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NOTE: Some of these directions were taken in the 70's or early 80's, so they may not be completely accurate as of today, 4/25/2023

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots or rules and regulations of the cemetery, contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.




Adina Christian Church Cemetery

Take FM 696, going toward Blue (East of Lexington), turn right on CR 309,  go about 2 1/2 miles,& go left to cemetery.

Alcorn Cemetery

About 11 miles east of Giddings.  Turn north off Highway 290 at Goerletz Lake on FM 180 for about 5 miles, located on private property. There are no markers left. It is said that at one time there were 30--40 graves, & it believed this cemetery  dates back to the days of slaves.  It is known that Jack ALCORN & his wife, Crease, were buried there.

Anniversary Cemetery see page
Antioch Cemetery

Black Cemetery.  Take FM 141 from Giddings, go 11 miles and turn right on to county Rd 123 for .8 miles to Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. Cemetery is on right enclosed by a fence.

Atkinson Cemetery

Ledbetter.  301325N; 0964803W

Beaman Family Cemetery

Giddings, TX;  Take FM 141 from Giddings going North, for about 10.5 miles.  Cemetery will be on right hand side.

Beaman High Prairie Cemetery

Dime Box; take CR 122

Bell Settlement Cemetery

Nechanitz, TX;  This cemetery is in Fayette County, but many Lee County residents were buried there, so it included in

our list.

Bethania Cemetery East of Giddings take County Rd 226 (State School Rd).  Go 2.5 then turn right on County Rd 224 for .2 miles and turn left on County Rd 225 for 2.7 miles to the cemetery on right.
Betts Chapel Cemetery

Hwy 44 6 miles northwest of Giddings, TX; 301354N  0965618W

Beulah Cemetery

Alcoa Lake, TX;   303017N;  0970305W.   From US&& at SH21, take US77 North for 7.6 to Loop 123 and turn left for 1.3 miles.  Turn left for one block.  Tuinrn right for .3 mile, then turn right on CR 320 for 7.5 miles to cemetery on the right.

Black Grove Cemetery see page
Bluff Creek Cemetery see page
Born Family Cemetery On private property about 7 miles south on Hwy 77 in Giddings
Bozarth-Smith Chapel Cemetery The cemetery is on private property.
Branch Family Cemetery From Giddings, north on FM 141, right at CO RD 122. CO RD 122 dead ends at CO RD 127. Cemetery is at intersection within locked gate.
Burns Cemetery

Beaukiss, TX; 302335N; 0970903W---According to A History of Lee County: This cemetery is in the northwest part of Lee Co

on FM 696 at the Blue Community.

Cameron-Carter Cemetery

Lexington, TX;  302342N; 0970709W

Candlelight Cemetery Giddings
Carney-Sparks Cemetery Giddings
Center Point Cemetery

Lexington, TX;  302344N; 0970704W

Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery From intersection of 77 and Hwy 290 in Giddings, go north on 77 for 3.7 miles and turn right on County Road 114, then go 3.7 miles to the church and cemetery on the right.
Christian Church Cemetery Take Hwy 290 east of Giddings for 6 miles and turn left on FM 180 and go 9.6 miles then turn left on FM 1697 for .5 mile to gap in fence on right.  Through gap north along fence line for .4 mile to gulley, at this point walk staight ahead to an area where there is a large tree standing.  The cemetery is partially fenced with barbed wire.  Very grown up, hardly able to walk.  NOTE:  these directions were written in 1983 so  they may be revised some.
Clinton Francis Grave Giddings
Cole Cemetery

Also known as Live Oak Cemetery or Gorgi Cemetery located 2 miles north of New Dime Box.

Cole Springs Cemetery Tanglewood area
Copperas Cemetery

Lincoln, TX;  302051N;  0965457W

Corinth Cemetery Take County Road 118 (Old Loebau or Nails Creek Rd) and go north from Giddings for 2.8 miles to Corinth Baptist Church on right and cemetery is behind church. 
Crunk Farm Cemetery Dimebox area.
Darden Cemetery

Located on private property north of West Yegua.

Dodd Cemetery

13 miles Northeast of Giddings, towards Dime Box. Many county descendants are buried here.

Early Chapel Cemetery

Lexington, TX

Ebenezer From Giddings take Hwy77 North for 6.1 mi; turn left onto FM1624 for 4.1 mi; turn right onto CR326 for .2 mi. Cemetery on right on private property behind large barn
Edings Cemetery

Located on private property off Highway 77 north of Lexington.

Evergreen Cemetery

Lincoln, TX;  Located about 5 miles north of Giddings; 301602N; 0965708W

Fedor Cemetery AKA Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery  
Floyd Cemetery Blue, TX.  Take FM 696 from US 290 north 3.9 miles and turn left on gravel road, FM 3000 for .9 mil, instead of turning left as the road goes go straight past old house to gate into subdivision.  Cemetery is located about 1/2 mile into subdivision.
Friendship Cemetery Located in Bastrop County
George Stork Cemetery

on private property on County Road 180

German Cemetery

Lexington, TX;  302518N;  0970002W

Germania Cemetery

Lexington, TX;  302340N;  0970244W

Giddings City Cemetery

On Highway 290 Giddings, TX

Globe Hill Cemetery

2 miles Northeast of Giddings, adjacent to Globe Hill Church

Gloyna Cemetery

Giddings, TX;  300744N;   0965650W

Good Hope Cemetery Take US Hwy 290 east of Giddings, turn right on County Road 226.  Go 3.8 miles to cemetery on left. 
Goodwin-Burns Cemetery

2 miles East of New Dime Box.  All graves since 1930s are gone.  It is believed that John H. GOODSON & 2 sons are

buried here; Also father of Rebecca GOODWIN, who came to Dime Box in 1856 is thought to be buried here, along with

 Sadie BEDELL & the BURNS family.  One person remembers approximately 12 graves 

Greens Creek Cemetery The cemetery is located at the former site of Greens Creek Church near the Fayette County line about 7 miles southeast of Giddings on private property
Guthrie Cemetery

Located one and one-half miles north of Lexington off the Old Belton Road, private property

Haeger Cemetery on private property
Hall Cemetery on private property
Hannes Cemetery

Also known as Old Dime Box Cemetery

Hicks Cemetery

Located about 1/3 mile south of Milam County line near Hwy 77 on former property of Rockdale Coal Company. 

 Latin American mine workers were buried here.  The area is now overgrown with brush.

Hilderbrand Cemetery  
High Prairie Cemetery Take FM 141 from Giddings for 10.9 miles, turn left on CR 122 for  on 1.8 miles to cemetery right.
Holy Cross Cemetery  
Honey Hill Cemetery

Located south of the Milam County line, on the south bank of the Allens Creek on the Sherar farm.  Here were buried

members of the Sherar and Auther families. 

Horelica Graves  
Hranice Cemetery

Deanville, TX;  302319N;  0964922W

Hugh Wilson Cemetery aka Tanglewood Cemetery

AKA Tanglewood Cemetery.   From Tanglewood take County Road 419 west for .4 miles then turn right for .1 mile to cemetery gate.  Very well kept large cemetery.

Hvidberg Cemetery

FM 696 West of Lexington for 1.3 miles, turn right on CR 317 for about 2.5 miles to the "T" then turn left on CR 318 for about 1 mile, cemetery on right, next to road.

Isbell Cemetery Take FM 696 west of Lexington for 8.7 miles and turn left on CR 308 for 1/6 miles, then left on CR 311 for.5 mile to Isbel residence on right.   Cemetery is near resident and only has 1 grave enclosed in chainlink fence.
Jefferies on private property
Jones Colony Cemetery take Hwy 290 east of Giddings for 6 miles and turn left onto FM180 for 1.5 miles.  Cemetery on right.
Keng Cemetery

Giddings, TX;  301259N;   0965735W new addition 12/18/2022

Killen-Harrison-Harrell Cemetery  
Knobbs Cemetery Take FM 696 from Lexington for 10.3 miles turn left on CR 305 for 1.6 miles to Knobbs Springs Baptist Church.   Cemetery is located on property across road from church on private property.
Knobbs Springs Cemetery AKA Meeks Miller Cemetery The cemetery is located on County Road 305 behind the Knobbs Springs Baptist Church
Krause Cemetery  
Lawhon Cemetery

Private cemetery located about 2 miles from Lawhon Springs.

Lawhon Springs Cemetery

On FM 619. Structure, TX;  302445N; 0971517W

Ledbetter City Cemetery

Ledbetter, TX, Fayette County

L.H. & C.H. Cemetery

Located on private property off FM 1624 out of Lexington.  Only 2 graves.

Lehmann Grave  
Lexington City Cemetery Located just a the city limits of Lexington taking Co. Road 326.
According to Vol 1 of the Lee County Historical Commission Cemetery Book, St. James ' Lutheran Cemetery is included in this cemetery.
Lexington Memorial Cemetery

Lexington, TX; Hwy 410

Lincoln Cemetery aka St. Peters Cemetery Take US Highway 77 North of Giddings for 7.6 miles and turn left on State Highway 21 for 1.6, turn left on a FM 338. The St. Peter's Lutheran Church used to beside the cemetery until it was abandoned in the 1940's.
Litle-Scobey-Eagleston Cemetery  
Loewe Cemetery  
Longley Cemetery  
Lyles Cemetery

Tanglewood, TX;  302400N;  0965827W

McCutcheon Cemetery  
Meeks Miller Cemetery

Located at Knobbs Springs Baptist Church in the northwest corner of the county off FM 696

Melcher Cemetery

Fedor, TX;  302044N;  0970535W

Mesquite Cemetery

Located one mile south off FM 112 out of Lexington

Morgan Cemetery  
Mount Nebo AKA Moab Church Cemetery find a grave link
Mundine Cemetery

Lexington, TX;  302902N; 0970220W

New Bethel Cemetery

Lincoln, TX;  302225N; 0965839W

New Knobbs Springs Cemetery

McDade, TX;  302141N; 0971153W

Noack Cemetery

Giddings, TX;  300748N;  0965842W

Northrup Graves  
Null Cemetery  
Old Dime Box Cemetery

Also known as Hannes Cemetery

Old Scott Cemetery

near Old Dime Box

Old Knobbs Springs Cemetery

McDade, TX; 302126N;  0971157W

Olsen Thompson Cemetery

From Lexington, take FM 696 west for 3 miles to the Storey Farm gate (on right). Go North, through gate & past house

 for .4 miles.Cemetery is located in a grove of trees in pasture.

Pilgrim Rest Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Located on Hwy 290, Giddings
Post Oak-Sunnyside Cemetery  
Prospect Cemetery

Tanglewood, TX; 302550N; 0965546W

Providence Cemetery

Located in a pasture 9 miles northeast of Giddings and 1 miles west of the Sweet Home Cemetery.

Reuther Cemetery  
Ridgeway Cemetery Bastrop County TX
Rost Cemetery

Ledbetter, TX;  301312N; 0964905W

Rost-Peters Cemetery  
Saint Peters Cemetery

Lincoln, TX;  301648N; 0965732W

Salem Cemetery

Dime Box, TX;  301553N;  0964625W

Sanders Cemetery

McDade, TX;  302056N; 0971047W

Sandy Point Cemetery

Dime Box, TX;  302136N; 0964716W

Schroeder Cemetery

Fedor, TX;  302038N;  0970538W

Scott Cemetery

Lincoln, TX;  302217N; 0965318W

Shady Point Cemetery  
Smith Chapel Cemetery AKA Bozarth-Smith Chapel Cemetery The cemetery is on private property. 
St. James ' Lutheran Cemetery Located just a the city limits of Lexington taking Co. Road 326.
According to Vol 1 of the Lee County Historical Commission Cemetery Book, St. James ' Lutheran Cemetery is included in this cemetery.
St. John Lutheran Cemetery

Dime Box, TX

St. Josephs Catholic Cemetery  
St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery

Serbin.  From the intersection of US Hwy 290 and US Hwy 77 in

Giddings, take US 77 south for .03 miles where FM 448 veers to the right and go 4.7 miles and turn right on FM 2239

and then travel .07 miles. 

Cemetery and church and Wendish Museum on left.

St. Peters Cemetery aka Lincoln Cemetery Take US Highway 77 North of Giddings for 7.6 miles and turn left on State Highway 21 for 1.6, turn left on a FM 338. The St. Peter's Lutheran Church used to beside the cemetery until it was abandoned in the 1940's.
Stanley Graves  
Sweet Home Cemetery

Located across the road from Sweet Home Church off FM 141 about 8 miles NE of Giddings.

Tanglewood Cemetery AKA Hugh Wilson Cemetery AKA Tanglewood Cemetery.   From Tanglewood take County Road 419 west for .4 miles then turn right for .1 mile to cemetery gate.  Very well kept large cemetery.
Tate Cemetery

Also known as Shady Grove Cemetery.  These directions are from the Vol. 2 from the Lee County Historical Commission 1991.  Take US 77 north from Giddings and turn right on CR 114 (Loebau Rd) for 4.3 miles to Loebau Store then turn right still on CR 114 for 1.2 miles, turn left, home of Marvin Matthijetz.  Go through gate past brick house for .4 miles to very old house, former Tate home.  Go past house to cemetery on left in pasture with cows and is not fenced.

Thigpen-McNeese-Gantt-Cleveland-Lehman Cemetery  
Thompson Cemetery  
Thompson-Atkinson Cemetery  
Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery AKA Fedor Cemetery  
Vick Cemetery  
Vittrup Cemetery  
Washington Cemetery updated 7/16/2023
Wesson Cemetery

The Wesson grave is located on private property between Lincoln and Loebau.

White's Cemetery

On private property in Dime Box.

White Union Cemetery

Carmine, TX; 301313N; 0964333W

Winters Grave  
Wolf Cemetery  
York Cemetery  
Zeplin Grave  

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