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Montgomery County Memorial Library in Conroe Texas


The Genealogy & History Room is located in the Central Library on the second floor. It contains the fourth largest genealogy collection in the state. For more information call 936.788.8363 ext. 6249. Download the Genealogy MCMLS Department Guide.


Carl Smith's Programs at the
Genealogy & History Room
May – August 2019


The Staff

Renee Kernan, Carl Smith, Genealogy Librarian,
Pat Nichols and Nelson Kornegay


 Preservation Pad at the Library

Preservation Pad Instructions for Using the Preservation Pad Equipment
as of June 5, 2019:

Preservation Pad Fact Sheet

Preservation Pad Tri-Fold

Kodak High Speed Photo Scanner & Kiosk

Epson V850 Pro Flatbed Scanner

Funai VHS-to-DVD Converter

DVD/Blu-Ray / M-DISC Produplicator

Wolverine 8MM-Super8 Movie Maker Pro

Wolverine Slide Scanner

Ion USB Cassette Converter


Photos of the Preservation Pad Equipment
from 2017


Genealogy & Local History Room, the Genealogy & Local History Room at the Central Library of Montgomery County Memorial Library System is pleased to announce a new service for the public: The Preservation Pad. The MCMLS Genealogy department recognizes that the photos and documents of today are the historical records of future generations. The library’s Preservation Pad is here to help individuals convert their print, photographic, and analog media into a digital format thereby helping to preserve and share precious family memories and moments for generations to come. The Preservation Pad is set up into four distinct stations with state of the art equipment to help you in this process:

Kodak High Speed Photo Scanner& Kiosk

Got shoeboxes or photo albums stuffed with print photographs? The new Kodak High Speed Photo scanner will help you convert those prints into a high-resolution digital image format. With an easy to use touch-screen interface as well as a scanner capable of scanning 50 photos per minute, you will be able to create digital copies of all those photographs in no time flat. Just bring in a spare USB flash drive and your photos to get started! Does single and double sided scans for those photos that are identified!

Wolverine F2D Mighty Scanner

Want to convert those old slides or negatives into a digital image? Our small but powerful Wolverine F2D Mighty Scanner is capable of handling 35mm, 100mm, 126K, 127K slides and negatives, as well as old 8mm / Super 8 film strips, converting them into a digital JPEG image format. Just bring in your old photographic media along with your USB Flash drive to get started!

Funai VHS-to-DVD Converter

The year 2016 marked the end of an era: The last VHS player was manufactured in July 2016. The time is ticking for those who have those old home videos saved onto VHS cassette tapes to convert them over to a DVD format. The Preservation Pad’s Funai VHS-to-DVD Converter, literally the last of its kind, is here to help you do just that. Just bring in your old VHS tapes along with a blank DVD –R/-RW disk to get started. (Note: Our player can’t read positive DVD discs (DVD +R/ +RW). Please double check your disc type before coming in to use the converter!)

DVD/Blu-Ray / M-DISC Produplicator

So you just finished converting those old home videos or photos and burned them onto a new DVD. Want to make some copies to share with family or friends? Our Produplicator is a disc-duplicating machine that can make up to five copies of a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disk at once. It is also equipped with a powerful burner that can copy a normal DVD or Blu-Ray disk onto the new M-Disc archival media format that is capable of lasting up to 1,000 years without any degradation to data. Just bring in your source DVD along with a few blank discs to get started! The M-Discs come in various capacities.

If you are interested in using any of the machines in the Preservation Pad, we ask that you please contact the Genealogy Department to set up a reservation first by calling 936-788-8363 ext. 6249 or emailing us at librarygenealogy@countylibrary.org. Due to anticipated high demand for our new equipment, reservations will be made at a first-come-first served basis. Thank you!


¯¯¯¯¯¯¯Volunteer Honored by
John Barker, Esq. Chapter


Now is Available from home
Using your Library Card

 Now a Family History Center!

The Genealogy & History Room in Montgomery County Memorial Library is now a Family History Center.


Microfilm Collections at the Library
 Additions as of December 31, 2013



New Books on the Shelf at the Genealogy & History Room

 May - August 2018

Now in PDF


March 31, 2017
Location Title Author Call Number
GEN African American women confront the West, 1600-2000    305.896073 Bro 1600-2000
GEN Black cowboys in the American West: on the range, on the stage, behind the badge    305.896073 Bro
GEN An empire for slavery: the peculiar institution in Texas, 1821-1865  Campbell, Randolph B. 306.362 Cam 1821-1865
GEN Destiny road: the Gila Trail and the opening of the Southwest  Faulk, Odie B. 978 Fau
GEN Fertile ground, narrow choices: women on Texas cotton farms, 1900-1940  Sharpless, Rebecca 305.4 Sha 1900-1940
GEN The horse soldier, 1776-1943  Steffen, Randy 357.1814 Ste v. 1, 1776-1850; 357.1814 Ste v. 2, 1851-1880; 357.1814 Ste v. 3, 1881-1916
GEN Official army register for 1904  United States Adjutant-General's Office 355.2 Adj
Per - SC Dutch Fork digest: a genealogical newsletter   Per SC Dut v.31
Per - TX East Texas Historical Journal   Per TX Eas v.10 #2;  Eas v.14 #2; Eas v.15 #2; Eas v.24 #2;  Eas v.25 #1;  Eas v.6 #2;  Eas v.7 #2
GA - Morgan  County Rambles through Morgan County: her history, century old houses and churches, and tales to remember  Hicky, Louise McHenry 975.8595 Hic
MO - Atchison  County The 1904 atlas of Atchison County, Missouri.   977.8113 Nor 1904
MO - Buchanan  County Buchanan county, Missouri, marriages of African descent, 1865-1874. 977.8132 Nor 1865-1874
MO - Buchanan  County Buchanan County, Missouri, marriages, 1866-1875. 977.8132 Buc 1866-1875
MO - Buchanan  County Buchanan County, Missouri, marriages, 1876-1881. 977.8132 Buc 1876-1881
MO - Buchanan  County Buchanan County, Missouri, marriages, 1885-1888. 977.8132 Buc 1885-1888
MO - Buchanan  County Buchanan County, Missouri, marriages, 1889-1891. 977.8132Buc 1889-1891
MO - Buchanan  County St. Joseph, Missouri death notices from the Catholic tribune. Cox, Kenneth D. 977.8132 Dea 1916-1921; 977.8132 Dea 1921-1925; 977.8132 Dea 1925-1928
MO - Holt  County 1876 Holt County, Missouri, special census.   977.8115 Nor 1876
MO - Worth  County 1876 special census, Worth County, Missouri: Fletchall, Smith, Union Townships. 977.8825 Nor 1876
MS - GEN Mississippi marriage records thru 1900  Wiltshire, Betty Couch 929.3 Wil Ha - He Males; 929.3 Wil I - J Males
MS - Perry  County Military history of Perry County, Mississippi: American Revolution to World War II  McSwain, Robert J. 976.2175 McS
NC - Perquimans  County Perquimans County Historical Society year book. Perquimans County Historical Society 975.6144 Per 1971; 975.6144 Per 1962-1965; 975.6144 Per 1965-1969; 975.6144 Per 1972-1974
NM - Bernalillo  County Register of city hotels, Albuquerque, New Mexico  Henry, Howard W. 978.961 Gen 1893; 978.961 Gen 1896
NM - Colfax  County The national historic Saint James Hotel, Cimarron, New Mexico: customer ledger  St. James Hotel (Cimarron, N.M.) 978.922 Hen v. 1 1871-1875; 978.922 Hen v. 2 1875-1890; 978.922 Hen v. 3 1887-1902
NM - GEN 1885 territorial census for the territory of New Mexico    310 Tho v. 1; 310 Tho v. 2; 310 Tho v. 3
NM - GEN Fort Bascom: Soldiers, Comancheros, and Indians in the Canadian River Valley  Blackshear, James Bailey 978.9 Bla
NM - GEN National news from the telegraph lines: tidbits of news stories in the Albuquerque Daily Citizen, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1892,1893,1894,1895,1896  Henry, Howard W. 070.44 Hen 1892-1896
NM - GEN New Mexico vital statistics index of the Albuquerque Daily Citizen Newspaper: being the births, marriages, divorces, and deaths for the years 1888-1896, inclusive    929.31 Hen 1888-1896
NM - GEN Pre-1895 surname index of various newspaper microfilm holdings at the Special Collections Library: the Acorn, the Albuquerque Advance, the Albuquerque Weekly Review, the Evening Review, the Gallup Gleaner, New Mexico Weekly Press, the Rio Abajo Weekly Press    070.44 Hen Pre-1895
NM -Colfax  County Records of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Colfax County, New Mexico, 1867-1918    978.922 Hen 1867-1918
TN - GEN Legacies of our great grand mothers: early Tennessee women  Daughters of the American Revolution Tennessee Society 973.3 Ten v. 1
TN - GEN 973.3 Ten v. 2
TX - Bexar  County San Antonio and its beginnings: comprising the four numbers of the San Antonio series with appendix  Chabot, Frederick C. (Frederick Charles) 976.435 Cha 1691-1731
TX - Brewster  County Big Bend country: a history of Big Bend National Park  Maxwell, Ross A. 976.4932 Max
TX - Collin  County Texas takes  Summers, L. C. (Luther Compton) 976l4556 Smi
TX - Coryell  County Police record A: Coryell County, Texas, founded March 15, 1854  Henry, Howard W. 976.4515 Hen v. 1; 976.4515 Hen v. 2
TX - Dallas  County Sketches of a growing town: episodes and people of Dallas from early days to recent times    976.42811 Pay
TX - El Paso  County United States Army Training Center, Air Defense, Fort Bliss, Texas.   976.496 USA
TX - GEN Riding Lucifer's Line: Ranger deaths along the Texas-Mexico border  Alexander, Bob 347.016 Ale
TX - GEN Crusade for conformity: the Ku Klux Klan in Texas, 1920-1930. Alexander, Charles C. 976.4062 Ale 1920-1930
TX - GEN Black Texans: a history of African Americans in Texas, 1528-1995  Barr, Alwyn. 305.896 Bar 1528-1995
TX - GEN Stephen F. Austin, empresario of Texas  Cantrell, Gregg 929.2 Can
TX - GEN Texas Lions, 1917-67: a history of 50 years of Lionism  Hyer, Julien C. (Julien Capers) 369.5 Hye 1917-1967
TX - GEN Cotton and conquest: how the plantation system acquired Texas  Kennedy, Roger G. 306.3 Ken
TX - GEN Texas after Spindletop: the saga of Texas, 1901-1965  McKay, Seth Shepard 976.4062 McK
TX - GEN Defender of America's Gulf Coast: a history of Ellington Field, Texas, 1917-2007  Morrow, Kathryn Black. 355.009 Mor 1917-2007
TX - GEN The Texas Army: a history of the 36th division in the Italian campaign  Wagner, Robert L. 940.53 Wag
TX - Montgomery  County Tiger boogie: Conroe Tiger football: a town, a team, a love story  Taylor, Kevin 976.4153 Tay
TX - Robertson  County A history of the Grace United Methodist Church of Bremond, Texas: and reminiscences, 1868-1978  Turner, James L. 976.4239 Tur 1868-1978
TX - Tarrant  County Fort Worth: a sesquicentennial celebration  Pellecchia, Michael 976.4531 Pel
TX - Tarrant  County Fort Worth: outpost, cowtown, boomtown  Rich, Harold 976.4531 Ric
TX - Wilbarger  County Wilbarger County    976.4746 Wil
VA - Augusta  County Second marriage record of Augusta County, Va., 1813-1850. Augusta County (Va.) 975.5916 DAR 1813-1850
VA - Augusta  County Naturalization records, Augusta County, Virginia, 1753-1902  Bushman, Katherine Gentry 975.5916 Bus 1753-1902
VA - Augusta  County The registers of free blacks, 1810-1864 Augusta County, Virginia and Staunton, Virginia  975.5916 Bus 1810-1864
VA - Augusta  County Mills of Augusta County  Downs, Janet Baugher 975.5916 Dow
VA - Augusta  County St. John's Church register: German Reformed and Lutheran, Augusta County, Virginia: (1748) 1786-1872  Joyner, Peggy S. 975.5916 Joy 1748, 1786-1872
VA - GEN Gibraltar of the Shenandoah: Civil War sites and stories of Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County, Virginia  Moore, Robert H. 975.59 Moo
VA - GEN Great Valley patriots: western Virginia in the struggle for liberty: a Bicentennial project sponsored by Augusta County Historical Society, Staunton, Virginia  Wilson, Howard McKnight 973.3 Wil
VA - Stauton  County Our century together: 100 years of photos, memories and News leader front pages  News leader (Staunton, Va.) 975.5911 New


December 31, 2016
Location Title Author Call Number
FH - Davis Family Finding fathers: Lost. Found. Remembered: a family history  Davis, Clyde 929.2 Dav
FH - Davis Family     929.2 Dav ADDENDUM
FH - Erwin Family Carolina pioneers and their descendants  Miller, Annie Elizabeth 929.2 Mil
FH - Hochstetler Family Hochstetler  Showalter, John R. (John Roland) 929.2 Sho v. 1
FH - King Family King family history. Hartzler, H. Harold (Harrod Harold) 929.2 Har v. 1
FH - King Family     929.2 Har v. 2
FH - Kohl (Cole) Family Kohl (Cole) family history: with related families Sheeler, Roth, Sweigart, Soulliard, Beam, and Messner  Soulliard, Sue Kohl 929.2 Sou
FH - Landis Family A combined LandisLandes genealogy report of the descendants of Hans Landis and Katharina Schinz: featuring new data from Dr. Werner Baumann, a Swiss historian and expert on early Hirzel Farm families, their hofs where LandisLandes families lived, he provided information for up to eight generations of LandisLandes descendants Wenger, Samuel E. (Samuel Esbenshade) 929.2 Wen
FH - Palmer Family A world turned upside down: the Palmers of South Santee, 1818-1881    929.2 Tow 1818-1881
FH - Wicker Family Our Wicker family: descendants of Matthias Wicker, immigrant from Germany to South Carolina, 1752  Wicker, Eleanor Clyburn 929.2 Wic
FH - Zook Family Revised ZugZuckZouckZook genealogy  Zook, Harry D. 929.2 Zoo
Foreign - Russia Swiss Russian Mennonite families before 1874 from the Michelsdorf, Michalin, Eduardsdorf, Horodyszcze, Waldheim, Zahoriz, and Kutusovka congregations  Krehbiel, James Woodrow 929.3 Kre
Foreign -Switzerland Anabaptist families from Langnau, Switzerland, 1749-1875: an abstract of Anabaptist families living in the Bishopric of Basel who were entered in the Heimat Register of Langnau (Canton Bern), Switzerland, including family data representing the years 1749 to 1875  Peden, Monty C. 929.2 Ped 1749-1875
General The Old West  Time-Life Books 978 Tim v.19; 978 Tim v.3; 978 Tim v.4; 978 Tim v.7
Per - AR The Carroll County Historical Society quarterly. Carroll County Historical Society (AR) Per AR Car v. 61
Per - General The New England historical and genealogical register.   Per GEN New v. 170
Per - LA New Orleans genesis.   Per LA New 54
Per - MA The Berkshire genealogist.   Per MA Ber v. 37
Per - NC Eswau Huppeday.   Per NC Esw v. 36
Per - SC The South Carolina magazine of ancestral research.   Per SC Sou v. 44
Per - TX České stopy = Czech footprints: quarterly publication of the Texas Czech Genealogical Society.   Per TX Ces v. 16
CT - Hartford County Connecticut colonists: Windsor 1635-1703  Holbrook, Jay Mack 974.62 Hol 1635-1703
CT - Windham County History of Windham County, Connecticut  Larned, Ellen D. (Ellen Douglas) 974.645 Lar v. 2 1760-1880
CT - Windham County     974.645 Lar v.1 1600-1760
GA - Barrow County Winder in the news: newspaper accounts of Winder, Georgia, 1893-1915    975.8195 Pos 1893-1915
GA - Jackson County Jackson County, Georgia newspaper clippings: Jackson Herald    975.8145 Pos|v. 4 1891-1895
OH - Tuscarawas County A brief history of Tuscarawas County, Ohio  Richardson, Julius Miller 377.166 Ric
OH - Tuscarawas County Index to Tuscarawas County, Ohio Common Pleas journal  Libert, Ray 977.166 Lib v. 3, 1826-1831; 977.166 Lib v. 4, 1831-1837
OH - Tuscarawas County Tuscarawas County, Ohio marriages.   977.166 Tus v. 1 (Bks. 1-2-3), 1808-1844
PA - General Palatine origins of some Pennsylvania pioneers  Burgert, Annette K. 929.2 Bur
PA - General Grossgartach, Wuerttemberg, to Pennsylvania: some early colonial German immigrants  Burgert, Annette K. 943 Bur
PA - Lancaster County A new index, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, before the federal census  Hawbaker, Gary T. 974.815 Haw v. 1-2, 1780
PA - Lancaster County     974.815 Haw v. 3, 1750; 974.815 Haw v. 4, 1718-1726
SC - Charleston County Long Island South: stories of Sullivans Island and the Isle of Palms, two of South Carolina's barrier beaches  Wannamaker, W. W. 975.791 Wan
SC - General Charleston blockade: the journals of John B. Marchand, U.S. Navy, 1861-1862  Marchand, John B. (John Bonnett) 808.883 Sym 1861-1862
SC - Kershaw County A history of Kershaw County, South Carolina  Inabinet, Joan A. 975.761 Ina
SC - Lancaster County Confederate records, Lancaster District, South Carolina: gleaned from South Carolina Department of Archives and History and the Lancaster ledger  Jeffcoat, Frances Reeves 975.745 Jef
SC - Laurens County The scrapbook: a compilation of historical facts about places and events of Laurens County, South Carolina.   975.731 Lau
TN - General The Swiss presence in the history of Tennessee  Page, H. Dwight 949.4 Pag
TN - Haywood County County court minutes, 1826-30  Tennessee, County Court (Haywood County) 976.8223 WPA 1826-1830
TX - General Guide and index to Texas Confederate pension application and payment records, 1899-1979  Black, John Anthony, 973.7 Bla v. 1, A - D; 973.7 Bla v. 2, E - M; 973.7 Bla v. 3, N - Z


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