Allen  D 312 MTC Repair Oak Hill, Cameron 1930 census yes ww
Armstrong George  Pvt. Co C 509 Engrs. U. S. Army    Ratliff
Armstrong Ralph William US Army 1960-62; 2 yrs in Germany Oak Knoll VA death file. BT Sept. 2003
Arndt Otto A.  horseshoer Co B 315 Engrs US Army Industry Methodist 1930 CENSUS; Ratliff
Arning John, Sr.  Pvt. 55 Co. 14 Bn 165 Dep. Brig Army Oak Knoll tombstone 1930 CENSUS; Ratliff
Ashorn Bernhard (Bernhardy Charles)  Cpl. Co D 11 Sup Tn U. S. Army Mt. Olivet, Ft.Worth Ratliff
Ashorn Otto W Army New_Ulm Ratliff
Assmann Adolph J.  Pfc Co I 167 Inf U. S. Army Industry Brethren tombstone & BT-2/18/88 p. 8; Ratliff
Baade George Houston  Pfc Co E 55 Inf U. S. Army Sealy Ratliff
Bader Edmund, Sr.  Cpl. Sec. B., SATC U. S. Army Oak Knoll tombstone & BT-8/23/45; Ratliff
Bader Leslie Lewis  SATC U. of TX Oak Knoll Ratliff, death cert.
Bader Roland Cummings  SATC U. of TX Ringwood Cem.; New Boston, Tx. Ratliff
Balcerowicz Frank  165 Dep. Brig U. S. Army E. Gethsemane, Rosenberg Ratliff. death cert
Balke John Walter Surgeon.  Capt 210 Med Corp US Army Greenlawn Cemetery

Rosenberg, TX

1930 Census
Balke Paul Christian, Sr.  TX Pvt. 315 TM BN Sealy SN-6/28/79 sec 2
Ballard Dee Julian  Cpl 39 Co 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Grace Mem.Pk


Bambuch Joseph Fritz  Cpl MachGun Co 67 Inf U. S. Army St. James Cem.; Seguin Ratliff, death cert.
Banks Tom  Co C 522 Engrs U. S. Army Golden Gate Cem. Houston Ratliff, death cert., headstone app.
Bankett Ezekial US Army Ives Creek tombstone
Barnes Thomas G. US Army wagoner Co B Prairie Lea Cem.


discharge rec., 1930 census
Baron Rudolph Richard Pvt- 131 MG Bn 43 Div. US Army St. John's Cath. Cem. Hungerford, Tx. tombstone, death cert., VA
Barta  Alfons   Guardian Angell 1930 cens yes WWI
Barta (Bartay) Charlie Emil W1 Draft Reg. Flatonia, Fayette,.Co. Tx   W1 Draft
Bartay Albert James  Provost Guard C 55 Co 14 Bn 165; US Army (died in Houston) Ratliff, VA
Bartay Eddie  Pvt 165 Dep Brig. US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-5/26/55, tombstone
Bartay Herman C.  Cpl. U S Army Sealy tombstone sec 6
Bartay Roland Muscian 2nd class 36th div US Army Oak Knoll BT-6/11/98 & tombstone & family; Ratliff
Bartay Tony  Sgt. Bakery Co 346 U. S. Army Florence Cem.; Florence, Tx. 23 11/12 yrs. 12/6/17; Ratliff
Bartram Alex Ernest  Pfc Camp HQ Det.;U. S. Army Lockhart Ts. Municipal Burial Park Ratliff, tombstone, death cert.
Bartram Benno Ardelbert  Pfc 32 Co 8 Bn 165 Dep Brig Army   Ratliff; VA death file
Bassett George  Pfc Co C 521 Engrs U. S. Army Downey tombstone (Black), Ratliff
Bassett Lindsey Pvt US Army Downey BT-5/26/55
Bassett Thomas L.  Co B SATC Prairie View Downey Ratliff
Bassett  John G      (colored) discharge rec.
Bastian Ernest Henry  41 Co 11 Bn 165 Dep Brig US Army New_Ulm Ernest J. in Ceme. Book; Ratliff; 1930 Census, d. cert.
Bastian Otto Charles  MachGun Co 144 Inf U. S. Army New_Ulm BT-9/20/84 p. 12; Ratliff
Bates Frank  Pvt Co B 313 Serv Bn U. S. Army Los Angeles (CA) Natl Cem Ratliff
Batla Ben A.  Bglr Btry F 131 Field Art U. S. Army Ft. Bliss Ntl Cem; El. Paso 22 5/12 yrs b. Cat Spring; Ratliff
Batla Victor Pfc 53 Air Serv. Baloon Co US Army CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny tombstone; Ratliff
Beal John Wesley  Pvt Co C 509 Engs U S Army Hillside tombstone 22 1/12 yrs ;  Ratliff
Beal Joseph N.  Pvt Co A 414 Reserve Labor Bn Army Richard_Grove Ratliff
Beckman August E.  Cpl Cook MTrk Co 404 MSup Tn 417 Army Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 7; Ratliff
Beckman Gustav  Pfc Co D 55 Inf U. S. Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest 1930 CENSUS; Ratliff
Beckman Ota D. (Dick)  Electrician 2nd cl U. S. Navy ForestPk. Houston BT-1/25/90 p. 10, Ratliff
Beckman Otto Louis  Co D 45 Inf U. S. Army ForestPk. Houston Ratliff, death cert
Beckmann Alvin  Cook 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Industry Methodist Ratliff; mil tombstone
Beckman Gustav  Pfc Co D 55 Inf U. S. Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest 1930 CENSUS; Ratliff
Beckmann Walter  Pfc 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Luth CatSpring Ratliff
Belanger Alcest Ambrose, Jr. U. S. Navy 1919-21 UTMB, Galveston V. A.;  death cert   New Ulm
Bell Foster F.  Cpl Aux Rmt Dep 325 QMC Army Oak Knoll Ratliff, death cert.
Bell Luther C.  TX Pfc Co C 168 Inf 42 Div US Army Oak Knoll BT-5/26/55 & tombstone; Ratliff
Bender Lawrence Louis  Pvt. 40 Co 10 Bn 165 D B U S Army Sealy tombstone sec 6; Ratliff
Bender Paul  TX Pvt 329 Aux Rmt Depot Qmc Welcome #2 tombstone; Ratliff
Benjamin Bennie  Sgt 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Houston National Cemetery Ratliff, death cert
Benjamin Henry  Pvt 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Houston National Cemetery Ratliff, 1930 census
Bennett Eddie Albert US Army SealyM 1930 Census; death certificate
Bernshauser Reinhart  Pfc Co M 127 Inf U. S. Army Ft.Sam Ho.Cem. San Antonio Ratliff
Bertling Lewis Clyde  U. S. Army Oak Knoll BT-12/18/86 p. 19; VA death file, 1930 Census
Bethany Oscar Alexander  Mess Att 2nd cl U. S. Navy Evergreen Mem Pk-Tucson AZ Ratliff
Bevill Grover Lee Reg. for Draft, El Paso. Yes US Armed Forces Sunnyside Mausoleum Houston Death Cert
Beyer Herman Fredrick W US Marine Corps Rosenberg Cem. Rosenberg military tombstone
Beyer Herman Otto   Oak Knoll  
Bielec Valenta (Valentine)  Pvt 80 Inf U. S. Army Mem Gardens; Victoria Discharge, , 1920 Census, Wallis; Ratliff
Bielefeld Ben  Pfc Vet Corps Hosp 18 U. S. Army Oak Knoll BT-5/26/55; Ratliff
Bivins Lucious PFC US Army Houston National Cemetery V. A., death cert, tombstone
Blackman Eugene  Pfc Co E 24 Inf U. S. Army Pilgrim's Rest_Black tombstone, Ratliff
Blackman Smith   SealyOther BT-5/26/55
Blacknell Floyd Warren  Pvt 159 Dep Brig U. S. Army San Felipe Cem--Black Ratliff, death cert.
Blacknell Harry  Pfc 22 Serv Co 20 Engrs U. S. Army Downey Ratliff
Blacknell James  Pfc. U S Army San Felipe Cem--Black tombstone
Blacknell Smith  Pvt 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Downey Ratliff
Blackwell Clarence F.  Pfc Co 165 Depot Brigade Dotson tombstone
Blanchette Grady  Co I 17th Inf U. S. Army Woodlawn, Houston  Ratliff, death cert
Blanchette Harmon  Pvt. Co 314 Z.M.C.  U. S. Army Died,pneumonia Oak Knoll BT-5/26/55, tombstone
Blaylock Fletcher   Jeff tombstone
Blunson Eugene  Pvt 445 Res Labor Bn U. S. Army Mt. Zion Garden of Mem Ratliff, 1930 Census
Boehme Ben   New_Ulm BT-5/26/55 & tombstone, Draft reg.
Boeker Frank E.  Pvt. Vet Corps Hosp 12 U S Army St.JamesCem tombstone; Ratliff
Boelsche Bennie  Army SATC U of TX Sec B Industry Brethren Ratliff
Boesling Thomas Ed.  TX Sgt. Co. A 315 Engs. 90 Div. Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 7; Ratliff
Bohne Edwin C. Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA
Bolden Cleffus M.  Pvt Co A 522 Serv Bn Engrs US Army Downey Ratliff
Bolden Lucious Army Wesley Chapel Cem-Clemons, Waller County TX  
Bollman Otto  Pvt Co C 20 Bn US Gds U. S. Army Forest Park Cem, Houston 29 2/12 yrs death c. 4/26/1918; Ratliff
Bollman Richard  Pvt Co C 345 MachGunBn U. S. Army Forest Park Cem, Houston Ratliff, death cert
Bolten Lee Royal  165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Millheim Graveyard Ratliff
Bonner Oscar  Co C 523 Engrs Serv Bn U. S. Army Brenham Colored Cem. Ratliff, death cert
Borgel Bernhard (Buckhorn)  Pfc Vet Hosp 12 U. S. Army Sealy SN-6/28/79; Ratliff VA death file
Bormann Alfred B.  Sup Co. 344 Field Art U. S. Army Welcome # 2 tombstone; Ratliff
Bouldin Johnnie Lee  Co D 449 Res Labor Bn. U. S. Army Kenney Cem Ratliff, death cert, tombst.
Boyd Vick Leroy  Pfc Co B 358 Inf U. S. Army Sealy draft reg 1930 census; Ratliff; tinbstibe
Bozeman James Sidney U. S. Navy  Sealy death cert., discharge rec.
Bozeman Jessie Hinton  Pvt Bkrs & Cooks' School U. S. Army Sealy death cert
Bradbrook Dr. Henry  1st Lt Medical Corp U. S. Army CatSprLutheran tombstone; Ratliff
Brandes Otto  Btry A 126 Field Art. U. S. Army Oak Knoll 1930 census, death cert.
Brandt Eddie JT PVT 34 CO 165 Dep Brig US Army Wesley  
Brast Gustav  Pfc. U S Army Sealy tombstone sec 6 VA death file
Brast Otto L. US Army CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny BT-5/26/55
Brau Ralph William US Army Oak Hill, Smithville TX  
Braun August William  Pvt Vet Hosp 18 U. S. Army Pr. Lea Brenham  
Braun Oscar A.(August)  Pvt Co IE 2 DEV BN U. S. Army Waller (Tex) Cem mil tombstone
Bravenec, Jr. John  Hq Co 141 Regt of Inf U. S. Army Oak Knoll death cert.
Bretschneider Walter US Army CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny  
Brinkmeyer Charlie W1 Draft. Washington, Wash. Co. Texas Prairie Lea Cem.; Brenham W1 Draft, death cert
Brockmann Edwin  Pvt Sn Sq 77 U. S. Army Woodlawn Cem., Houston death cert
Broeker Christian  Pvt. M G Co 143 Inf U S Army Phillipsburg tombstone; Ratliff
Brooks Albert  Cpl Co A 322 Serv Bn QMC  Army   Ratliff
Brooks Bennie  Pvt Co C 509 Engrs U. S. Army Paradise North Cem-Houston Ratliff
Brosig Anton  165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Sealy 1930 CENSUS; Ratliff VA death file
Brosig Major  Pfc Co A 21, M G Bn U. S. Army Forest Park, Houston Ratliff; tombstone
Brouillette Herbert M.  U. S. Marines Oak Knoll BT-6/6/85
Brown Elbert  Pvt Co A 65 Pion Inf U. S. Army, Died of Pneumonia Downey BT-5/26/55 Ratliff
Brown James  Pvt. Co A 65 Pion Inf U. S. Army Downey


tombstone Ratliff
Brown James  Pvt Co D 522 Engrs U. S. Army Pattison city cem


Brown Joe  Cook 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Downey BT-5/26/55, Ratliff
Brown Juny Record not found   Ratliff
Brune Willie F US Army Sealy military tombstone
Bruton Jesse US Army Katy Magnolia  Cem. death cert
Bryan W. D. (Walter Daniel US Army Sealy SN-6/28/79; 1930 Census, death cert
Bryant James  Pvt Co A 326 Labor Bn U. S. Army Colorada Chapel Cem. Smithville, TX Ratliff
Brzymialkiewcz Walter U. S. Army Oak Knoll death cert
Bubak Herman  E.  Pvt. U S Army Sealy tombstone sec 2
Bucek Frank  Cpl. Hq Det 312 F Sig Bn U. S. Army Kenedy City Cem Ratliff, death cert
Buchala John William (Willie)  Co K 45 Inf U. S. Army St.Marys_Frydek Ratliff
Buddenberg Fritz  TX Pvt. BTRY D 130 Field Arty St James tombstone
Buehring Erwin August  Wag. 110 T M Btry U. S. Army Bellwood Mem. Park, Temple Ratliff, death cert, 1930 census
Buenger Eldie William  Co A 21 M G Bn U. S. Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest Ratliff
Buenger Norbert E.  Service Part Unit 494 U. S. Army 1861Pilgrim's Restt Ratliff
Buenger Otto Carl (Karl)  TX Cpl Co. K 360 Inf. 90 Div. Army, Wounded Sealy SN-6/28/79; Ratliff  BT-5/26/55
Burditt, Sr. Austin  Pvt. 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Dotson tombstone Ratliff; VA death file
Bures Frank V, Jr. Pvt.165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Air Service 29 Bln Co Sealy tombstone sec 7; Ratliff
Burger August C.  Mech Co K 360 Inf U. S. Army, Died of wounds Live Oak Cem Manchaca TX  
Burgess Walter US Army Kilgore City cem. discharge rec., death cert
Burns Asa S.  165 Dep Brig U. S. Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest  BT-5/26/55; Ratliff
Burns John Quincy  Pfc Co E 21 Engrs. U. S. Army Hillcrest Cem.

Gallup NM

Burttschell Walter A.  Pvt. HQ Co. 36 Inf. U S Army Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 6
Bush David  Pvt Co B 531 Engrs U. S. Army Sealy Ratliff
Bushwall James Boyd W1Draft, Dallas Tx Sealy W1 Draft
Byars Jones  Pvt Co C 509 Engrs Serv Bn  Army   Ratliff
Byars Namon  Pvt 22 Serv Bn Co 20 Engrs  Army Restlawn Cemetery

Houston TX

Byers Dave  Pvt Co B 513 Engrs U. S. Army Brady

McCulloch County TX

Byers Richard Record not found   Ratliff
Bynum Elijah  Pvt Co I 369 Inf U. S. Army Scott Cem, Millican,  Brazos County TX Ratliff
Byrd Abe B Pvt 1/C Co C 313 Service Batt US Army FT Sam Houston Natl Cem Black.Discharge rec.
Cain Paul D. (Durwood)  Sgt. Co K 360 Inf  U.S. Army, Wounded Oak Knoll tombstone, Ratliff
Callender Richard Erwin Pvt. US Army Bryan City Cem discharge rec.
Campbell  John Ray   Courtney Cem. Navasota TX 1930 Census
Campbell Samuel "Sam" Cpl Co D 412 Res Lab Bn Hillside  
Cannon Maxie  Pfc Sup Co 324 QMC U.S. Army Trinity Episcopal Cem  Galveston, TX Ratliff
Canty Eddie  Co I 369 Inf U. S. Army Pleasant Grove tombstone Ratliff
Carter George  Pvt Co L 801 Pion Inf U. S. Army   Ratliff
Carter Rufus  (Hardy)  Pfc Co B 322 Lab Bn U. S. Army Jefferson Ratliff, death cert., 1930 Census
Cary Howard Brillault, Jr.   Oak Knoll V. A.;  death cert
Cary Ruby Rye   Oak Knoll tombstone
Cauthorn James N.  Pfc Hq Co 130 F A U. S. Army McKeesport Cem, PA Ratliff
Cerny Frank W. (Wencel)  Pfc Co K 360 Inf U. S. Army Guardian Angel Draft reg.,Discharge, Wallis; Ratliff
Chappell Ed.  Pvt 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Breckenridge Cem, TX Ratliff
Chappell Hillery  Pvt 20 Engrs U. S. Army Lott TX cem black Ratliff
Charpiot Albert Alexander.  Cpl. Hq Co 144 Inf U. S. Army Oak Knoll Ratliff, death cert.
Chatham Leo  Seaman 1 cl U. S. Navy Oak Knoll tombstone, Ratliff
Chatham Roy  Boilermaker U. S. Navy Oak Knoll BT-5/26/55, Ratliff
Chernocky Charles  Pvt. Med Dept. U.S. Army Oak Knoll tombstone; Ratliff
Chernocky John  21 Construction Co. U. S. Army   Ratliff
Chernosky John Pvt Co. A  U S Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest Ratliff
Cieslewicz (Charlie?)

Charles F

 Pfc Flying School Det U. S. Army Sealy Catholic Ratliff
Cieslewicz Ignac (W.?

Ignac M

 Pfc Hq Co 28 Inf U. S. Army, Wounded Sealy Catholic Ratliff
Clapp Norval F.  TX Sgt. US Marine Corp Sealy SN-6/28/79 sec 2, tombstone
Clark James G. US Army Air Services Oak Knoll tombstone, VA
Clark Salum  Pvt Co I 368 Inf U. S. Army Lincoln Mem. Park, Dallas Ratliff, death cert
Clarke Eugene  Chaplain U. S. Army VA Kerrville, Tx Sealy Am. Leg. Post 443
Clayton William S.  USNR Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone
Clemons T Lincoln US Army CAC Oak Knoll  
Cleveland Jasper  Pvt Co D 410 Res Labor Bn US Army Kenney Cem. Ratliff, death cert
Cleveland Saul  Pvt. 1 Co Col Ret Camp U. S. Army Parker Chapel tombstone Ratliff
Cloud Guy  Cpl Btry F 344 F A U. S. Army Buckhorn tombstone
Cloud Walter  Pvt 412 Reserve Lab Bn QMC  Army   Ratliff
Cloyd Cecil T.  Pfc Co I 141 Inf U. S. Army Lost at sea 1942


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Cloyd    Raymond Ryle   Oak Knoll discharge rec.,1930 census
Coates Aaron A.(Austin)  Pvt 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army Houston Mem Gardens Ratliff, VA death file
Cochran George  Seaman 2nd Class U S Navy Jefferson tombstone & BT-5/26/55, Ratliff
Cole Elijah  Col Det 57 Dep Brig U. S. Army Kenney Ratliff; death cert
Cole Lonnie   South Park Cemetery, Pearland Harris County TX 1930 Census
Collier Tolliver  Pfc Co K 370 Inf U. S. Army Houston National Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX Ratliff
Coody James Woodall   Wallis 1930 census
Cook George Allison  Cpl Co B 21 Bn U S Gds US Army Sealy BT-5/26/55,
Cook Wilbur Owen  SATC U. of TX Greenwood Maus. Ft. Worth death cert, VA deaths
Cooper George   Pattison Cem. death cert; 1930 Census
Cornelius Alfred Arnold  Pfc Btry A 65 Arty CAC U. S. Army Biloxi Ms. Ntl. Cem. Ratliff;; tombstone.
Cornelius George A.  Sup Co 29 Bn U. S. Army Cat Spring Ratliff
Coufal Joseph J. Pfc Bak Co. 375 QMC;     U. S. Army Snook, Tx draft reg., death cert; tombstone
Coufal    Joseph Jaraslav US Navy   draft registration
Cox Lee B.  1st Lt U. S. Marines, Medals Laurel Land Memorial Park, Ft. Worth TX Ratliff
Cramer Agrippa G  Cpl Co I 801 Pion Inf U. S. Army died in Contra Costa, CA Ratliff
Cramer Joe  Pvt Co 3 Aux Rmt 329 U. S. Army Houston National Cemetery Ratliff, VA , tombstone
Crawford Bruce Leroy  Fireman 1st class U. S. Navy Philadelphia PA. Ntl Cem. Ratliff, tombstone
Crawford James E PFC 511 Tng Gp USAAF Buckhorn  
Crawford Lister Buffalo Soldier, US. Army Oak Knoll findagrave
Crisp   Philetus S. US Army 1917-18 reenlised Reg Army 12/6/1925 Lower Chireno Cem. VA death, discharge rec., death cert.
Crockett Walter  Pvt Co A 24 Inf U. S. Army Lake View Cem. Wichita Falls Ratliff, death cert, 1920 Census
Cummings Nehemiah  Pvt Co A 449 Reserve Labor Bn Army Paradise S. Cem; Houston Ratliff, death cert, 1930 Census
Cumings Neil Elroy  Sgt Co H 31 Mich N.G. U. S. Army, Wounded Forest Park Westheimer Cem. Ratliff, death cert
Cummings Allen W.  Pfc Co D 355 Labor Bn U. S. Army Houston Ntl. Cem. Ratliff, mil. marker
Cummings Reese  Pvt 412 Res.Labor Bn QMC US Army Motley Cem. Washington, Tx Ratliff
Cunningham Leonard B.  Pvt. 190 Aero Sq A. S. U S Army Wallis tombstone; Ratliff
Dahse Adolph  Co D 142 M P Bn U. S. Army Davis-Greenlawn Cemetery, Rosenberg TX Ratliff
Damek John  Co K 64 Inf U. S. Army Magnolia Pk; Cem;Dayton Ratliff
David Vernon Leroy  2nd Lt. 359 Inf  U. S. Army Mission Burial Park, N. San Antonio b. Meridian, MS; Ratliff
Davis Bennie  Pvt Dep Brig 21 Co.6 Bn 165U. S. Army Oak Park Cem. Houston Ratliff, tombstone
Davis Berry Biggs. TX Pvt  5th Army Air Force AP,1917-18 Oak Knoll Dierking's list, VM
Davis Ed  Pvt Co A 343 Serv Bn U. S. Army Jefferson tombstone Ratliff
Davis Milton Floyd ACM1 US Naval Reserves Shelby Tombstone
Davis Will  Pvt Co A 435 Labor Bn U. S. Army   Ratliff
Dawson Choice Alexander  Pvt. Co A 410 Res Lab Bn U S Army Dotson tombstone Ratliff
Dawson John  Pvt. Co B 308 Serv Bn QMC US Army Downey BT-5/26/55 Ratliff
De Lay Alphie  Cpl Det Sig C U. S. Army Calvary Hill Cem. Dallas Ratliff, death cert, 1930 Census
De Lay   Roy Earl U S. Army Oak Knoll death cert, discharge rec., VA.
Dethloff Albert Fred  Pvt. Co. F 34 Inf U. S. Army Dethloff. tombstone; Ratliff
Dierke Willie Frank  Co K 3 Bn Inf  U. S. Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest Ratliff
Dirba Raymond (Robert)  Co L 85 Inf U. S. Army GAngel Wallis Ratliff
Dittert Anton , Jr.  TX Cpl 165 Dep Brig U S Army Oak Knoll tombstone; Ratliff
Dittert Charles M.  App seaman U. S. Navy CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny Ratliff
Dittert Charles Marion AS US Navy Reserves Forest Park Cem-Houston  
Dittert J. Lee  COTS Camp MacArthur, TX Oak Knoll Ratliff; 1930 census, DC
Dittman Paul  Corpl 360 Inf 90 Div Texas San Felipe BT-5/26/55 & tombstone
Dittmar   Herman   PubSealy Bill F death cert
Dobbins  Joseph Quinlan US Navy Seaman 2nd Class St. Mary's Cemetery, Ardmore OK discharge rec.X
Dockal Bennie L.  Corp. U S Army, Died of pneumonia Industry Brethren tombstone & CzechMovBT-5/26/55
Dodd Johnnie D.  Pfc M G Base Hosp 92 US Army Memorial Oaks Cem. Houston Ratliff
Dodson   Barney Louis Seaman 2nd Class US Navy South Park Ceme Houston, Tx discharge rec. death cert Yes WW 1 Navy .
Donahue James W. (William)  U S Army Oak Knoll tombstone
Dorbritz William C. (Carl)  Maj M G Co 107 Inf U. S. Army, 1918-19 Prairie Lea Cemetery Washington County TX  VA Marker shows WW2 Ratliff
Downey Arthur  Prv 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army San Felipe Black tombstone, Ratliff
Downey Dennis  Pvt Co B 522 Engr Serv Bn US Army San Felipe Black tombstone, Ratliff
Drab Emil E.(Ernest)  Pvt. Ord C U. S. Army CatSpr Lutheran tombstone; Ratliff
Drescher Lawrence Pvt 5 AMB Co 3 Div US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest tombstone, headstone app. BT 5/26/55
DuBose William Raymond  165 Dep Brig then COTS U. S. Army Hempstead Cem. Ratliff, death cert.
Dudley Albert  Co A 322 Labor Bn U. S. Army Jefferson Ratliff, death cert.
Dudley Walter L. Cpl 2 Co 4 BN 164 Depot Brig  US Army Jefferson tombstone
Duran Bryan A.  Pvt. USMC Sealy Catholic tombstone, military marker
Dusek Blazej   Guardian Angel BT-5/26/55
Duve Alfred (John)  70 Bln Co Balloon School U S Army Houston National Cemetery Ratliff, death cert., tombstone
Duve Charles C.  Co C 1 Bn Repl Tng Center US Army Hoppe Ratliff


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